Sunday, June 18, 2006

More requests Part One - Krautrock and UK AOR

Os Mundi - 43 Minuten

1. A question of decision (7:40) 2. Triple (5:07) 3. Missile (3:05) 4. It's all time 5. Isn't it beautiful (2:17) 6. But reality will show (6:30) 7. Children's games (7:59) 8. Erstickubungen (6:21) 9. Fortsentsung Folgt (1:17)

- Udo Arndt / guitar, keyboards, vocals- Andreas V. [Villain] / bass- Dietrich Markgraf / saxaphone, flute- Christoph Busse / drums- Buddy Mandler / percussion, vocals, bass- Mikro Rilling / cello, bass- Ute Kannenberg / vocals
Release information
LP Brain/Metronome 1015 / CD Repertoire PMS 7070WP

Gila - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Review by Steve Hegede (Steve Hegede) PROG REVIEWER
Depending on your mood, krautrock can sound either dated or absolutely infectious. GILA falls somewhere between the two. "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" was released in 1973. The biggest problem that I had with the album, at first, was that it sounded too psychedelic, and thus dated, for a 1973 release. The music seemed to have more in common with early AMON DÜÜL II than what was going on with rock music at the time. Once I got over that fact, I was soon treated to some of the prettiest psychedelic ever made. The music here emphasizes 12-string acoustic guitar, but the vocal harmonies really makes this band stand out. I'm reminded of vocal harmonies used by many of San Francisco's psychedelic bands during the late 60s; but GILA sound much more European (although they sing in English). The vocals are done using a combination of male and female vocals. Once in a while, I'm even reminded of the Dutch band EATH AND FIRE. The album talks about the abuse of American-Indians by white settlers, yet never comes off as a political statement. So those of you who might be turned-off by political albums have nothing to worry about. Along with the lush guitar and vocals, the listener is also treated to piano by Florian Fricke. In all it's a recipe for dream-like psychedelic music. For those of you looking for prog/psych with American-Indian influences, several songs feature native American rhythms, and chanting. Overall, if you're looking for lovely psychedelic music from continental Europe, you found it.

Orange Peel - same

Track listing
1. You Can't Change Them All2. Faces That I Used To Know3. Tobacco Road4. We Still Try To Change

- Curt Cress / drums, percusiion- Peter Bischof / percussion, vocals- Leslie Link / guitar- Heinrich Mohn / bass- Ralph Wilrheiss / organ Releases information

LP Bellaphon BLPS 19036 (1970)

From the UK Mistress' self titled LP. Released in the States in 1979 on RSO records.
This is an album that is on Jonnhy Robert's blog's wantlist. It's not that hard but it's decent album oriented rock typical of it's era. The only real klunker is the last song Letter To California, a weepy ballad that goes on at least a minute longer than it needs to. Their cover of Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl is kinda strange, but an interesting listen once, maybe twice.

And from a friend in Brazil, Oilton, comes two more German prog LPs, Wallenstein's Blitzkreig from 1972 and High Wheel's There LP from either '96 or '97.


High Wheel

Thanks Oilton!!!!

I have a bunch more stuff coming tomorrow (it's ready to go, it's just really late) :

Hard Meat, the Rockets, Shooting Star, Dirty Tricks and probably more.


Anonymous said...

Shooting Star? Bring it on! Bobbins.

dtfloyd said...

a great post today!!! (like always)
thank you for the gila and orange peel's albums
nice surprise to find os mundi second Lp
special thanks to Oilton for the exellent Wallenstein record!
good end of sunday!

Anonymous said...

os mundi is great! thanks.pat

Aveek from India said...

Nice post, Bryon! What about Beck, Bogert & Appice - 2nd Unreleased LP?


Time Traveller said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes BBA will up today also!

Microdot said...

Very nice post!!!!

Thank you for Gila. And the Orange Peel are kicking my ass right now;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your music,it was a long time that I find blitzkrieg,Ciao e grazie ancora.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Rebecca And The Sunnybook Farmers
lp, that IS the right lp in that jacket.
It's a Canadian issue, Musicor Records released
their lps on the Columbia label in Canada.

Time Traveller said...

No shit??!!?? That's a new one on me. Thnks for the info.