Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well it's about time huh??????

It's time for some Raw Material. These are the two studio albums released in 1970 and 1971 by request. Vintage prog and quite good. Time Is to my ears is the better of the two but both offer many delights to all ears who love great early progressive rock.

Found this gif to the left on a site, and decided to put it up here. The pic of the guy playing the flute is the cover I'm familiar with. There are other cover pics in the rars for both LPs. 1st

And here's a tiny cover for Time Is. The rar file has better ones. Time Is

And more prog from Popul Vuh (or Popul Ace as the congregation called itself as an offshoot---there's a story to go with that, but I don't wanna go into it), this one is from '75 and is called Stolen From Time. It was stolen from P2P a long time ago. Interesting if sometimes new agey stuff, I call it good background music, but then isn't all music just a background for the soundtrack of life?

And for some heavier fare, here is one of my favorite early Scorpions LP, with the stratocaster master Uli Jon Roth. He is a definite disciple of Hendrix and if you like 70s hard rock give this a shot, this is nothing like the Scorpions of the 80's. The slower songs even give off an air of progressive rock at times and the heavy ones, although they sound slightly dated now due to Roth's Hendrixisms (I'm filing for a copyright on that word) are truly original in execution. I figure Scorpions were kind of on their own plane at this time, not really having a lot of blueprints to follow. At first listen some of these songs may sound a bit out of tune but they really grow on you with repeated listening and they develop quite well.

And yeah, I know I said I was going to start putting stuff like this over at the other blog, it just seemed to fit better here. This is most popular album from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils from 1974, It'll Shine When It Shines. It contains both their most well known song "Jackie Blue" which was a hit in early '75 and my personal favorite E.E. Lawson which upon first listen, seems like a novelty song due to the wannabe Jim Dandy style vocal delivery, but stands up to repeated lsitenings well. The album shows the two facets of the band well, their rocking soulful side which earned them most of their popularity, and their stone (or stoned)
country side which I felt was more honest, at least they sound more comfortable with it. Good stuff by request from long ago.

Back with more soon. And if you have requests I still haven't gotten to yet, please either leave me a comment or email me again, my son accidentally deleted my list. And new ones are welcome too!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to remind you of my request for Blue Cheer, The Beast is Back. Be thankful your son didnt delete your entire hard drive. Happened to a friend of mine!!! Enjoy the site more every day.

Anonymous said...

I just wish to remind you about Fire - Magic Shoemaker.
I had lost data but it was 10 of my cd-r's that were faulty...gasp!
Raw Material made my day...fantastic stuff!

Time Traveller said...

I just lost a folder of textfiles thuankfully. He thought it was one of his and he deleted it. Almost everything else was unimportant. I will dig the ones you mentioned out for the next update. The Beast is Back will either be here or at the other blog.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Blue Cheer, do you have OutsideInside by any chance? I never heard this one but am interested.

Anonymous said...

My special request is for Andromeda - Andromeda and anything by Baker Gurvitz Army.
Thanks great site

the KIDD said...

Hi T.T. I requested Caravan's "Blind Dog at St.Dunstans" 1974. You said that you may have it. It is GOOD to see you back,with more GOODIES!!! Thanks!!!

julio said...


good you get beck. i was searching the scorpions album for a long time. wanna ask: would you upload again the DETROIT with MITCH RYDER album? the old link aint working anymore...

Anonymous said...

For the person who's looking for Andromeda and Baker Gurvitz Army:

Baker Gurvitz Army: Hearts on Fire

Andromeda: Andromeda

Baker Gurvitz Army: Baker Gurvitz Army & Elysian Encounter

I hope I could help you with that.

Anonymous said...

The Andromeda link is of very poor, unlistenable quality.
Thanks for the Baker Gurvitz tho....can't wait to finally listen to them!

Anonymous said...

I found a link to a decent sounding vinyl version of Andreomeda's classic self-titled album:

bigfoot kit said...

Hi Bryon,
just wanted to remind you about Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks, been looking forward to that one.
Finished the KISS Tribute album odyssey over at Live & Otherwise, 4 more now up there for your pleasure!
: )

Time Traveller said...

Hi Kit, haven't forgotten the Stokes (I have to rip from vinyl and I have been very lax on that front lately) or the Kiss destroyer demos. I will get them up soon!

For others:

Blue Cheer - Beast is Back (got it coming)
Outside Inside (will check)
Fire - Magic Shoemaker (will dig it out

Caravan - Blind Dog (have it and will up it)

the Detriot album wasn't my upload but I will check to see if I grabbed it

And to those that emailed, I will respond personally ASAP.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Ozarks :)


Anonymous said...

Please mr. Time Traveller I just want to welcome you back and also wish you happy posting you've got an excellent blog going and the choice of posts are brill!!!! I wonder do you have any rars' of Van Morrison namely "Tupelo Honey" or "Saint Dominics Preview" .I wish you continued success with your blog