Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More requests and more other stuff

Wow, the old visitor counter is past 400,000!!! Either a lot of folks have stopped by or a few of you have stopped by way too many times. Either way, thanks for checking out my little corner of blogdom. Today is all requests (at least from me, there is another Urchin sent from Desultory at the end).

A late one for this style of music (1971) this one sounds like kind of Doorsy (early Doors) but more backwoods style psych and the album goes for megabucks. Pretty good stuff if you dig the rural psych genre.

And here's some covers I forgot to put in the rar

If you like Gentle Giant you'll like these guys. Lotsa Ian Anderson style flute tooting over some GGish melodies. One I find myself digging out quite a bit because it's a really strong album!

This is the first Hawkwind album I ever bought myself when i was about 12 years old. My favorite song on here is Kings of Speed and now that I know what a speedfreak Lemmy confessed to being the song takes on a whole new meaning. But there is not a bad track on this album from 1975 which features a bonus track, the original version of Motorhead, the song that foretold Lemmy wasn't going to stand still in space rock land much longer.

And again covers, sorry......

And from Desultory here is another batch o tunes from Urchin. This was sent to me by Bigfoot Kit with Desultory's permission and thanks to both.

Urchin - The Friday Rock Show Session with Tommy Vance on BBC Radio 1 Recorded late 1977
(i'm not sure if the date is 100% accurate, i don't think the show started 'til late '78/early '79)
Also, bands only usually did 3 or 4 songs per session, so this may actually be two seperate sessions.
Whatever, it rocks mightily and is rare as hens teeth, what more can you ask for?
01. See Right Through You
02. Walkin' Out Over You
03. Someday
04. Walked Another Way
05. Call Me Out
06. Show Me

no pw

And also added two new sites to the links, one a Krautrock site and the other a Live365 radio station. Check 'em out if you have time


esh said...

Great blog!!! ...and great taste!!!

Thanks for the "Strapps" uploads.
Somebody told me that they have a 3rd lp. You have it?

Time Traveller said...

I think the other album is at

If that isn't the right link it's in my linklist at the bottom of my blog.


Anonymous said...

Once again, a couple of exciting albums. Thnx a lot.

/ The Swede

esh said...

yes, it is. thanks, TT!!
blogland & bloggers rules!!!

nick beef said...

i love anything Hawkwind. shit rules!!

Anonymous said...

Found a nice site at Sorry if y'all know it already! Bobbins.

Trevor said...

Gnidrolog is fantastic. thanks. any others you know of or possibly own by these guys?

Time Traveller said...

One other LP was released in the 70's, the interestly (or downright strangely) titled "In Spite of Harry's Toe Nail". I will be be putting it up very soon. I also think there is a reunion live LP but I'm not sure.

ogmonster said...

Thanks for the Hawkwind -GOOD STUFF.

Do you have any:
Pilot-S/T '72
Mike Pinera-S/T '76 and/or Isla '77

Anonymous said...

The NWOBHM material is fantastic. Do you have Samson - don't get mad get even and/or
Samson - Before the storm? Would love to check these out.

Thanks for the amazing Gnidrolog.

Bigfoot Kit said...

Got the time for a quick history lesson?
There were four Strapps albums altogether.

Strapps (1976)
Secret Damage (1977)
Sharp Conversation (1978)
Ball Of Fire (1979)

The "Ball Of Fire" was only released in Japan at the time, which is why many discogs don't list it.
This is the album posted at 6070 rock.
The 1st two were posted here, which just leaves "Sharp Conversation" unposted.
Any buddy got that one?
Pretty please?

Slobodan Burgher said...

its all about hawkwind

slobodan b

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did you get the information about Urchin??

They NEVER did a Friday Rock Show Session (these are the band's own demo tapes, but there are some earlier ones that are even better)
Also, the track names are also wrong
Correct listing
1.See Me Through
2.Walkin' Out On You
3.Some Days(I Only Wanna Rock'n'Roll)
4.Watch Me Walk Away

Sorry, can't remember the titles of 4 & 6 offhand.

Out of curiosity,I d/l'd a copy of what seems to be the same as your demo tape from a guy in Brazil a while back, I was p####d when I found I already had all the tracks & it was just the names were wrong.

Urchin were one of the hottest pub/club bands I've ever seen, they did a lot of their own material, but also covered Statesboro' Blues, Back
on The streets(Gary Moore) and 30 Days In The Hole (Humble Pie). Me & my friends spent many happy hours watching them .

Dave Murray of Iron Maiden was their original lead guitarist,along with Adrian Smith, who later joined Maiden when Urchin failed to crack the big time (in fact Maiden often supported Urchin before becoming famous) . When Murray left Urchin, he was replaced by Andy Barnett who went on to play with Michael Des Barres & His Chequered Past (ex-Silverhead singer & former husband of pamela des Barres, the "super groupie"). Andy now plays the Rock Garden (club in London's Covent Garden ) with his own band The Barnstormers.

Urchins earlier demo is better, with tracks(all written by the band) like Lady, Animals , Keeping It Mellow , but the only copies are poor quality. The band gave copies to fans, but most are far from 1st generation now.
There is also a video of the band live at a pub called The Brecknock in Camden, North London, which closed down (for music) in the early 80's. Alan, their bass player has given out a few copies, but to real fans & friends who won't sell copies for money.

Steve the hippy