Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The first post for 2007!!

Happy new year all!!! Things are looking up here at the old casa de travellero and I hope, no, I'm sure that this is the first of many posts in 2007.

I have been getting so many requests (and that's not a complaint, keep 'em coming) and so many good people have been sending me files I am losing track of it all. But I figure soon things will slow down and I'll get caught up. So today is all requests except for some real cool NWOBHM (I gotta come up with an abbrieviation for that abbrieviation!!) from Bigfoot Kit (and he assures me there is more to come!!). And some folks sent some cool downloads in the comments of last post, so if you haven't checked those out, you may want too!

Sometimes the requests are filled quick, as this one here. The Appletree Theatre's LP Playback. This is a fun trip (literally) that has a bit of the exploito quality, but the songs are a bit on the bubblegum side. But don't let that deter you because there is plenty fuzzed out guitar and far out weirdness to keep it from getting too Fruitgummy. This is a Verve/Forecast release not a Buddah. So you can be assured it rises above the sugar pop the latter was (in)famous for.

Cool poop and definetly worth a lobe knock as Lord Buckley might say.

Here's a great Alex Harvey LP. I would say it's sensational but he wouldn't call his band that until a bit later. I believe this is from '69 and if I'm wrong correct me nicely!!!

Sometimes the requests take a little longer to fill as this from way back in fall of last year, but I had a hell of a time finding it, in fact, it was by accident that I found it at all. It was unlisted on an old disc of programs I had, as I was trying to reload some printer drivers and it happened to be there. I did check this one but I suspect it was downloaded from P2P so if there are any errors I missed (I listened while running around the house doing other stuff) I apologise. But I don't think I did miss anything. So without any further mouthus-runamuckus, here is a fantastic piece of psychedelia called the Human Zoo.

And here are some more great metal EPs from Kit, the Starfighters probably being the most well-known. If you like Bon Scott era AC/DC (because one of the lesser known Young relatives is in this band) it is highly recommended. I am going to dig out the full 1st LP asap and get it posted but I believe this has non-LP stuff so grab it too. The other two are of the obscure variety. As always, thanks Kit!!

SOLDIER - Sheralee 7'' (1982)

STARFIGHTERS - Alley Cat Blues EP (1981)

ZORRO - 'arrods Don't Sell 'em EP (1979)

See ya soon!!!


wibbler said...

TT, you're an absolute star! Many thanks for Playback, am downloading as i type, can't wait to listen to it!

Adam said...


What does NWOBHM mean?
Guess I wasn't around the first time you started using this expression).

Time Traveller said...

New Wave of British Heavy metal.

Bigfoot Kit said...

The term was coined by Geoff barton, a journalist at Sounds Magazine in the late 1970's, for want of a better term , it stuck unfortunately.
Later on i remember bands from the Newcastle/tyneside area (where Neat Records was based)being saddled with the unweildy tag of NWONEBHM!
(New Wave Of North east British heavy Metal)
I can't help thinking that a better catch all genre name may have helped the bands involved.
To the fella who recommended the Soldier 7" to me in the comments here a while back, good Call! It's a little belter, many thanks for the tip!
aND YES, there is much much more NWOBHM to come!

Time Traveller said...

Most of those early Neat records sound like they were recorded on a boom box in someone's bathroom (actually Keith Nicol's 2 track where-ever they could a placeto do it)!! Raven's early singles and first two albums, ToPT's very early stuff (before MCA and MFN) and especially Venom (gotta be the hands down winner of the worst)were almost unlistenable, even after they were remastered later. But they were still such an integral part of it all!

psychedelias said...

great stuff you have here. please woulg you consider reposting the hunger album back from august???

Time Traveller said...

Was that posted by me or sent from someone else? I don't think I have ever posted a Hunger myself. If it was posted by someone else, I usually check with them before I repost to see if they would prefer to do it first. I think dirt or somebody sent me links to that.

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Anonymous said...

You post exellent old stuff so I wonder if I could request an old album from Lani Hall - Sundown Lady (1974).I would be greatful till my end of life!

sto54 said...

Hi there Time Traveller !
Could you upload album by Hugh Masekela - The Boy's Doin' It if you have it?!
Thanks in advance

ogmonster said...

