Friday, January 26, 2007

More stuff from Tor Erik

This guy sounds like Daryl Hall. I'm ashamed to admit, I've never heard his stuff before but I have now and I'm glad I have. Not bad at all if you like post 80's Hall & Oates. Zappacosta's Quick...Don't Ask Any Questions.

After Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs left "the Hoople" Mott continued on with 2 more albums of decent hard rock. Nobody seemed to care but these are definetly worth a listen. The albums Drive On from '75 and Shouting and Pointing from '76.

Shouting and Pointing

Drive On--

Here's the cover for Drive On.

I believe I have these ladies to thank for my first adolescent fantasies. The ultimate bad girls, the Runaways. This is their first from 1976. Most everyone knows this already but Joan Jett and Lita Ford both started out in this band. Not everyone knows that Vicki Blue, a later member of the band shot a great documentary about the band called "Edgeplay" that has been released on video and is a must see if you are even remotely interested in these lovely ladies.

Here's the cover featuring Cherie Currie, an early point of contention in the band as the other members were none too happy about being left out. I think it's a great cover myself.

And for the southern rock fans, this is a very underated band that should have been huge. Raging Slab were around for around 10 years, first with an indie punk label (Buy Our Records), then they moved to RCA where they released this self titled LP in 1990, then moved to Rick Rubin's Def American label where they scored a minor hit with "Take A Hold" from their first Def American LP, and recorded at least two others before riding off into that sunset we call oblivion. Where are these guys (and girl) now? If you like hard southern boogie, you can't do much better than this one! Check out "Joyride". Excellent song, and that pretty little filly on the cover is responsible for that rippin' slide guitar heard throughout this raging slab of an album.

And here's a band that started out more in a progressive vein but as the 70's wore on found AOR to be more to their liking. America didn't seem to care at all until they released a little dittie called My Girl in 1981 that was a brilliant slice of classic power pop. After that they disappeared here in the states, but remained big in Canada. This is the best of their stuff according to the cover, but there were some glaring omissions although "My Girl" and several other good power pop/AOR goodies can be found on this one.

Here's a few more that don't have covers (but there are more with covers to come later):

Desmond Child & Rouge - 1st. 1978.

I have a big problem with this guy. He ruined many great bands with his sappy cliched songs, Aerosmith for one, but this album was an early attempt at stardom on his own. It shows a lot of the reasons he failed, but also brings back memories as he made early videos for some of these songs that were shown on Midnight Special and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and those songs are like visits to time long gone that I wish would return. Some folks say he is an AOR god. I beg to differ.

Toronto - Girls Night Out
Toronto and Holly Woods - Assault and Flattery

Canadian hard rock with a pop bend to it. Had a very minor rock radio hit with "Your Dady Don't Know" in the early 80's. If you like Spider (the South African transplanted to US band, not the UK NWOBHM band) or Pat Benetar's harder stuff, try this. If Lee Aaron's more your cup--check the Live and Otherwise blog later. Assault & Flattery Girls Night Out

Pandora's Box - The Original Sin (Jim Steinman).

Great early AOR from the Meat Loaf / Bonnie Tyler (oh God!!!!!) collaborator.

King's X - Acoustic Groove - Live Westwood One 1991

A highly underated band, and one that has never released a bad album, but has never gotten much recognition for all of the good ones. The one that did attract a bit of attention for the band, Faith Hope and Love (1990) was the least satisfying of all as they briefly adapted a Lenny Kravitz style and all but forgot their smoking hard rock/metal and boogie-funk fests. They retified that on the albums that followed and were rewarded with an undeserved return to obscurity to all but those of us who knew. The guitarist, Ty Tabor has released several good solo LPs and Doug Pinnick, bassist and vocalist, has guested with several groups in the studio and on tours. Those in the know about these guys rave on endlessly (like myself!!). Here's a short set from the acoustic groove radio show released during their brief stint of radio popularity in early '91.

More to come including damn near the whole Micael Des Barres catalog, including Silverhead, Detective; Several Blackfoot albums; every album released by the Babys and much more.

And I will begin working on all those requests as early as tomorrow (but probably Sunday).


