Saturday, November 18, 2006

A couple quickies and a note

Got this done and wanted to get it up here. I know nothing about these guys except they are another Canadian band. Had this album for for years and got a request for it a couple days ago. Enjoyable album from 1977.

And I forgot to post this very cool 7" Kit sent. Another stoner rock tribute to Leafhound and Captain Beyond. This time from Unida and Entombed.
I liked Unida so much I went and found more stuff by them!!!

Unida Vs. Entombed

Trapdore 043 PV1

01. UNIDA - Stray
02. ENTOMBED - Mesmerization Eclipse

Original Version Of Track 1 by LEAFHOUND
From The Album "Growers Of Mushroom" (1971) UK
Original Version Of Track 2 by CAPTAIN BEYOND
From The Album "Captain Beyond" (1972) USA

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All of the and links will be expiring in 5-6 days. That is over 525 files from the beginning of the blog up until a month ago. There is no way in hell I can salvage these files so grab 'em quick. There is a chance the account may be extended if I get 1000 points in the next 5-6 days but the stuff is gonna be gone. I will eventually repost it all but I'd rather spend my time posting new stuff as opposed to wasting time on stuff that gets 2-4 downloads a week.


SamIam said...

Thanks for the shares. Hope you get the necessary points to keep all those great links up, but new is also good.

Great site.

Cheers, SamIam

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to find this band at myspace

I don't like this band too much, but they're worth a try


Ron said...

Wow! I can't believe I found Garfield here. If you ever see "Strange Streets", pick it up. One of the band's best.
Thanks for posting this one!!!

Anonymous said...

New is good.

While I certainly enjoy the out-of-print albums you post, the old blogrule of keeping any given post up for only a week or two is OK with me. I don't think anyone expects you to maintain shares of 500+ releases. One must pay attention; ya snooze, ya lose.

- omnidrew

gman said...

Well shoot. I missed the original post. If you ever get a chance to re-post Out There Tonight, I (for one) would be very grateful!