Friday, December 01, 2006

Let the countdown begin!

Well, it's 23 more days till Christmas and I haven't done a thing yet, so the posts may slow down a bit (or not, let's see how things go) for a couple weeks. And if blogger doesn't quit acting so fucking irratic with my posts I'm gonna go ballistic. The stability has been shitty lately. But enough about that, here's my next entry in my fave albums posts. This is the same Poobah everyone goes ga-ga over but it's their 1998 recordings that were self released and are now getting hard to find. Monster records is or was going to re-release this but I have found no info. This is a low bitrate (160k) as I got it from a friend I trade with a while back, but it sounds excellent. Just sterling production and Jim's guitar sounds as if he plugged it into 1974 and the sounds came swirling out. Absolutely astounding sounds from thisYoungstown Ohio band.

And here's another great one that I really like a lot.
This is Thundermug's Strikes LP from 1972. There were at least 2 and possibly 3 versions of this album and this is the original Canaidian Axe records version (there was a re-release in Canada as well as a Columbia records version here in the USA and those may or may not differ) but there were a few different tracks from the Axe and Columbia releases. I really like the sound these guys have, it really doesn't sound like any other band I've heard and other than the cover of the Kinks "You Really Got Me" (when will people stop covering this song? The original cannot be topped.) there isn't a bad track here. Some worldly rhythms mixed with nice riffage and you've got what some people call entertainment.

Not much on the net about this early Krautrock entry. The guitarist went on to Epsilon and that's really about it. This stuff sounds like what you'd get if you crossed Mick Abraham's period Tull with Steppenwolf or Atomic Rooster keyboards and threw in a happy pinch of Amon Duul II or Xhol Caravan for good measure. Good bluesy hard rock with flute and sax (and that in yer face hammond). This is the band's sole album from 1970.

And here's even more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit. I haven't had a chance to check 'em out myself yet, but with Kit's excellent taste you can't go wrong and I will be doing so shortly!

Hollow Ground - Warlord EP 1980

WOLF - See Them Running 7" (1981)

LEGEND - Hideaway 7" (1981)

Thanks BFK!!!


Anonymous said...

Thundermug rules! Please post the other great Thundermug albums. Pat

Tony said...

Thanks for the Thundermug! I bought the Axe version of this album when it came out (yeah, I was very young then, but I'm and old fart now). I've still got it, but it's pretty worn now and I've been looking for a digital copy, so this was nice to find.

I also saw the band live twice - they were loud and rocked. I agree that they were unique and they also has a sense of humor (who else had a song called "Banga Banga Humpa Humpa?").

I'm a Kinks fan too, but I think these guys did a pretty kick-ass cover of "You Really Got Me" (and 6 years before Van Halen).

I'm with Pat - please post more if you've got 'em.

Thanks again!

Time Traveller said...

Thanks Pat & Tony. I'll do my best to get some more of the 'mug posted. The cover of YRGM isn't really bad per se, but just sounds to me like any bar band version (I didn't really like VH's either and Mott the Hoople did one I didn't much care for even b4 the Mug did theirs). It's just a band with as many great ideas and the originality that Thundermug had shouldn't be wasting their time covering songs like YRGM that are so closely defined to a band. I'd probably have more respect for it if they'd have changed the arrangement a bit more or something).

Dgrador said...

Thundermug hailed from my hometown of LOndon Ont. Canada... my 1st road band shared management with them in the mid 70s. Lead guitarist Bill Durst still kicks around playing blues.

proghog said...

Hi Time Traveller,
Mate, Depositfiles really sux... I can't get a page past the entering of the code number.... i even tried becoming a non paying member.... please post in MegaUpload.... does anybody else get trouble after entering the code....???? Is anybody able to help ???

helio58 said...

Dick Wagner Frost - great!!! And Dick Wagner Ursa Maior??? Please...
Tanks, Gracias, Merci, Obrigado!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Proghog,

What country are you in? In the comments of the last post Bigfoot Kit gave some advice to help get the downloads. Check those. I refuse to mess with megaupload or Rapidshare's free download wait time is now 3 minutes and half the time you can't read the code to get the d/l the first time so sometimes it takes 6 minutes to get a stinkin' download from them. Megaupload changed all their rules for non-premium uploaders and they make it a joke too and my uploads break too often. Sorry, but it's gonna be deposit files until something better comes along.

helio58 said...

Olá Travaller:
I meet Dick Wagner/Ursa Major:
Tanks - Obrigado.

Pudd said...

Thanks! Thundermug rules!

Anonymous said...

Thundermug does indeed rule! If you have their album "Ta Daa", please post it- I've been looking for it for a long time. Thanks for all your posting!!!

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Anonymous said...

Time Traveller.....
Hello. Your pages are very interesting, as is some of the wonderful music you've uploaded in the past. I've only just come across your pages though unfortunately so many of the download links are now dead. I'd really love to have a copy of Hustler and the album 'High Street' which you've uploaded in the past, if you ever get the time to upload again, I'd really appreciate it. I'm mostly after one particular track for a friend called 'Get Outa Me Ouse'. Hopefully you can help with that or the album.
Keep up the interesting stuff! :)

cheers, Terry