Monday, December 18, 2006

Even have one of theose days....

...when nothing goes right. Yesterday was one, my internet connection kept shutting down and most of these files have been uploaded at least 2 times. Add deposit files less than enticing upload speeds and it spells a recipe for a whole new kind of frustration. Anyways, finally, here are some cool tunes to hum along too, just imagine it's Sunday and it will be alright.

First up, the second highest vote getter in my little unofficial poll. It's the 1969 Uni album from Smoke (the U.S. band not the U.K. psych band that did My Friend Jack), who look like a bike gang that formed a band, and sound like one to. Nothing against biker gangs (I'm not suicidal). But this is greasy, oiley music to get yer hands dirty too. Bluesy hard rock, often kinda sloppy and quite a cool album to boot. The 18 minute plus M.C. Boogie says it all. Although a CD is pictured next to my witticisms there, I don't think this is in print on CD right now and I know this rip is from vinyl. But it rocks and that's all that matters.

And for Bigfoot Kit who has been quite the patient soul waiting for me to get this right, this slice of heaven went through hell getting here. Ripped not once but twice, uploaded not once but three times (I had my doubts if it wanted to be here!!) but finally here is the first solo album from ex-Kansas and sometime Proto Kaw man, Kerry Livgren called Seeds of Change. Livgren wanted to get away from the mystical to concentrate more on his spiritual side, his Christianity. Which on this album presents me with a conundrum (but no complaint). The second song, my favorite, has a guest singer, Ronnie James Dio, and Dio means Satan (Spanish slang term, I know now it also means God in Latin thanks to an email so maybe my theolgical theory is poot), as well as quite a few lyrics which are questionable from a Christian point of view. The title is Mask of the Deceiver so I wonder if Kerry got Dio to sing the song portraying Satan or what. I am far from theologian so I just though I'd put the thought in your mind for you to play around with. The rest of the album could pass for a good pre-Steve Morse period Kansas LP and if you like them you will surely like this. Originally released on Kirshner in 1980, the CD was released on Renaissance Records in 1996 and as far as I know is now out of print.

What a shocker!! I had never even heard of this before and I guy I trade with sent it too me with a bunch of rare stuff Thursday. Aveek from India requests it on Saturday and I haven't even listened to it yet. So it sparked my interest so I kicked back for a bit and listened. Absolutely amazing stuff!!!!! (I Can't put enough exclaimations behind it!!) This gets listed as hard prog but I think it's just stunningly good hard rock that blew my fuckin' doors off. Just killer from start to finish and not a bad track in the bunch. The first song is actually kinda folky but even it has a killer hook and after that the band kicks into riffin' and never looks back. Only downside, ripped at 160 from a less than perfect source, but this deserves a listen sooooooo much I had to put it up here. I give this one of my highest recommendations and if ANYONE has a better copy of this please please PLEASE send it my way. And thanks Aveek for calling my attention to it. It's now in heavy rotation in the Time Traveller jukebox.

And here's proof you can surprise a jaded old fart like me. The top vote getter in my little improptu survey. If you'd have ask me to bet on any one of the albums I listed as choices this would have been the longshot by a longshot (yeah, that's right!). But damn this is a fine record from the first post- Michael Schenker line up (the first of many). The band was in utter turmoil, Pete Way was about to leave (if he wasn't really already gone), Phil Moog said he sometimes couldn't keep track of daily happenings, and out of this choas came this twisted album of genius. The Writer kicks off the album in rockin' style and
form not seen since the Lights Out daze. Coulda done without the horns (or the synths that sound like 'em) and after this album, keyboards took over a bit too much for my liking. Nothing wrong with that in some bands but these guys were supposed to be metal for God's sake. But this one is great except for Terri which sounds like a bad Myles Goodwin/April Wine outtake and the kinda lame cover of Eddie Cochran's Somethin' Else. Everytime I hear that drum intro to Doing It All For You I think Rock Candy is about to start for a second. Sorry bout the low bitrate on this one.

Here's that Twisted Ace 45. NWOBHM on the UK Heavy Metal label (home of Witchfinder General & Split Beaver), A-side is boogie rocker with twin lead guitar and lotsa riffage, b-side is a heavier track that is more representative of the NWOBHM style. Not bad at all.

And here's some stuff Kit sent to share and I forgot to post it. Twice. Yeah, I am a dumbass, but that's my world sometimes, I forget tracks, I forget posts, hell sometimes I even forget to finish

Strife's 1975 album, "Rush". Proggy hard rock from the uk. This is their 1st album. The main guy was Gordon Rowley who went on to form Nightwing who you might remember from the early '80's. Interesting album. Unusual.
Here's the link:
STRIFE - "Rush" (1975)

Crack The Sky : Photoflamingo (1981)

Crack The Sky : World In Motion 1 (1982)

Until next time, see ya!


Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks for the Strife album.

Your blog is one of the best on the net.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Private message

PLEASE PLEASE don't use depositfile wants you install a toolbar .

Please don't spoli your otherwise fantastic blog bt using this upload service.... Gigashare is worth looking at, even mega would be better.

Merry Christmas and thanks for the music


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Strife. it's great.
Can you please post Srider - Exposed?

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Thanks a ton for this utter rarity. I knew it's a great album & been searching for it for longtime. It's a coincidence that you got it on Thursday & I asked for it on Saturday. Usually I get my wanted albums by this way...thru sheer telepathy & will-force. Believe me, it happened to me so many times.

As for the music, it's explosive. Heavy progressive rock at its best. Loud guitars & drums...all that you can expect from a British heavy-prog band. A must-have!!!

