Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally---the other Hapshash!!!! and some requests

While I try to figure out what's wrong with the Eden file from yesterdays post.

First up today, a pleasant surprise!! I finally found the 2nd Hapshash album. The 1st was and is still a very popular file and was also one of the first albums I ever uploaded when I started this madness of blogging. So here is it is, and if the sound only comes out of one channel this time I'm commiting suicide because it's been checked numerous times.

Now a couple requests:

First--someone asked for Vardis 100MPH and I didn't know if they meant the original EP from '79 (Redball records RR015) or the full album from a year or so later so first I am going to put up the EP. And as an added bonus here is a BBC Session with 4 tracks and none duplicate the EP.
Tomorrow or so I will try to get the album posted and just so you know, only 2 tracks from the ep are on the album so you Vardis fans may wanna grab them all.

100 MPH EP:

BBC Sessions:

And since I have been slacking on the prog side of things here is a request filled for some Kraan. To me these guys are on the rockin' side of prog but the arrangements and interplay of the band is what makes it great.


Anonymous said...

Great post
Thanks for the Vardis ep's can't wait for the full album.
NWOBHM was a great period for music.
I remember going to Reading rock during the period of 1980 - 1982 and there were some great bands eg Diamond Head, Bernie Torme, Tygers of Pan Tang, Spider and Def Leppard
Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Very sad, but downloading through is absolutely impossible - estimated time more than 2 hours and after that - the file is corrupt.
Oh, it's another unlucky monday...

yeb said...

thanks for hapshash
downloading from took me 6 min.
no download accelerator
and it`s in stereo

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the Kraan album that has the song "Asflug" on it? I have been looking for it and cannot find it. Thanks for Andy.