Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last post for this year!!!

Wow, This year has just flown by. I started this blog in February and since then, so many things have happened, so many things have changed, and I've met so many very cool people it's been amazing. Well for today I have put together what I hope will have a bit of something for everybody who visits here. Plus I have decided to indulge my own whims and firstly post my resolutions for the new year, secondly my top ten list of most wanted music (at this moment--could change at any time) and also to again thank each and everyone of the fine people who have made doing this blog a bunch of fun. I hope we're all still here next year at this time and I'm spewing off at the mouth again just like now!!

On the personal front, things may soon take a turn for the better, I may have a job in the works. Nothing to great, but let's just say my blogger name may change to Zoot Allures, because I may "Wind Up Working In A Gas Station" for about half of what I made before. But it's better than being broke. Still any denations and/or clicks on those ads are a big help, and I won't know for sure until mid-January unless something else pops up before then.
So without anymore delay--my new years resolutions for 2007.

1. To stop trying to "culture" my friends by playing obscure Finnish prog in the middle of parties.
2. To stop mailing back postage paid Business Reply Mail envelopes empty just to piss the senders off.
3. To stop sending nasty letters to rap artists anonymously telling them how little talent they have.
4. To start sending nasty letters to new punk bands anonymously telling them how little talent they have and that they deserve to get a swift rectum jolt from Paul Simeon's jackboot.
5. To not run outside at 3 am in various states of (un)dress to see if when I yell "Belsen was a gasser" at the top of my lungs it will echo like it does on the album.
6. To stop eating pop tarts without toasting them. They are so much better warm.
7. To stop using curse words so fucking much.
8. To stop blaming global corporations for all the ailments of the world and to find who the hell is responsible for the other .005 percent.
9. To stop saying "How can it get any worse?" because everytime I do I get shown.
10. To try to become a better person than I can ever be, set goals that are unattainable and then beat myself up over the fact I can't do anything I set out to do.
11. To reach out and touch somebody's hand and make this world a better place, if I can (although I doubt touching a hand is gonna do a goddamn thing).
12. To try and actually listen to all of this great music I've been downloading.


And now my Top Ten Most Wanted For 2007 so far in alphabetical order:

1.the Blades of Grass - Blades of Grass are Not For Smoking (1967 Jubilee)
2.Fish Eyed Lens - same (90 Rockedelic)
3.Foul Dogs - No. 1 (66 Rhythm Sound)
4.Left End - same (10" private pressed 4 song EP, not Spoiled Rotten)
5.Joint Effort - Cannabis (72 Amphion Seashorse)
6.Milkwood - How's the Weather? (pre Cars Ben Orr and Ric Ocasek) (73 Paramount)
7.Nazca Line - Outer Space Connection
8.Peace & Quiet - same (70 Kinetic)
9.Porcelain Bearmeat - Free Love Free Sex Free Music (71 Dill Pickle)
10.1619 Bad Ass Band - same (2 different Lps with this name, both may be the same)

If anyone can help with these PLEASE, get in touch!!!
And now for the music, first a bunch of stuff from me, then a bunch of Kiss tribute albums from Bigfoot Kit.

First up, McKenna Mendelson Mainline's 1969 LP Stink. Go to the comments section to read a cool mini-bio on this, my new years partying (consisting of watching a Seinfeld marathon on TBS) got in the way of my writing anything useful or correct about this.

And here's one I've had a bunch people ask for and I finally got ahold of it. From 1974 it's Hustler's High Street LP. Nice hard rock. I have the 2nd LP posted here but I don't know if it's still a working link. If not and somebody needs it, let me know and I'll dig it up and repost it.

More prog, this time from 1973 with Badger's One Live Badger.

By request this is Stretch's Elastique. From 1975 this is hard rock with a bit of funkiness, but not too much as to overpower what is good ol' mid seventies rock n roll. Good obscure stuff.

Also by request, Tysondog's Beware of the Dog from 1984. More cool NWOBHM and as an added bonus the second link is their Shoot To Kill 4 Song EP.

the EP:

And yet another request this is the '77 EP Roy Loney, one of the founding members of Flamin' Groovies. If you like them, chances are you'll like this!

Sorry for this picture, I got it off of Lynn Carey's website, and it's about the only picture I could find of her & Neil Merryweather's 1971 LP Vacuum Cleaner. This is really great stuff, and if you wanna see more interesting stuff from Neil and Lynn, check out the cover of their next project, Mama Lion, which has Lynn doing something with a lion cub on the controversial front cover. But musically this is sooo much better than that.