TT...Here is that Neil Merryweather - Boers LP your were looking for or anyone else for that matter.

Name: Neil Merryweather & the Boers.rar
Size: 54MB
The download link is:

...and THANKS for the Alex Harvey.

Time Traveller said...

To the guys requesting Lani Hall and Hugh Maskela. I don't have a lot of jazz stuff except for some of the wilder stuff like Coltrane, Miles, Coleman, and Albert Ayler. And of course late 60's and 70's fusion, but other than that, I'm afraid I'm not much help with that stuff.

I don't know of any good jazz blogs anymore, there used to be a few but they are gone.

ogmonster said...

On that Merryweather. Don't be puttin' any 2 second gap on the cd-r backup. The last 2 songs are like one long tune. \m/

Smile 67 said...

Really enjoy your blog! Could someone explain to me how to download from Deposit Files? Everytime I go there I see no place to click to download. Hate to be an idiot but it's really frustrating!

Time Traveller said...

Well, everytime I click a link, I go directly to a page that asks if I want to download for free or download this toolbar thing that i definetly don't. I just hit the free download. What are you getting when you click on my links? Copy and paste that url that pops up here and I or possibly someone else can help.

Smile67 said...

Hi again!
I tried again to download from Deposit files but what happens is when I click on your link it goes to the 1st page asking if I want a free download or the other with the toolbar. I click on the free button but it sends me to a page asking me to sign up for uploading. There is no download button anywhere in site! I tried many times!
I don't mean to to be a pain just can't figure it out. I used to have no problem in the past with them but just suddenly this is happening. I just tried to download an album from another blog using depositfiles and the same happens.
Any help appreciated!

Time Traveller said...

It's got me stumped, I just tried again and it worked fine. The only thing I van think of is maybe you've picked up a "cookie" that you need to dispose of. You could try that. Otherwise, maybe someone else here may have a solution. I am not the most computer savvy guy in the world.

Time Traveller said...

can think of not van think of

I gotta start payin' more attention............

sto54 said...

Hi TT!
I thank you for searching for Lani Hall and Hugh Masekela and regret that i've no luck, but anyway thanks!
I read that some downloaders has unconvenient troubles with download with toolbar.I found solution one month ago at De Musica alterque blog in december 03 :
A reader of mine Frodo (thanx!) wrote to me some trucks to not install Megaupload toolbar and to download anyway the files with this server:

Un mio lettore Frodo mi ha scritto alcuni trucchi per non istallarela toolbar di Megaupload e scaricare lo stesso i file con quel server:

1. Run 'regedit.exe '2. Find key:
HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Internet Settings\ 5.0\ User Agent (if it doesn't exsist you should create it) 3. Go to-> HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE – Microsoft – Windows – Current Version - Internet Settings - 5.0 - User Agent there should be value: "default". Right ckick on it, choose "modify" and write: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; FDM; Alexa Toolbar) then OK. That's all. It works. You don't have to install any tollbars or other s**t.
1. Run your browser 2. Write adress: 'about:config' and press 'ENTER
'3. In the list below right click any line and choose 'add...-> string
'4. In first window write:general.useragent.overrideand click OK
5. In second window write:Mozilla/4.0 (compatible) ; MSIE

6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; NET CLR 1.1.4322; FDM; Alexa Toolbar) then click OK. 7. Restart browser.8. Well done!

I try it and all works well / ho provato e sembra che funzioni bene.

Also for me works fine!
sto54 Slovenia

Anonymous said...

great blog,
can you help with an old band called
thanx for all nice music
Karlos,Czech Republic

ogmonster said...

If anybody wants Sirius - Sirius/Rising '79 here you go. This is the ex-Demian/Bubble Puppy boys and a great Hard Rock affair.

Name: Sirius.rar
Size: 71MB
The download link is:

Fisker 77 said...

To Karlos, who requested Dog Soldier ,
Hard Rock 70s Blog have it here:

Anonymous said...

Sadly the Human Zoo album is a mix of bitrates(256/128) & ncoders - mutt rip.

The aLF said...

Playback was one of the most successful concept albums of the era - very poignent and down to earth I never heard of any of the players or further albums though.
Many thanks as my LP is heavily scratched.


helio58 said...

Great Alex Harvey!!! Tanks