Friday, November 17, 2006

What the hell is a hookfoot?

Just good ol southern influenced rock n roll, that's all. Here is their first and second albums today and if you dig into the bowels of the ol blog here you should be able to dig up Roaring, their 4th somewhere. I also just got ahold of Communication, their 3rd LP on sealed vinyl which I will get up here soon. Enjoy. I read somewhere that Bob Kulick was a member. Don't know if he's on either of these or not.

Hey mine's a promo copy too! Big deal, right?



And to continue the ever-popular NWOBHM
posts here is the band that is probably more famous for a guy that was in the band for another than anything they ever did themselves . White Spirit's guitarist was Janick Gers later in this band some of you may have heard of Iron Maiden. Here is their self titled release from 1983 (at least mine says 1983, but I think it was recorded back in 1980 and may have originally been released then, but I know very little about the band).

Over at 6070rock there are 2 Buffalo 7"ers posted and are highly recommended (see my link list, there's a ton of fantastic stuff over there).

And more from Bigfoot Kit :

(don't forget to thank him for this great stuff!!!)

WITCHFYNDE - BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show Session (1981)
01. Gettin' Heavy
02. Moon Magic
03. Belfast
04. Give 'Em Hell

SRR Records SRR 0008
01. Can't Stop Loving You Now
02. Power In The Sky

Reel Records REEL 1
01. Survivors
02. Time And Space
03. Racing For Home

Reddingtons Rare Records DAN 2
March 1980
01. Day After Day
02. Love In The Spaceage
txt files & artwork samples in rar files.

Thanks Kit!!!!

And lastly over at my other blog I have posted the Peter Criss pre-Kiss Lips demos and a great Todd Rundgren & Hello People show from 1972.

Stop over there if those sound interesting.

Goodnight folks.


fernando torres said...

Hi, thanks for the Hookfoot postings! I own a vinyl copy of the "Good Times A Comin'" album. I know nothing abot their other albums (and thanks again for posting them here!), but in this one the line-up is Caleb Quaye (guitars), Ian Duck (guitar/harmonica), Dave Glover(bass) and Roger Pope (drums). Notes: This Hookfoot line-up plays in almost all tracks of Elton John's 'Tumbleweed Connection' album (Ian Duck plays harmonica in just 2 tracks, the others in the majority of the album). Caleb also played in the previous Elton's Albums, and he and Roger Pope returned for the "Blue Moves" album.
A very solid and competent line-up. Compliments from Brasil. Keep the good work :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the NWOBHM stuff, is great, all these bands have something special in their sound, it is so cool... riffs and solo guitars are like a basic lesson to play good hard rock.

Bigfoot Kit said...

TT Thanks for the White Spirit post, i didn't have this one.
Just noticed the blurb at the bottom of the page, "Bloggers Are Killing Home Taping", really made me laugh.
Have you considered getting T-Shirts made with that slogan?
They'd go like hotcakes.
Did you forget to post the Unida/Entombed split or is it perhaps not Time Traveller material?

Anonymous said...

Thnx for White Spirit, an album I've got on vinyl & have loved since the day I bought it. Gers went on to replace Bernie Torme in Gillan, playing on Double Trouble & the incredible Magic album. I met him after a show in Glasgow & he said his biggest influence was Focus' Jan Akkerman.

How about posting some Gillan - Mr Universe or Glory Road?

Donno said...

Thankyou so much for the 2 Hookfoot albums!! One of my favourite bands from the early 70s, I just love Quaye's playing and back then collected many albums just because he played sessions on them. Sadly for us in the early 80s he got christianity in a big way and now only plays evangelical music.
Kulik is supposed to have played with the band at the time of Good Times a Comin' although he is not credited on the album.
Looking forward to the 3rd album when you have the time to rip and upload.

Time Traveller said...

Glad everybody is enjoying the tunes!! I love sharing them. And thanks for all the additional info on Hookfoot. I really like that band.

BFK--I completely forgot to post the Unida/Entombed. I will get it up next go round probably tomorrow sometime. I had the link copied and when you sent the new stuff last night I just forgot to add it.

I always try to add a little blurb down there in that spot at the bottom, don't know why. The home taping blurb (I thought of that while ripping an album a few weeks ago and I was looking at the back cover where there was that Home Taping is Killing Music thing at the bottom)won out over another I came up with "Marriage is the first step of a good divorce".

I got a million of 'em!


Bigfoot Kit said...

I got one for you:
putting "Marriage is the first step of a good divorce", on your blog, is the 1st step of a good divorce!
Wise move substituting that one methinks.
Should have some more NWOBHM stuff for you later today.
Meant to ask, any chance of a repost for the KISS "Destroyer Demos"?

Time Traveller said...

Damn, are those gone? Yeah, gimme a couple days and I'll dig them out and repost them. By the way BFK I had a guy on the other blog from the UK say he cannot get deposit files to work for him. Since you are around those parts do you have any advice to give him? I was gonna shoot you an email later today so just in case you read this........

Time Traveller said...

And to anon, I think I have Glory Road, I'll check.


Bigfoot Kit said...

Deposit Files works fine for me.
I had one rar end unexpectedly, but when i re d/led it was fine.
Thanx in advance for the KISS re-up.

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for Hookfoot! I've been looking for a copy of #1 for years.

I had the great pleasure of seeing them perform live in an old movie theater in my area. The show was sponssored by a local radio station, and tickets were *one dollar*.

Sure miss those days...

ogmonster said...

Bigfoot Kit & TT thanks for all the great NWOBHM posts. It's great to hear some new stuff(for me anyway).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the superb rip of the Frost album... fast download (46mb in 2hs), excellent bitrate (variable poor 128 to 192kps), superb scans (200x200) and very good trojans from the server
My final comment : FUCK YOU!!!