Saturday, December 16, 2006

As the year draws nearer to closing.....

......I've been kind of reflective lately, maybe it's the drugs I have to take, maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's my age (I'll be 40 very soon). I know that may sound young to some of you but I'm feeling very old lately. I've always sort of made it a personal policy not to let politics(although I do go on a rant now and again on things that I feel strongly about) or my personal life bleed into this blog, which is supposed to be fun. And yes, it still is a shitload of fun for me. It is actually theraputic for me to do this, it is a joy to hear that so many good people out there share some of the same favorites I do. I appreciate the fact that maybe I made someone happy just by sharing something that means a lot to me. Weather or not it is immoral for me to do so, I want to continue to do so. And I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the support and encouragement to keep going. I've made several friends since starting this thing back in late February and even though it real time it's only a baby, in blog time it's outlived several of it's original inspirations and as long as you guys (and gals if you're out there) keep comin' back I'll keep throwin' this crap up for you to enjoy. But I want to try to keep it fresh and exciting, and am always open to new ideas and concepts. Feedback is always welcome, constructive criticism included, as long it's friendly. Thanks for reading and I will be shedding light upon why I write this as time goes on. Trust me it's not cryptic or anything. But for now, let me quote a band my kids love and I can actually tolerate, Smashmouth, and say "Fuck it let's rock!!!"

More ash, more ash, the folks sayeth in thine inbox and they have spoken. Several requests for this one and so, here it is
the almighty Ash with their 1977 headline. I like this album a lot but I still have that soft spot for the Turner brothers version of the band, no disrespect to Laurie who was a fine addition to the band. This is probably my favorite from this period. Period.

Sorry 'bout this sorry cover pic, but then again, it ain't no Roger Dean cover we're dealing with by a long shot. But the enthusiastic response for the other album made me go ahead and rip this one for today. More of the same and just as good as the other, here is the strangely titled In Spite of Harry's Toenail. Glad they didn't put a picture of that on the cover. But it's a great album In Spite of Gnidrolog's Title.

And yes, I've put this up before but it was inferior product dammit, and I love this pre-Alice Cooper 45 and this is the best sounding version I've heard of it. Wish they'd spruce the Nazz (Coop's not Rundgren's) 45 this way. Ah, if wishes were the lead singer of Lacuna Coil, I'd ride.........oops thinking in print again.

An old friend sent two 45's to me and said, try these on for NWOBHM size and I decided to. Maybe Kit can shed some light onto these (and I haven't forgotten that SOC album, Kit, it's coming next!!!). The first is by a band called Slander Thread and the next (no sleeve to be found) is by a band called Prowler. Both rock so if you want some metal, give 'em a shot.

Slander Thread - I See the Light EP

Prowler - Alcatraz/So Lonely

I already have a couple albums on the "fer sure" list for my next update, but I would like some help, so which of these would you like to see posted next? And don't just one or two of give me answers, tell me what you want!!!

Brownsville Station - Yeah!
UFO - Mechanix
Finch - Beyond Expression (not the Aussie Finch, but a prog band)
Budgie - In For the Kill
Hunger - Strictly From Hunger
Smoke - Carry On Your Idea (not the UK psych, but a US band on Uni from '69)
Terry Knight & the Pack - same (pre-Grand Funk)
XIT - Silent Warrior

or none of these and pick a write in.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the nwobhm stuff.

Dan Roberts said...

Definitely the Smoke album ... thanks!

arstider said...

Brownsville Station
Brownsville Station
Brownsville Station

It's been a long long time
since a heard them last....

Best wishes from Sweden

gordon said...

Ufo would be good.
Keep up the goodwork.

Anonymous said...

Wow,with any doubt,the Hunger album.There are a bunch of nice songs!!! Some years ago,my Akarma vinyl reissue was lost and I don´t know where is,a pity!!In Spain is not easy to find two times this kind of stuff,and buying vinyl it´s impossible.Will you post this album please??
A million thanks in advance.

rock of lamb said...


Thanks for The Spiders single...

rock of lamb said...


Thanks for The Spiders single...

Anonymous said...

please "Terry Knight and ...."

many thanx

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Please post Smoke & Terry Knight & The Pack. I have an addition request: Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek (1971 UK Heavy Prog). Would be glad if you could post these 3 albums.


Time Traveller said...

Aveek, a guy I trade with on the East Coast (US) sent me the Stonehouse Creek and I haven't even had a chance to listen to it or anything else he sent (19 other rare psych & garage albums) on it yet. So give me a few days and I'll get it up. I think it's a vinyl rip so I want to check it out b4 I post.

To everyone else I'm tallying the scores for a post late tonight or early tomorrow so keep the votes comin' in.

ogmonster said...

Some Brownsville Station would be cooooool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ash. I'd like to get There's the Rub if you have it. I only have that one on vinyl.

I vote for the UFO.

