Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ready for more?

How fun it is to have a dilema such as this. Which blog to post what on, with somewhere around 75 albums to go roughly. Well, here is a small selection for here, with a ton going over at live and otherwise tonight too. These are more of the Tor-Erik collection and some really amazing stuff to boot as well as surprises.

But first, if you have time do a friend of the blog a favor, and go to the Rockdoctor's blog
and see if you can't tell us what the name of this song is. It's been driving a friend crazy for years. It sounds really familiar but no one so far can place it.

And away we go (and STILL more to come!!):

Here's Trigger's lone LP from 1978. Good album oriented rock with some proggy touches.

And here is a really good one, Trevor Rabin's Wolf LP from the early 80's. He was a member of Yes for a while and is a brilliant guitarist.

And here's another great AOR record. This is the self titled LP from Treasure.

The first of two LPs from Balance. Great stuff . Proggy rock that is worth checking out. Members included Peppy Castro from the Blues Magoos and Bob Kulick from any number of bands mainly Kiss briefly (as was his brother Bruce for a number of years) and Alice Cooper's band.

And two from Widowmaker (UK). Highly recommended stuff from these guys.

Widowmaker (UK) - Widowmaker

Too Late To Cry

And last for now, but not least, two very good albums from late 70's band Trillion. Their self titled debut and the 2nd and I think final LP Clear Approach. I've had both of these in the past and can say they are both excellent. The 2nd is my fave of the two. Sorry could not find covers for these!

Trillion - 1st.

Trillion - Clear Approach

And I want to thank everyone for clicking those ads over at the other blog. As always the family and I appreciate it very much. And within the next half hour or so you will find a bunch of April Wine, Dan Reed and much much more there. And up next (tomorrow) even more from Tor-Erik, and I will attempt to get those requests taken care of as much as is possible.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I was wondering if you can post Samson - don't get mad get even & samson - before the storm.

Adam said...

What is the meaning of AOR?

Time Traveller said...

album oriented rock. coined by radio stations (mainly FM) in the late 60's to signify bands whose medium was the album as opposed to the single.

Also adapted in the late 70s as albums not heavy metal but either harder than classic rock, or more progressive than the norm. Basically harder than than MOR which is middle of the road (mainstream), for example Bob Seger's mid to late 70's material would be defined as MOR whereas his early seventies pre-Beautiful Loser material would probably be classified as AOR. Not the best example but off the top of my head, best I could do.

Anonymous said...

I thought you summed it up quite nicely.

Anonymous said...


This is a fantastic blog. I'm really upset that I missed the great Baroques US album. I've been searching for it for years since I got the Purple Day CD compilation that doesn't include the whole LP. I'd be really grateful if you could reload it.

Thanks Matthew

Time Traveller said...

That one is a vinyl rip from long ago, and I may have saved it to MP3 (I usually do). I will add it to the list and if I did you will find it here soon. I have to finsih the Tor-Erik collection which is taking a bit longer than expected.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I really appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Trigger, The Godz, Boyzz....

It's just like reliving my youth.

Fantastic. thank you so much. Keep going with the melodic hard rock.

Many thanks

matt said...

Thrilled to find the 1st Trillion album. It's been at least 25 years since I've heard it. Thanks so much!
I'd like to put in a request for the album "This World" by Facedancer.

Bill said...

Thanks for the Widowmaker albums. They were a great live band in late 70's- So good to hear again. another great band from that time is Glencoe- The Spirit of Glencoe is impossible to find now - anyone???

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Trillion. I was looking for it for ages. Sadly the cd's were only released in Japan and cost a fortune.