Monday, November 20, 2006

Finally got it for those who want it.........

By it is, Coven's 1971 self titled MGM LP with their only hit "One Tin Soldier".

And here's the repost of their 1st LP Withccraft Destroys Minds.....

And here's yet more stuff (these are items I posted on forums etc.)

Off Broadway's 1979 LP On with the minor hit "Stay in Time". Cool power pop stuff.

Dr. Feelgood's live album Stupidity from 1976. UK pub rock.

Neil Young's Elektra records demos from 1965.

More comin' soon. Don't forget to grab what you need from the old stuff and if you are getting in the holiday mood run over to my live blog and give those ads a couple clicks. Would really appreciate it.



Bigfoot Kit said...

Many thanks for the Coven album TT !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot great guru of tunes. I searched around and I am not surprised that I couldn't find it. I don't know how you do it. It must be that you are smarter than I am although that isn't saying much.

I have this album playing now and it sounds GREAT!!

Thanks again.

Just Me

Danny said...

Wow, thanks a lot for this Coven!

Grtz, Danny

rowdies1 said...

Thanks for the Coven albums! Interesting band. Pretty scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Only got 8 tracks for the Coven-s/t
Missing "ONly Tin Soldier" anybody else? Should i re-try?

Anyway thanks for the rare music!

Anonymous said...

Only got 8 tacls for the Coven-s/t.
Missing "Only Tin Soldier." Should i re-try. Anybody else get this problem?

Anyway thanks for the great rare music!

Anonymous said...

My copy downloaded and plays perfectly. You should have 11 tracks.

Download again.

Thanks again Time Traveller!

Just Me