Thursday, January 11, 2007

A repost and a favorite

Here is the Nutz album, from I believe 1977. I posted it before but it was a vinyl rip and if memory serves correct (a 50/50 proposition at best) it was just the sides of the albums without splits. Well here I did all the work and split the tracks and reuploaded it for your enjoyment and by request. Kit has posted some post-Nutz in this blog previously also.

And as I have been slacking off on my personal favorites for a while, I was listening to this today and said, ah what the hell, I'll stick it up. This album is sort of a transitional one for Clinton & crew. He hasn't gone full on funk yet, there is still plenty of the psychy hard rock of old, and plenty of rockin' jams. Killer riffs abound from Eddie Hazel and the album is just loaded with killer hooks that drag you in. Every time I listen to Standing on the Verge of Getting It On, I walk around half the day singing and humming the songs, and the death threats for doing so don't even affect me. My personal favorite track is the pseudo-novelty song "Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch In Him" and in a way it's typical of what is so great about this album. The Eddie Hazel wah-wahed out riff, the humor, and the unstoppable groove that wavers betweeen what was and what was to come from this excellent band. Magnificent!!!

Now walk, don't run over to and grab a great slab of MC5 demos and a Peel sessions from 1974 featuring Brian Eno and the Winkies.And give those ads a click or two.


Alexander said...

Hi from Russia!!!

Please do not use !!! It is just impossible to get any from!!!
So please repost it on

Happy New Year!!!

jim kosmicki said...

I went ahead and bought a membership at Deposit Files and it works fine. I noticed that the free version now wants you to download some sort of spyware (Zango maybe) before you can download. But you know what? when I'm not paying and somebody is sharing, I take what I can get.

and I'd never heard anything from Nutz before, and on first listen, this sounds like it might be up my alley. thanks for the share.

i'm beginning to get into Funk, so anything you can share from the Clinton legacy is welcome from me.

Sergey said...

Thanx a lot for Nutz! I'm very glad. Did not hope, that will be so quickly.
Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

Have an odd request for you--Blue Cheer "The Beast is Back." This is their reunion lp from the early 80s. Any live stuff from BC too would be great, keep up the good work. Always look forward to what you bring in both sites.

Time Traveller said...

Yeah, I have that one somewhere, give me a few days, I'll probably post it over at Live and otherwise as it is more of a metal album than their psych/acid classics of the late 60's and early 70s. So watch over there.

Time Traveller said...

Also I think I have a live show from the original trio from Shrine Exhibition Hall in '68. That one will take a bit longer as my live tapes are scattered in several places.

Anonymous said...

I will watch for the BC album then. thanks for filling my request!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there.

Great blog.

I see you had The Wackers' Hot Wacks - any chance of a re-post?