Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's over, it's over it's oooooovvvvveeeerrrrr!!!!!

Christmas is over thanks be the power of time. I wanna you thank you 2 kind donators for your generous gifts at a tough time to be giving. Especially to me, some some shmuck who runs a little blog. The family and I appreciate it. And thanks to those who took the time to go click an ad or two over at my other neglected blog (I should have a bit more time to get some cool stuff over there at the beginning of the new year. Rippin' that stuff takes forever. And it's tedious at best. Much more fun to rip tunes from albums and relive old (and new) favorites. I got few emails lately with some pretty obscure requests (tryin' to stump me or what?) so some of these I lifted a few quotes from lysergia and other sites to better describe what you are getting yourself into by downloading a couple of these. I will get some more familiar stuff up next time but if you are in a post Christmas sense of adventure here's the shit. And away we go.......

Algarnas Tradgard's 1972 LP. The simply titled Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp - Forankrat I Fortiden.

ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD are a seminal, 6-piece Swedish combo who made one album in 1972, a cult classic and masterpiece of psychedelia that could have come straight out of the 'Kraut' school of Space Rock. After the release of their album, they kept on playing live for a while, even recording a full album's worth of new material in 1973-74. But it wasn't until 2001 that this material was mixed and released, on a cd entitled "Delayed".
(Note from me--very avant garde, mixes several genres, and spacerock is a small part, world music, harder psych, Saucerfull Floydian era would be the spacerock element I think, also some folk sounding stuff and a bit of almost new age atmospheres. Very mixed bag)

Wanna know more? Check out the following link:

Wanna hear it? Check the follwing link:

Closest thing to normal I'm posting today. By request, it's the OST to Wild in the Streets. Score was composed by Les Baxter, the exotica king but I think somebody dosed him, cuz this is pretty far out shit. Also includes the great garage anthem Shape of Things To Come by the non-existant Max Frost and the Troopers. Anyways, movie is about a young hip guy named Max Frost who gets elected president, has all the people over 40 shipped off to quasi-concentration camps and then loses his mind and comes to his senses all in less than a hour and a half. Richard Pryor played a role as a black militant based (I guess) on Malcolm X. One of those American International pictures B movies released after the beach fad wore thin and the biker revolution was just beginning.

Next on the agenda, the weird, freaked out Crash Coffin. Probably the weirdest guy in Ohio at the time of this release (1970 or 1973 depending on who you believe. Anyways, the blurb I downloaded from popsike will fill you in better.

Here's the self titled album by Crash Coffin, on the Columbus, Ohio Mus-I-Col label, CC69A, from, I think, 1973. This is a wild record…mixing straight ahead rock, folky psych tunes, one absolute monster heavy psych tune ("Alone Together") and a few goofy novelty tunes. Coffin is one far out guy! Very rare LP. Last copy I saw on eBay went for over $250. for those who don’t know the story, the "real" covers for the album were destroyed in an accident, so the LP was put in a plain white jacket with a "Mus-I-Col" logo. Coffin himself decorated most of the covers, but after a while got tired of it and the last batch were sent out like this one, with the plain white cover. I don’t know which version is rarer.

Here's the bee side.

Cool garage stuff from the Savages, again, I will post a blurb from another source to describe this one. No I won't because it's gone and I ain't lookin' it up again. Here's what I remember. Bermuda band that recorded this one off LP and disappeared into the haze. Mainly raw covers of the days biggies but a few originals that really show some promise. Cool stuff if you dig obscenely rare garage rock. The file has some covers that are bigger but in worse condition than these to the left (or whereever blogger decides they will be be when I click save).

And not to forget all the NWOBHM fans here's Tysondog's 1986 opus loudus Crimes of Insanity. Another one a bit late in the game, but I dig and you will too. And Bigfoot Kit sent some more that are posted below.


Dawnwatcher Records
DWS 001

Sticky Records
SRR 0017

Other Records

Thanks Kit!!


dawnryder said...

Hey, it's the "can't download Thunderstick" guy again. So if you could re-upload it I'd appreciate that. Never had problems with Rogepost, Rapdishare, Badongo, Sendspace or Megaupload. One of those should do it, thanks!!

Time Traveller said...

I'm gonna try rogepost cuz I've never tried them b4. I'll let you know here when it's done and where it will be posted. It will probably be later tonight.

the KIDD said...

Enjoyed,Crash Coffin!!! I do not think I could run down to the record store to find that!!! Tyson Dog ROCKSSS!!! Love You'RE BLOG!!! Thanks for the MUSIC!!!

ulaes said...

Great stuff and thanks. Love the Tysondog. Also looking for their BEWARE OF THE DOG album.

Time Traveller said...

I think I have that one too (Beware of the Dog), if so I'll post it soon.

For Dawnryder:

Here's the mighty Thunderstick on badongo

dawnryder said...

Thanks man, Badongo was flawless!!

Time Traveller said...

I went at the same speed as deposit files. I tried to upload by rogepost but it wouldn't let me. It kept saying read user agreement, I'd go read the damn thing and it would take me back to start all over again. Some fo these sites,jeessuuus.

Glad you got it, though. I think it's a pretty cool little EP.

Time Traveller said...

That's supposed to be it went, not I went.

Some of my typing, jeessuuuss!

Anonymous said...

Hello, went to Live and Otherwise, got a black page????????
????Thanks, some good stuff was posted there......??????

Time Traveller said...

It's okay now. I got it too, but I added a small post and it came back. There will be a real post there later today to check it out.

Thanks for letting me know.