Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Recovery complete.

From 1977, Gentle Giant's Missing Piece is a harder rocking affair that brings to mind more of a Yes vibe (in their more rockin' moments) and some very well crafted songs that you'll find yourself humming the melodies too long after you've stopped listening. And is it my imagination but is there a bit of a punky vibe buried in these grooves from time to time?

A while ago someone requested some Snakefinger. While this is not as great as Chewing Hides the Sound (which has a more Residents type feel to it), this is the last Snakefinger album produced before he died of a heart attack on the subsequent tour (7-1-87). The Vestal Virgins counted among it's ranks ex-members of Pere Ubu and an ex member of the mighty Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, so you know there is going to be some weirdness in the grooves. I ripped this from a very clean album and since all the songs run together (or stop and start so close together it would be impossible to split without losing something) I left them as side one and side two. Tracks are:
1.Sophia's Playful Pipes 1:50
2.There's No Justice in Life 3:18
3.Bless Me for I Have Sinned 2:35
4.Jesus Gave Me Water 1:06
5.Move 2:29
6.The Golden King 7:55
7.Bad Day in Bombay, Pt. 1 & 2 6:08
8.8 1/4 4:18
9.I Gave Myself to You 4:42
10.Sawney Bean/Sawney's Death Dance 4:46

Bad Day in Bombay is the first track on side two.

To fill a request over at groovy fab (and for myself also) a friend in Germany sent me this file. It's for Kraftwerk's 3rd album Ralf und Florian. I've only heard a few minutes so far, but it hasn't quite gotten to the Autobahn point point yet, but getting close. This is a single file, supposedly an albumwrap, but it doesn't extract so I left it alone.

1. Elektrisches Roulette
2. Tongebirge
3. Kristallo
4. Heimatklange
5. Tanzmusik
6. Ananas Symphonie

Here's one I meant to post yesterday and forgot, it's the great first LP from Jorma and Hot Tuna.

And finally for you fans of the Analogy album I posted yesterday, Bruce sent a 2 disc compilation of the band called 25 Years. It has 2 tracks from the 1st LPs sessions (not on that album) as bonus tracks. Thanks Bruce!

Over at the other blog: Another Stones show and a rare show from Ambrosia.


Space Chief said...

I see you've got some more GG up! In that case, I humbly request "Octopus" if you have a copy of it.

halrom said...

Thanks for the Missing Piece, that really was the missing piece from my Giant collection. Stoke!

halrom said...

I got all giant now, if you need a link let me know

Time Traveller said...

How about the Octopus album that Space Chief requested? I can use that one too!

Bruce said...

do you have any hard meat. the band that is. thanks Bruce

Time Traveller said...

Yeah I have one album, but it's vinyl. I will get it ripped fairly soon.

BRUCE said...


Mad Dog said...

Found a link to your site from Beerfarts wrt to the Leo Kottke
6- and 12- String Guitar, and just drooled on all the other guitar virtuosos...had to grab 'em all LOL!

Since you have both good taste, and an extraordinary collection, I thought I'd run wish/request by you and see if you could help.

I'm looking for an album from 1975 by David Werner. The album was called Whizz Kid; the best song was called One More Wild Guitar.

Was just a dynamite guitar player, but like many others, just disappeared into the wild blue yonder :-)

Anyways, it was only on vinyl and cassette tape and I lost my copy many moons ago. If you have it or run into it, please think of me!

Thanks for all your hard work and great tunes!

Mad Dog (and Englishmen...and the noonday sun LOL!)

bruce said...

if ound a blog with 3 aunt mary disc's the loaded has bonus tracks if your interested, Bruce

Time Traveller said...

Mad Dog - can't help you with that one, but I have a lot of other stuff in the shred/virtuoso type stuff I will eventually be posting. My 17 year old son (who is developing great taste in music, IMHO) wants to start a blog with heavier stuff than I usually post here and I may throw a few bones that way too. More info if/when.

Bruce - nice find!!! There are several other cool items I wanna grab over at that site. If you've never heard the Nancy Sit stuff check it out. Good for a few laughs. But they have some great prog stuff there too!