Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lovin' this album!!!!!

Here's one I have been looking for forever. I have the 1st one by these guys (I think it's posted somewhere)and it's a fantastic garagey psych album with loads of fuzz and wah, and this one here is more of the same thank God. Ripped by someone other than me at 192k from vinyl and it sounds great. I would give this one 9 out of 10 stars. It's really that good to me!

I have also posted 3 new shows the last two days over at
Blodwyn Pig - Fillmore West 1970
MC5 - Phun Festival UK 1970
A Night At the Olympic which features Johnny Winter, Mountain and Frank Zappa.


And here's a few more NWOBH singles from Bigfoot Kit:

A II Z - The Singles (1981) :
A II Z - No Fun After Midnight EP (1981)
Polydor POSPX 243
1. No Fun After Midnight
2. Treason
3. Valhalla Force
Polydor POSP 314
1. I'm The One Who Loves You
2. Ringside Seat

BLAZER BLAZER - Cecil B. Devine EP (1979)
Logo Records GO 362
01. Cecil B. Devine
02. Warsaw
03. Six O'clock In The Morning

Damascus Records
01. Open Your Eyes
02. Something On My Mind
03. Cold Horizon
04. Midnight Train

CRUCIFIXION - Complete Crucifixion Singles 1980-84
Miramar Records MIR 4
1. The Fox
2. Death Sentence
Neat Records NEAT 19
1. Take It Or Leave It
2. On The Run
Neat Records NEAT 37-12 (Purple Vinyl)
1. Green Eyes
2. Jailbait
3. Moon Rising

APOCALYPSE - "Stormchild" 7" Single (1982) NWOBHM
Gate Records
01. Stormchild
02. Chosen Few
(The B-Side "Chosen Few" is terrific!)

CENTURION - "Two Wheels" 7" Single (1982) NWOBHM
Centurion Records 0001
01. Two Wheels
02. Bitch

The last one i upped tonight isn't of the NWOBHM ilk but may interest you, it's a split 7" from 2000 by ORANGE GOBLIN & ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY.
Alabama T. cover Captain Beyond's "I Can't Feel Nothin'" quite splendidly, whilst OG pay tribute to LEAFHOUND's "Freelance Fiend".

(Eccentric Man Records 2000)
Vinyl Rip @ 192 kbps

01. ORANGE GOBLIN - Freelance Fiend
02. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY - I Can't Feel Nothin'

All of them have small cover art and txt files included in the rars.

That's all for tonight folks!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post
Have you got Vardis 100mph LP

Time Traveller said...

Sorry don't have Vardis, but I've been looking for it for awhile so you never know......

Bigfoot Kit said...

100 mph.
That's one i used to have on vinyl many years ago. Vardis, are one of the few bands of that era not to have attempted a reformation recently, i'm sure it must happen.
It always surprises me the affection people have for the music of that era,
more innocent times?

moosedog said...

eden's children is good stuff- any chance you could point me to the first one?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanx for the Eden's Children. Can you post their 1st LP or at least tell where to find it?
Would be most grateful!

Time Traveller said...

I looked and did not see the first posted anywhere, so I will see if I can dig it up and post it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bigfoot kit,

It were more innocent times indeed, but it produced some of the best metal around, I still seem to turn to, even after 25 years. Early Maiden & Saxon, Tygers, Jaguar, Blitzkrieg, Satan, Trespass, Motörhead (best period), Tytan, Priest found a second breath, Diamond Head, Soldier, Deep Machine, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General, ... I could go on and on.

Thanks again & grtz,

Bigfoot Kit said...

Danny, you're so right, these bands all remind me of the hazy happy days of my youth, although there are a couple you mention which i've yet to hear.
Deep Machine & Soldier.
I'll take your mentioning them amidst such illustrious company as a recommendation and try and find some of their stuff.
Cheers for the tips.
I still have some more stuff to post although it may be a week or so before i get the chance, anyone for Mendes Prey?
Best wishes!
TT, what did you reckon to the Orange Goblin/Alabama Thunderpussy (Leafhound/Captain Beyond covers) split 7"?
I've got another one around somewhere, it's Unida & Entombed covering Cap beyond & Leafhound too,
if i can find it, i'll pass it your way.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I'm surprised no-one else noticed, but: The right channel of the Eden's Children sounds great. Is there any chance of getting you to up the left channel, too? ;-)

The other album would be nice as well :-)



Adam said...

Yes.I also can't hear Eden's Children left channel at all.
Could you please check?Thanks

grado said...

yes, left channel missing, just low level noise, but thanks anyway

Time Traveller said...

I think it has something to do with the fact it's a mono recording. I have checked and it seems to work fine in some mp3 players so I will rerip it and repost it late tonight or early tomorrow. I will also check my input connections, as my computer speakers don't seem to be playing anything in one channel right now.

Time Traveller said...

PS---I found the Vardis EP plus a BBC Session of theirs and will be posting tonight (or early tomorrow).

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

The Apocalypse 7" is brilliant, THE best NWOBHM find in years! (I found it on the net earlier this year)I recommend to everyone interested in NWOBHM (or metal)
The Soldier 7" is brilliant too. Tracks are 'Force' & 'Sharelee'. It's probably on Soulseek somewhere.
2 reunion Leafhound liveshows:
2 excellent blogs by the way ...
Also is great, but you have to be a blogger to write some comments there, which I'm not ...

Ok, thanks again for great posts,
grtz, Danny

Anonymous said...

can you repost eden's children again?it still miss one channel

Anonymous said...

eden's children repost again pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
still missing one channel