Danny said...

Hi everybody,

I'm back (my PC was broken for 4 weeks).
About Raging Slab. I saw them live here in Belgium in december 2005. They played in a local small venue in the countryside in the middle of nowhere. Boy, were they great!! They played all their best songs and everyone had a great time. The band consisted of the singer Gregory Strzempka and the lovely Elyse, with 2 Swedish guys from Backdraft on bass and drums. We hang out with them after the show, they were extremely nice and friendly. I and my friends yelled all kinds of stupid requests ('Breakin' the law' Priest, 'In league with Satan' Venom, 'Witchy women' Eagles), we all had a great time. I hope they're still around. Their site has been under construction since one year I think.
If I'm not mistaken, they also have no less than 4 unreleased albums. They should have been huge!!!

Okay, thanks for this post,

'I heard the owl'!!

Time Traveller said...

When I said they were together for 10 years I goofed, I don't know if they still are together now, but they had actually released albums up til 2001 here in the states, I thought it was 1999. But two albums were released on the small indie Teepee label, one in '99 and one in 2001 called Pronounced Eat Shit (a pun on the 1st Skynyrd album) that I have. And since you have a sighting as late as 2005 maybe they are still sluggin' it out in the club circuit. In a way that's sad because they really are a talented bunch. It's kind of a rags to riches to rags story I guess. Hopefully some of that unreleased stuff will see the light of day, but there unfortunetly doesn't seem to be much of a market for their boogie infuzed southern rock these days. Most of their albums are fairly good except the first two which are a bit underproduced (titles: Assmaster and Slabbage:True Death)and Sing Monkey Sing ('94 or 5)which was a bit on the boring side. I've never heard the '99 LP but the Pronounced is pretty good too.

bobby brady said...

Hey, again, thanks for all your work on your blog. I don't usually request things, but Im having trouble finding the Troyka album. Anyone know of a link to it? Thanks.

Danny said...

Hi Time Traveller,

Thx a lot the reply. I made one mistake, I saw them in december 2004, not december 2005. I indeed hope they're still doing something. I have all their records. Indeed the first 2 are not so well produced, and Sing monkey Sing is a bit of a letdown, The Dealer is a good one though! There is some unreleased stuff on Soulseek from time to time ...

Happy birthday also, I know I'm late. Next thursday, I will be 40 too! Hell Yeah!!!


ogmonster said...

Bobby Brady(or anyone else for that matter)...Here is your request:

File Name: Troyka.rar
Size: 61MB


Ebon00 said...

Raging Slab!! Sweet, can't thank you enough for that one. I've had to buy a total of 3 copies of their excellent 1993 album Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert because the 2 were ripped of at various parties. Some of the bets beer-drinking music there is.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time Mott fan, but had never heard any of the post-Hunter albums...thanks!

bobby brady said...

ogmonster, thanks a lot for your help! really cool of you man.

6070Rock !!!! said...

Heya TT, you are the ONE !!!!
I share with you the same fellings about RUNAWAYS !!!

I trade my old vinyl decades ago, in the early CD age.

Thanks a lot for this GEM !!!


ARF said...

Runaways .. Runaways .. Runaways

TT you drive me crazy ......

Where can one get this Edgeplay video documentation (if living in Germany).

You are one of the Best !!!!



Time Traveller said...

In Germany, I would think could probably help you out. Check them, I would suppose they would have info on weather or not the DVD was coded for your region or not.

Time Traveller said...

Sad to say I just checked and the DVD is coded region 1 (US and Canada only) so either you will have to dig around and see if a non-coded one (probably a pirate copy) can be bought or download it from p2p or bit torrent. I'm sure with the popularity of the Runaways in Japan (they were/are HUGE there) a euro edition is already available or soon will be. For you US/Canada folks here is the link with reviews:

harleytexas said...

The Toronto Girls Night Out has a glitch. The song All I Need has a messed up part nearthe beginning, could you reup it fixed??? Please

Anonymous said...

Please i need these "King's X" albuns someone have it???

Kings X
Manic Moonlight
Please Come Home Mr Bulbous..
Live All Over the Place