Well hope you liked my part of the last update of the year. And now for Bigfoot Kit's . He has uploaded several Kiss tributes for all to enjoy. Thanks BFk.

KAOL (Kiss Army OnLine): A WORLD WITHOUT HEROES - Various Artists (2000)

COVERED WITH KISSES - An Evansville Tribute To Kiss (2004)


KISS DEUTSCHLAND - A Tribute To Kiss (1999)


Gods of Thunder - A Norweigian Tribute To Kiss



GRITALO FUERTE - An Argentinian Tribute To KISS


Art included where i could & txt files in all.

Thanks Kit, thanks everyone else, happy new year to all and almost forgot, there is an update over at the liveandtoherwise too. I'm on fire ba-beee.

Click on over and check it out, there is a new contributor helping out and he sent some nice stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Canbis Joint Effort! Have a great new year

Anonymous said...

SCION said...


McKenna Mendelson Mainline is a seminal Canadian blues band originating in the late 1960s. Much of McKenna Mendelson Mainline uniqueness stemmed from the originality of their approach to the blues genre. In the summer of 1968, Toronto, Canada blues guitarist Mike McKenna (born April 15, 1946 in Toronto), formerly of Luke & The Apostles, placed an ad in The Toronto Star in May 1968 seeking musicians for a new project. In replying to the ad, acoustic blues artist Joe Mendelson (born July 30, 1944 in Toronto) suggested to McKenna that the idea of searching for blues musicians through the want ad milieu was an exercise in naïveté. Nevertheless, the two worked well creatively; and the basis of McKenna Mendelson Mainline's dynasty was formed. Former The Paupers bassist Denny Gerrard (born February 27, 1948 in Scarborough, Ontario) was invited to join, and The Spassicks' Tony Nolasco (born July 9, 1950 in Sudbury, Ontario) completed the quartet on drums. The band debuted at the Night Owl club in Toronto's Yorkville Village from August 5-10 and the following month recorded demos which later became the basis of a bootleg album, McKenna Mendelson Blues. Gerrard left the band in early October (immediately after a show at Massey Hall supporting The Fugs) because of artistic differences and was replaced by Mike Harrison (born November 1, 1948 in Brampton, Ontario), bassist from popular Canadian R&B band Grant Smith & The Power. What came to be known as "the original line up" was now in place. In November 1968, MMM opened for The Jeff Beck Group at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, USA, and garnered several standing ovations. The die was cast. In December 1968, MMM reversed the trend of English bands coming to North America, and proceeded to England to gig and hopefully to pursue a major record deal. The band hit the stage almost immediately, their first show being at the Utrecht Pop Festival on December 27/28, 1968, filling a prime timeslot just vacated by Jimi Hendrix and his duo (Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell). MMM started soon thereafter gigging on an English club circuit which included such notables as The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Family (band), The Keef Hartley Band, Gun, and the newly-formed Led Zeppelin. After several false starts, they signed with Liberty/United Artists in the spring of 1969, and in April recorded their best-selling album Stink. Homesickness, dissension in the ranks, and the vagaries of youth facilitated a return to Canada in June 1969. Shortly after the July release of Stink, Allied Records released the demos recorded in September 1968 as McKenna Mendelson Blues. MMM thus became Canada's first "major label" act to be the victim of a bootlegged album. McKENNA MENDELSON MAINLINE Stink Liberty LBS83251 LP. G/f sleeve.

Nils Tibor said...

Hi Time Traveller!

I have a CD with Left End - Spoiled Rotten with 8 bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks are: Riding Again 10" 4 song EP from 1979 (that you have on your want list)

1. Riding Again
2. High Heeled Angel
3. Ain't That Luv
4. Love Shooter
5. Sunshine Girl 7" Single 1980
6. Someday I Will See 7" Single 1980
7. Cyclone Raider 7" Single 1981
8. End Of My Rope 7" Single 1981

I can upload the songs for you to RS

Do you want the whole album or only the bonus tracks?

Keep the good work up on your great blog.

Best regards Nils

Bigfoot Kit said...

Looking forward to hearing that Nils!
Left End Rule!!!
Happy 2007 everyone!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Nils,

I would love to have the whole thing if you don't mind doing it!! I think my copy is only like 160k or something. And I only have the orig. LP from '73 (I think).

Riding High!! That's it!! I used to have it, it was on a blank red label and I didin't even have a cover for it.

