Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm on a roll

And I have what is hopefully a delightfully diverse drove of ditties for your drinking and driving endeavors. Those are words with a D this time.

First up, the "real" Stillwater. A southern rock band with quite a soulful vocalist in the form of one Jimmy Hall. One thing I find funny, and it's not just these guys, but it seems to be southern rock bands in general have way to many friggin' people in their bands. I still remember the old .38 Special videos from the '80s with Donnie Van Zant standing with a guitar hittin' barre chords that couldn't possibly have been part of the music, plus there was only one guitar playin' at the time. Anyways, 7 dudes in this band (and a bass player named Allsion that looks like a dude so I will go with dude) and on any given song I hear at most a 5 piece band (and that's during the solos). 3 guitarists???? Well, that isn't to detract from the solid groovin' contained in this here slab o'tuneage. Best cut is the minor hit Mindbender but Sam's Jam, Fantasy Park and Rock N Roll Loser are all worthy of your ear for pure southern satisfaction.

Another one I posted many moons ago in the early daze of this blog, and nobody much wanted it, cuz it was missing a couple tracks. Well here it is again, this time all tracks present. And I have also dug up the 2nd album, Fever Shot, and put it here. I do have the 3rd and album too, but it is pretty wasted and I'm going to have do some work on it, but if interest is there I will get up here. Promise.

And here's the followup.

As promised, the full LP of Vardis.

Love that blurb on the cover!!!

And look down below for more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit.

HARRIER - Out On The Streets EP (1984) NWOBHM

DRIVESHAFT - Heartbreaker 7" (1982) NWOBHM

MENDES PREY - On The Borderline 7" (1982) NWOBHM

Artwork samples photos & txt files included in rars.



chuckmyr said...

I had the first Linn County and remember as being pretty good, will get it and the second. Thanks for your work. Also I like the vinyl rips where you can here a little noise, it brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Stillwater and the ongoing NWOBHM revival.

Microdot said...

I bought the Stillwater album back in '77. Mindbender was always a fav of mine but it's been 25+ years since I heard it. The 1980's were not kind to my record collection.

Thanks Bryon =)

leno said...

thanx for the Linn County .... files worked for me ... no problems ... take care. great stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the NWOBHM Stuff, thanks thanks thank... please MORE MORE MORE.

Anonymous said...

Another batch of NWOBHM ... another happy day!
Thanks a lot!
Stillwater, I have their second on vinyl. Quite good, if I remember well ...

Grtz & take care everyone,

Bigfoot Kit said...

TT, Thanks a lot for the Vardis trio. The BBC Friday rock Show session was an unexpected bonus. I remember taping that one off the radio way back in 1980!
The cassette is long gone now of course, so thanks for rekindling the memories for me.
Also many thanks for the Stillwater album, have been looking for that one for a long time.
Two live tracks too! You're spoiling us.
The file just opened fine for me, don't know what the problem is, but it's not the link.
Thanks also to Danny Anonymous for the blog links a post or two back.

Time Traveller said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the positive comments on the postings. For those of you getting corrupt files, the best I can tell you is download it again. Deposit files seems to have a problem sometimes, but I have never downloaded a corrupt file from there (including my own, which I have been doing since I started using them). Believe me, if it were the file there would be many more complains here as the Stillwater has been downloaded a bunch. Sorry you guys are having problems with the service there but I think they are going to be upgrading soon so it should get better. I hope........

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the Linn County Fever Shot is a piece of shit. Only one channels is working (right). Anyway Time Traveler you are doing the great job. You should repair this rip. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linn county, but the first one has a wrong speed. It's to fast. Can you check that and repair please?
Leo from the netherlands