Thanks again, Bryon & keep up the great work.

Time Traveller said...

Hi Nils,

I appreciate your frustration as not wanting to install that toolbar, but you don't have to install it.There is a way around it. Maybe someone here can direct you, but since I am a registered user I don't know the process. It has been brought up before. Deposit files even asks me to install the damn thing. But believe me, many other sites are going the toolbar route, I hear megaupload is next, and rapidshare is just total shit since they changed servers. Deposit files leaves much to be desired too, but they are the best of those I've tried, too amny of them break off uploads and the upload speeds are ever worse than deposit's.

Time Traveller said...

I have Strider Exposed on LP but I have been burning so many friggin' albums lately I'm burned out, and I still have a knee high stack to get through. I will however add it to the pile. Give me a few days and I'll bump it up and get it posted!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the never ending NWOBHM! Many thanks for the STRIFE album!!

Bigfoot Kit said...

TT, my many thanks for the Kerry Livgren album!
I'm just d/ling it just now and can't wait to wrap my ears 'round it.
The trouble you've gone to is much appreciated, i've been after this for about 25 years!
Glad the Strife album is going down so well too, who knew there were all these closet Strife fans out there?

Bigfoot Kit said...

While i remember, someone was raving on to me about Mediafire as a file hoster, perhaps they might be worth investigating?

Time Traveller said...

I tried Mediafire,and I found it quite slow. I didn't like their interface either, but I guess one upside to them is they are one of the few upload sites that allow remote uploads from rapidshare, so as more and more people migrate (a trend I've been noticing) away from crapidshare (sorry for the childish nya-nya there) I think their service will improve. But an interesting thing has happened since I started using deposit files. My download numbers have increased significantly. I don't know what to attribute this too (maybe rapidshare doesn't credit correctly) but many of my files get way more d/ls than they ever did at rapidshare.

Adam said...

I also like the Stonehouse album.As you already mentioned,this 70's prog-rock album sure needs a better source for ripping.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't use depositfile!!!! Infected Malware ANTIVERMINS !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Before I download Mechanix by UFO -what is the bitrate?

Anonymous said...

Mechanix was the 3rd post Schenker album - No Place to Run and the Wild,the Willing and The Innocent were the first two.

All good stuff - you're doing a great job.

Time Traveller said...

I went back and re-read it, it's not an error, I just confusingly worded it. I didin't say it was the first album by the line up just that it was the first line-up without Schenker.

Time Traveller said...

Oh, and the bitrate is 160k on the UFO album.

And deposit files does not send out malware. If you download the toolbar (which, again you DON'T have to do) which may be some kind of spyware (they usually are) then it might be, but just downloading files from depositfiles will not put any hex on on your PC.

Anonymous said...

Thanx xo much for that Mechanix album, for me is the best of the Shenkerless era for sure!!
Nice Christmas present!


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the stonehouse album iv'e been looking for this for quite some time i use to watch this group playing live on plymouth hoe u.k only the lyric's to stonehouse creek which is a place name in plymouth where a bit changed when they made their album many thanks steve

Anonymous said...

My firend .. your taste is excellent!! I love things I never knew I would love (umm, HAWKIND!) ... Any chance you have 2 rare DAVID AXELROD produced psych records? Hardwater's ST record and "Face The Music" by SOD? I've been searching the bins forever with no luck. Any chance of a holiday miracle?

Peace out ..

Josh Norton

Bob Haldeman said...

The Smoke album you have posted, is the same US group with Michael Lloyd?

Time Traveller said...

No, this is a biker band that rocks a little harder. Their were actually 3 Smoke bands (I know of), 1 the Lloyd band which was sunshine pop ala his previous band Left Banke, the UK Smoke which was british psych with the hit My Friend Jack and this Smoke that was probably the least known of the 3. They recorded this lone LP for the Uni label in '69.

Erick said...

Sorry, I can't view the page from I've checked with other forumers from my local techzone. None did, even though most of them are from different ISPs.

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the Kerry Livgren-Seeds of Change.kansas is from the town i grew up in.loved kansas,and like the proto kaw stuff to.i'll be posting all the kansas and alot of the solo projects on my blogg soon.thanks again for the your blog alot.

give mine a look when you get a chance.just starting.


brasilverdeeamarelo said...

Hello Time Traveller, just a few words about the "Dio" case :) there are some languages derives directly from Latin, nowadays considered as a dead language, since no one speaks it as a daily language, with the possible exception of some Catholic Church ceremonies. From the languages derived from latin, I'll mention some examples of how the word "GOD" is written: in Portuguese is "DEUS"; in French is "DIEU"; in Italian is "DIO" and in Spanish is "DIÓS". As we can see, all of them are derived form the same Latin source. I confess I know nothing about the word "DIO" being a spanish slang for demon. So, I think the DIO=GOD interpretation is more coherent with Livgren's work. Many thanks, keep the good work, and...a Merry Christmas!

Time Traveller said...

Your probably right. Which I why I usually stay away from those type of discussions (religion and theology has never been an interest)but I opened my big mouth so to speak. I really did read the Dio=satan thing in a book somewhere (wish I could remember the source, I remember it having to do with the sign he always flashed being the sign of the devil))and probably a case of don't believe everything you read. But anyways I don't profess to be that knowledgable about most stuff anyways. With music, if I like it, I like it, weather it's about picking roses, picking noses, or molesting goats. I think my "job" so to speak it to give you guys some tuneage, tell you what I think of it and let you good folks dig deeper if you choose to.

Anyways, I had quite a bomb dropped on me today anyways, so along the update I'm working on for tonight I'll be talking more about it.