And thanks for the Cannibis link anon, I also got Milkwood, 1619 Bad ass, and Blades of Grass from emails!! Thanks to all.

Happy new year BFKit!

ogmonster said...

That Left End-Riding Again sounds great. I would also love to hear it. I have a disc by them called "Live-Living and Breathing" from 1989. Has some studio tracks on there if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to look for it though.

Anonymous said...

Hi man,
I am a big fan of Neil Merryweather. Over 1 years I was looking for this "Vacum Cleaner". Thank you very much.
Every day I look for specialy "Heavy Cruiser" from Neil Merryweather. It will be great if I can foud it there.
I wish for all a Happy New Year...
Zizou BBA

dawnryder said...

Got any Rockicks?
See here what I'm talkin' about

Thanks for the Kiss tributes and happy 2007!!!

Anonymous said...

Time Traveller said...

I actually had (or may still have) the Rockicks LP. I'll look to see, it was on the RSO label I believe. Hopefully it's still there. If so I'll plop it up here eventually.

I may have Heavy Crusier also, but the one that is eluding me is the Merryweather & Boers album from 1970. I had that and someone offered me 20 bucks for it and I didn't get to tape or burn it. Anyone got that?

Og-- If you can find that Left End that would be a nice one too if it's live!!

ulaes said...

Thanks for Tysondog. I had this back in the 80s and hadn't heard it since!

ogmonster said...

If anyone wants the Left End,here you go:

01. Introduction
02. Sunshine Girl
03. Mystifin' Babe
04. Hot Wired
05. Spoiled Rotten
06. Pull The Plug
07. Medusa
08. Introduction 2
09. Cyclone Rider
10. Law Breaker
11. End Of My Rope
12. Talkin' Time
13. Bad Talkin' Lady

Name: Left End.rar
Size: 119MB
The download link is:

Time Traveller said...

Thanks Og!!

wibbler said...

don't suppose anyone's seen 'Playback' by Appletree Theatre? Been looking for ages but it seems to have been wiped off the face of the earth....

Time Traveller said...

Sounds like a good one for my first post of this year, Wibbler. Either tonight or early tomorrow.

Interesting album too. All those Verve Forecast bands were kinda fried out!


wibbler said...

guess it was all that acety-sally-sillic acid that did their brains in... :-)

frumious bandersnatch said...

Dear Time Traveller, I would upload the Blades Of Grass CD reissue for you with pleasure. Just wait a few days (I'm on holiday right now)& it will be done. This will be my way to thank you for all the pleasure your blog brought me.
See you !

Time Traveller said...

Hey Fruminous,

Thanks a lot, but someone already sent it too me! I really appreciate it but I wouldn't want you to do it over again!! If you ever need anything let me know!

Thanks again,


Nils Tibor said...

Hi Time Traveller !

Here is the link for the CD Left End -
Spoiled Rotten 1974 (With Bonus Tracks)

I also have the CD with Rockicks - Inside from 1977 with 3 bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks are.

1. Reach Out For The Sky
2. Taking It All The Way
3. Let It Roll

Do you want this album too?

I wish you a Happy 2007 !!!


Time Traveller said...

Sure, I'd love the Rockicks album. I no longer have it!

And thanks for the Left End!!


ogmonster said...

Nils...THANKS for the Left End.

Secretly a Terrific Whistler said...

Hi Thanks for so many great posts. Here's one I can help you out with----The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking (Always great to have another version of "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas"!!)

I've never heard of the 1619 Bad Ass Band but were you aware that that is (was??) the address of the Brill Building??(1619 Broadway)

Happy New Year----Mark

Bigfoot Kit said...

Many thanks to Nils & Ogmonster for your Left End posts, i had no idea that they'd released anything other than the "Spoiled..." album.
Pleasant surprise!
; )

Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks to Ogmonster for the Left End live album from 1989, I didn't know that album exists...


Nils Tibor said...

Hello TT !

I'll upload the Rockicks album within a few days.


ogmonster said...

No problem. Anytime I can be of assistance. You fellows helped me out plenty of times with the tunes. :)

Anne Ominous said...

Mr. Anonymous didn't provide the password for the Cannabis. The post is from here:

and the password is:



Anne Ominous said...

Ooops - forgot to say "Thanks!" for the Mianline and the Alex Harvey!



Nils Tibor said...

TT...Here is Rockicks - Inside from 1977 with bonus tracks.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Time Traveller and may you have many more happy and healthy returns!! Thanks for all the work you do so we can get great tunes.