Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some good prog and blues for your Monday cruise

For you lucky stiffs who get to rise up early and hit the road, here's some progressive gems and one blues wailer for those of you who wish you didn't have too. And for those who prefer theirs a bit stronger some more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit to blow out your speakers with! I'm trying a different style layout today to see if blogger will behave any better than it has been lately so for today at least, the tiny blurbs I compose will be showing up under the pics instead of beside them (or at least I think. Guess we'll all see when I hit that magic publish button.

The Illusion's third LP from 1970, If It's So. By request of course.

And by coincidence, here is the 3rd If LP, also from 1970. Love that cover, music ain't bad either.

And this isn't by request, but it's a favorite of mine, and probably could become a favorite of yours too if you give it a chance. It's Beyond Expression by the group Finch. This Finch is Dutch, I also know of a Finch from Aussieland and another from the UK. These gentlemen deliver some excellent instrumentals (not a word on this one!!) that will dazzle and amaze you. Twists and turns abound and just when you think you know where they are going, they hit you with a change up and go in a different direction. Side one of this 197g LP is taken up by one track, and it's 20 minutes long and still never ceases to amaze me. Especially the guitarist, Joop. He sounds kind of like an Akkerman discipile and he can absolutely tear it up when given a chance to strech out as he is in this song. Really when you think about not too many guys were playing mind baffling runs like these in year of '76. Not that the rest of the band are slouches on their respective instruments but he is a highlight for me. At times this is gonna remind you of that Yes/Gentle Giant style of prog, but they never settle into one mold for very long and constantly pull an original move out of it. Give this a shot, disappointment will not be a result.

And here's that blues LP I mentioned above. I got 2 or 3 requests for these guys, two for this one specifically (I'll try to dig out more when time arises). This is about as real as the blues gets, no psych excusions like the Groundhogs or even the Mac, no boogie and hard rock stuff like Savoy Brown. These guys play it straight and play it well, and Rod Piazza wanted it that way. Recommended for the blues harp that would make both Paul Butterfield and Magic Dick, two fine players themselves take notice at one time or another, I think this is some of the blues harp playing available. If you got the blues, Grease this up and play it loud.

And for those of you who prefer something a bit heavier to curtail those Monday morning doldrums. Here's another slew of brillaint obscure NWOBHM for you all from Kit. I turn it over to him.

Le Griff - Fast Bikes EP 1983

If you like this , i've also got their "You're Killing Me" EP and "Breaking Strain" LP, if you're interested!

OXYM - Music Power 7" (1980)

Don't know much about Oxym, except that they were lumped in (rightly ot wrongly) with the occult flavoured NWOBHM bands like Witchfynde, Demon etc.

RAGE - Bootliggers 7" (1981)

Rage were comprised of former members of the band NUTZ, remember them? They were pretty good too. Love this song, it was featured on "Metal For Muthas" when they were still going by the NUTZ monicker, but this is a totally different version.

BLEAK HOUSE - Lions In Winter EP (1982)

The 2nd and final ep from the mighty mighty Bleak House, you'll love this, great songs, great playing, the whole package, they should have been huge!

AGONY BAG - Rabies Is A Killer 7" (1979)

An odd one this, ex-Black Widow members form shock rock act just in time to get lumped in with the NWOBHM! Bizarre!!!

Thanks Kit and see you all soon. Or maybe I should say you'll all see me soon. If you dig any of this stuff and feel like it go over to other my blog and give a click on those ads at the top. Still could use it and and watch for an update of some sort really soon over there. It may surprise you.



ogmonster said...

Thanks for the Bacon Fat my friend. \m/ As for you recommendation,I'm gonna have to try that Finch.

Anonymous said...


I have problems with the Finch-file. When unpacking ist, I get the message: CRC failed - Unexpected end of archive! Is there something missing?



Time Traveller said...

There are 3 long tracks. Track 1 is 20:05 Track 2 is 8+ minutes and track 3 is about 14 minutes. I get those CRC failed extraction messages sometimes (not only with deposit files)and sometimes they are false and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes it will look like the whole file is there but upon listening it's not. So if you have the 3 tracks and they are close to the times listed above, you may want to play them just to make sure.

I will d/l the file to check myself and report any findings.

Time Traveller said...

Okay here's the scoop. The packed rar is 79.1 megs, unpacked it is 79.4. The times of the 3 tracks are 20:05, 8:54, and 14:24. If you don't have that download it again, it worked perfectly for me with no eeror messages. You may have just had a one-off problem. It's been downloaded over 40 times already and so far you are the first to have a problem. But check 'em first!


pascal said...

thanks for the Bacon fat TT;i have it already on lp; wish you can upload their second and rarer "Tough Dude" from 1971; time will tell.
Greetings from France!

Time Traveller said...

A guy I trade with has the Tough Dude and I should be getting it anyday now. So soon as I do, so will you!!

Anonymous said...

OK, now it worked! Apparently the first time the download was interupted. Thanks for these nice uploads!


sergey said...

Hi TimeTraveller. I love this blog. I very much love a hard-rock. Please help to find "Rage" (UK) and "Nutz".
Best Wishes from Russia

Time Traveller said...

I have a couple albums by Nutz. I think there is even one posted here in the archives but it may or may not still be active. It's the Hard Nutz LP. If it's a dead link I can reup, and I also have the 1st LP and Nutz, Too.

I don't have any UK Rage but I'll see if I van get ahold of some from people I trade with.

sergey said...

Thank you very much! I look forward

Anonymous said...

Hello here is a link for Tough Dude. It comes from the Spacedsaviour site.

Best Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hey There!

Love the stuff you've posted. Gonna keep me busy for a while.

Has the Finch album disappeared? If so, could you upload it again? Thanks