Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving........

to those who celebrate it!!! And to those who don't, well, happy Thursday to you!! Here is a potpouri of groovy tunes to either bang your head too, or to sit and listen and get your mind in a festive mood regardless of what day it is. Here is a smokingly rare LP from a Southern Michigan band called the Fredric. This one has some bonus tracks and is fantastic psych. It was originally released in 1968 to little or no fanfare and now goes for insane sums of greenbacks.

By request, Ian Gillan's 1979 lp Mr. Universe, and again this is the CD version with bonus tracks. In my opinion they could have left those off, but there is a cool version of Smoke on the WaWa that's alright. This album is much better than Child In Time or Clear Air Turbulance, which to my ears were misguided attempts at progressive music that just weren't that good. But when Gillan decided to start rockin' hard again (this album and the brilliant follow-up Glory Road which I will get posted eventually) all the pieces fell back into place. But the real glory road was a few years in the distance when he would rejoin Deep Purple for Perfect Strangers.

For those folks diggin' on the southern rock of Hookfoot, here's another great band that did have a hit of sorts with Jackie Blue in the 70's (not on this album). This is kinda mellow, but still has a few rockin' tunes.

Yes, more NWOBHM (more from Bigfoot Kit below too!!) to satisy your headbanging duties. This is Quartz with their Satan's Serenades EP from 1980.
This is one of my absolute favorites!!

And this, I will try not to gush over too much. But it is one of my ten favorite metal albums of all time, and I can't really put into words why. Most metal reviewers like Martin Popoff also gush over this one. It's just an absolute classic. And it's the type of album that doesn't hit you right away. In fact the first time I heard it I thought it was a bit generic sounding. But over time it grew and grew to be a monster and I'd find myself humming Jesse James' or Carol. But the killer track I will love till my dying day is Handing You Over. Give this a shot and tell me what you think!!!!

And before I hand it over to Bigfoot Kit for more NWOBHM goodies I'd just like to beg and plead for you to grab what you can from the rapidshare stuff. It's got about 1 or 2 more days tops unless I get 10,000 downloads and I'd like to at least keep it around another month to have time to transfer the more popular links over. And also if you could find it in your heart, please hit my other site and give those ads a click or two. I should have an update there either today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

Inferno Records HEADBANGER 1
01. Rock night
02. Wicked women

Hilton Records FMR 056
01. Cold As Steel
02. Reach To Eternity

Bullet Records BOLT 8
01. Don't Take Forever
02. Piece Of The Night
03. You Set My Heart On Fire

As usual, txt & artwork samples are included in the rar files.

Don't forget to say thank Bigfoot Kit for these!!!!


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the nwobhm stuff, it is great... plesase continues with this class of music.

Danny said...

Indeed, the fun never stops here! Excellent!!

Also have a question: Can anyone of the bloggers post a comment at the Hear Rock City Blog please. Instead of posting the Aerosmith concert, he has posted the Blackfoot link also for the Aerosmith concert. I can't write comments over there, you have to be a blogger! Thanks a lot!!

Grtz, Danny

Time Traveller said...

I'll run over and drop a line for ya Danny.


Time Traveller said...

Looks like someone beat me to it. The link is removed.

captain groovy said...

been looking for the Mr. Universe akbum.You rule!!!

Danny said...

Hi Time Traveller,

Thanks a lot for looking at the Hear Rock City Blog!!!

By the way, Mr Universe is my favorite Gillan record!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Time Traveller for the Fredric - Phases and Faces album!

I'm playing it now and it sounds great!

Just Me

Anonymous said...

thanks for mr. universe. i didn't expect much...but it rocks!!
i own and old lp called "future shock" :)

cinematographer said...

been wanting hear the frederic for a long, long time. thanx

Anonymous said...

Very fhanx for the "Group Therapy - 37 Minutes of Group Therapy " but it seems lost the track 6 "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby"...Could you kindly post this track .pre-thanx! I owned this album too but it damaged seriously to spin, and your post arouse me to remaind it. Please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Highway Chile (and this site)

Restless said...

Great site, and good to see someone else has been re-discovering the Gillan stuff! Could you post Double Trouble??