Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What? Me, Screw Up? + Strapps to make up for it

Yeah, it ain't the first time and it won't be the last time, that much I'm sure of. The good folks here brought it to my attention that I fucked up again. This time I accidentally inserted a wrong song in the rar. The song on the Potliquor LP labeled "Cheers" is actually "New Orleans Ladies" by Lousiana LeRoux, a song I ripped for Skypilot as a request. So you can either download the correct song from deposit files here at 192k or in the comments to the last post a nice person upped it on rapidshare at 256k. So take your pick. Just don't pick on me please!!! I'm not right in the head around Christmas time! Another note, these both are the single edit of Cheers not the album version, I didn't know a difference existed until it was pointed out in the previous post.


And the email came last night after I had already made the post, so here is the first Strapps LP + some more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit. Thanks Kit.

STRAPPS - S/T (1976)


Here's Adrian Smith's pre-Iron Maiden band Urchin.
This is their 1978 single "She's A Roller". This particular single also has Dave Murray from Maiden guesting on lead guitar!!
Rare as hen's teeth, this one changes hands for about £150!!
And no, unfortunately i don't have an original.
URCHIN - She's A Roller 7'' (1978)


From 1980, here's Black Axe's "Highway Rider" 7", a classic.
BLACK AXE - Highway Rider 7" (1980)


And finally, a late entry from '84 by Behemoth, about whom i know nothing, but this one kicks ass.
BEHEMOTH - Death Wings 7" (1984)



More tomorrow folks and again folks, please accept my apologies for the screw up.



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Mike said...

Thanks for the Urchin! Loving the NWOBHM uploads. It's really hard, probably even harder here in the US, to get a hold of anything that isn't Maiden, Raven, Samson, etc... the big names.

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to hear some great tunes.

Time Traveller said...

That's because back when these great sounds were being released we here in the states were being forcefed the Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby, and all that great MTV bullshit. The general population has no taste (according to my listening habits anyway) when it comes to music. Then too, some things sound better with age.

Glad you like the stuff we're posting!!!

Bigfoot Kit said...

Hi TT, back in the day we here in the uk were also being forcefed that self same crud you were namechecking there.
Really, Sounds (& Kerrang later), were the only music press covering the NWOBHM stuff. That and BBC Radio 1 had a 2 hour rock show once a week, presented by the late great Tommy Vance. These outlets were really the only way for folks to find out about the movement, which makes it even more remarkable that their music still managed to make the mark it did.
Quality will out eh?
I'll have some more NWOBHM for you later in the week, including the other URCHIN 7", "Black Leather Fantasy" (1977).
I've also finally got a decent copy of Strapps "Secret Damage", so i'll get that upped too!
Keep one eye on the in-tray!!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Kit,

You were still doing a bit better than we were. I only found out about this kind of stuff from a guy in the know that owned a record store and I'd hang there for hours being schooled in all the great music from punk to metal to psych & prog. If not for him, who knows what crap I'd be thinking I was enjoying right now. Tyler Hicks? (OH GOD NOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Eye is always on the inbox!!!


Sc!F! said...

thanx for the NWOBHM uploads. those are very hard to find. a request - could you upload the smaller files on depositfiles.com, please? i'm looking for these NWOBHM bands - Tygers of Pan Tang, Tank, A II Z, Praying Mantis, Quartz, Grim Reaper, Demon, Satan. thanx again.

Anonymous said...

great goodie oldies! - thanks mr. TT.
Any chance to find n post any simon stokes albums or lee michaels live?

all the best to u,

Time Traveller said...


You must be a mindreader--I am ripping a Simon Stokes as I read this to post tonight. Stay tuned.

I am digging out the Lee Michaels stuff I have but I don't think I have Live, just Space & First Takes & Carnival, his first which is kinda psychish (is that a word?)


Tygers of Pan Tang Best of is already here somewhere and Kit just posted some Quartz a few posts back. As far as Grim Reaper they are on several metal blogs and I try not to double post with other bloggers. Use the search feature at the top of any blogspot page and it shouldn't be too hard hard to find Steve and the boys.

I do have some Demon, Tank and many others that will get here sometime soon. And I may still have Court in the Act by Satan.

Bigfoot Kit said...

To Sc!F!
I realize it's a royal pain in the arse to d/l those small files if you're using the free d/l's from Rapidshare, 'coz you're then left waiting for an hour before you can d/l anything else.
I'm afraid it's a question of time, i don't have much to spare and Rapidshare is the quickest upload i've found. I did try depositfiles, and although i can d/l from them at a good speed, the upload crawled.
I have heard good things about mediafire however, so i might give that a go for upping smaller files.
I do sympathize!

Sc!F! said...

thanx dude. i found Grim Reaper. But i can't find "See you in hell" by them. All the links are either dead or forbidden. are you uploading any NWOBHM stuff this week?? thanx