Thursday, June 15, 2006

More requests filled and some stuff from elsewhere

Head East - Flat As A Pancake. Head East's first from 1975. This was originally released on a small indie label briefly before catching the ear of someone at A&M records. Listening to this, it's easy to see why it did. Pretty amazing stuff for a first album. Has their hit "Never Been Any Reason".
320k from CD.

Here's the only album from Rebecca & the Sunnybrook Farmers - Birth from 1969. Good stuff. The picture I found is from an ebay ad and I hope the person who bought this wasn't ripped off, cause that isn't the right LP in that jacket :-).
320k from vinyl.

Finally another request for Lee Michaels 5th LP, this one is ripped from vinyl at 320k. Great album and as usual with Lee--no guitars. This album has his sole hit Do You Know What I Mean? which for many years as a kid I thought was the J. Geils Band. Anyway, it's a fun listen and full of party music. Great cover version of Lee Dorsey's Ya Ya and a cover of Willie and the Hand Jive that would be reggae-ised by Mr. Clapton in few years.

Here's some stuff I posted other places:

Big Star - In Space

Daryl Hall - Sacred Songs (produced by Robert Fripp)

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I am preparing for a big update Saturday night or Sunday morning. I haven't had much time this week so I will make it a nice one. I am going to get caught up on all requests too!


Anonymous said...

good choice!like always! thanks pat and if you see daughters of albion somewhere think of me.bye and thanks for great job!i m a fan of gallagher too.i see him a lot and it was always great moments!

chuck myrick said...

Thanks for the Head East, great band.

Anonymous said...

thanks very much for lee michaels - been also looking for "live" - with a great version of "stormy monday", if you happen to have that one please share it - many2 thanks! - a fan from indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Head East. You post so much stuff I have on vinyl - the only trouble is my vinyl is still taking up a room at my parent's house! Thanks. Bobbins.

Grizz said...

Mr Pat,
A monster thanx for getin' down & heavy now & again. How very giving you are. Be well.

Dr. Dream said...

By any chance do you have the rare late releases? Absolutelee and Live in Hawaii? I've read about them but never seen them.

noboruwatanabebop said...

Looking forward to hearing the Lee Michaels again -- he used to be all over San Francisco radio. Wonder what ever happened to him? Suppose his huge drummer must be long-dead.

Anyway, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a million for the Lee Michaels, tough to find his stuff these days, but I'm sorry, man, this record sounds like shit. I hate to complain about free stuff, but it's not very good, & I gotta delete it.

mocho said...

excelente musica,excelente blog

Anonymous said...

Always good to see lee Michaels! Any chacne you have album #4, "Barrel"? Been looking for it a long time.

Also, a member of the Sunnybrook Farmers was Lauren Wood, who wrote and sang "Fallen" from the "Pretty Woman" movie.