Friday, January 26, 2007

A 'megaupload" from a new Viking friend!!!

I got an email from a very nice person asking if I would like to post some files he had uploaded. I said of course, I always welcome contributions to the blog and to my surprise he responded with a ton of great stuff!!! Some of It will be posted both here and some at live and otherwise as there is a lot of NWOBHM and other metal, along with some great obscure AOR and stuff from his homeland that I am unfamiliar with (but soon will be!!). There are some I have posted before but since mine have all probably disaapeared due to being on I am reposting them. Here is the first batch of goodies and there will be more added later tonight both here and over at the other blog. Thanks Tor-Erik for a great bunch of music!!

This is one I had posted a long time ago and is a great live show from the Godz. This is the late 70's Godz not the ESP avant garde psych band from the 60's. As I said with my upload, this has the majority of the self titled album (posted below) but the live feel of the songs is looser and in a way more satisfying than the studio versions.

Here is Randy Jackson's China Rain's great Bed of Nails LP. Randy was the lead singer/guitarist of Zebra a great proggy hard rock band that I have posted at least one album from in the past. If you like Zebra, give this a shot, it's very similar and very good stuff!!

And another I had posted before, this is the great Too Wild To Tame from the Boyzz, my copy was a vinyl rip and this one is much better. Produced by Sandy Pearlman who produced Blue Oyster Cult and the Clash among others, this is great hard biker rock.

Here as mentioned above is the self titled 1978 LP by the Godz, just good ol midwestern hard rock.

Believe me this is just the beginning of a bunch of stuff. The tip of the iceberg so to speak. So check back often both here and the other blog and you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the great albums that will be popping up.

And click those ads over at live and otherwise dammit, I'm friggin' broke!!! I don't get paid for three more weeks---ouch!


bigfoot kit said...

"Here I Am Under The Table Again!", excellent stuff, please pass on my regards to Tor-Erik, an old aquaintance of mine, for this tremendous tuneage!

Frankie said...

Hey Do you have the Godz Second album, Thanks for this ,there First !

Time Traveller said...

I have a beat to death copy of Nothing is Sacred, which when I get off my lazy ass and decide to do some more vinyl rips I will make an attempt at. Shouldn't be long as I have promised Kit I would rip my other Simon Stokes LP so look for it in the near future.


frankie said...

Looking forward to that Godz lp ,and for your Last post about The Babys. Have to ask , Is there such a Thing as a Baby Live album or Boot .Thanks sir !

Time Traveller said...

As a matter of fact there is one called Valentine Baby that I believe is a live boot, not absolutely sure but pretty sure.

Psychochild said...

Any Godz Albums Would Be Great
Your Site Is Awesome, You've Got Some Really Great Stuff Here...


Thanks For The 2 Godz Albums You've Got Up Here .....


Rainbow Demon said...

Thank you...

Been searching for the GodZ for ages.
Much appreciated.


Sergey said...

I remember another cover of The Godz'78 on this blog before (with a bird). Or this albums have the some difference?
Thanx for posts!