Bigfoot Kit said...

Howdy, and thanks for the NWOBHM stuff, i didn't have either of these!
Here's what i could find out about Prowler's single,

SRT Records
SRT 5KS 368


01. Alcatraz
02. So Lonely

Rob Philpotts (Guitar)
Chris Vye (Guitar)
Steve Philpotts (Drums)
Ian Morrison (Vocals,Bass)

This is the 2nd of two singles which they released. The first, "Forgotten Angels" came out on Pirate Records in 1983. They also released demos in '84 and '87.

As for Slander Thread, there appears to be some confusion over what their name actually is, your cover scan clearly says "Slander", but the label scan i found reads "Slender"!
See for yourself here:


It appears to be the same band, here's all i could find out.

Rock Records
MHMS 193

Line Up:

01. I see the light
02. Where is the beat?

Hope all this is of interest to someone, perhaps some buddy out there can shed some light on the name confusion?

bruce said...

do you have billion dollar babies axe? thanks Bruce

Bigfoot Kit said...

Billion Dollar Babies is one i've been keeping up my sleeve to get ripped & posted over the holidays.
I've got the 3cd ltd edition version which came out a few years back.
CD1-Original Album Remixed By Jack Richardson.
CD2-Original Demos
CD3-First Ever Live Show (Flint Michigan 1977)
If you hold on a couple of weeks, that'll make an appearance, it's nice to have stuff to look forward to.

Time Traveller said...

Hi Kit, Thanks for the info! I also got one called Twisted Ace but I swear I've seen it posted somewhere so I wanted to double check, especially since I double posted that Badger after you posted it, hell it's probably the same rip. I felt like such a dumbass! IJust another in a line of "not the first, won't be the last"s for me. Sorry bout that.
I couldn't find out anything about either band but I only did a quick search, so maybe with a little digging something might turn up.

And Bruce, I have the complete Billion Dollar Babies Battleaxe 3 CD set tucked away somewhere. I'll do some digging and see if I can't locate it. It's pretty cool, it has the whole album, all their demos and the only live show they recorded of the band.

Time Traveller said...

Kt, you must have posted that at the same time as me. I'll be very happy if you'd do the rip the on that one!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishbone Ash - Live Dates 2 would be incredible, but not sure that it has ever appeared on CD.

Any of the Paul Chapman UFO albums would be great especially the Wild, the Willing and The Innocent or Mechanix.


Bigfoot Kit said...

I look forward to the Twisted Ace single TT, here's all the info i could muster on that one:


TWISTED ACE - "Firebird" 7" (1981)
Heavy Metal Records

01. Firebird
02. I Won't Surrender

Jeff Lever (Vocals)
Phil Haywood (Guitar)
Steve James (Bass)
Jeff Berry (Drums)

Hope it's some help.

rick said...

UFO and any albums by Girl....thanks

JP Vérité said...

I never heard Brownsville Station but I read many years ago that it was a great album. So...
JP from France

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Glad to know that you have Stonehouse Creek. Possibly it has never appeared on CD & is very very very rare. Just seen an ebay auction result on end price is huge around 500 GBP. So, since you have it, please share in whatever form it is available with you. This album is too good (typical early '70s excellent British heavy progressive)

"For Anonymous Saturday, December 16, 2006 5:49:26 PM"

Wishbone Ash - Live Dates 2 never appeared on CD, but I have a very good remastered vinyl rip (on Audio CD) of it with customized CD covers (done from LP sleeves). If you are interested, leave a message here.


Robotic Arm said...

thanks so much for posting another gnidrolog. I've ben enjoying the lady lake album and i cant wait to hear this, despite the odd title. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys!!
My vote is for Mechanix and The Pack!!!
And Thanks so much for all this musik!!!

Anonymous said...

Love both sites!!! You are the Music Man!!! I'm a newbee to this.Request Please! If Possible?Caravan-Blind dog at St. Dunstans 1976,also any Bob Welch-Paris albums.I've searched everywhere,even for Lps. Also,the Brownsville Station would be cool!!! Thanks for the Thunder Mug!!! Thanks for your time!!! You Rock!!!

Sc!F! said...

thanks for the NWOBHM stuff friend. waiting for more of Tank, Budgie n Quartz.

Anonymous said...

Live Dates 2 by Wishbone Ash would be great.

Anonymous said...

Terry Knight & the Pack - same (pre-Grand Funk)///that cd would be awsome to hear..please post if you can..thanks alot.


logan1303 said...

My vote is for the pre Grand Funk group. I was just doing some reading on Grand Funk in Wikipedia and then saw your list (a cosmic coincidence?). I do like GFR and it would be interesting to hear where they came from. Thanks for all your work on this blog. I've learned a lot from it. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

i've been visiting your site for a little while...what a gold mine. Terry Knight and the pack would mean alot to me..also any more brownsville station....thanks, mickle from michigan

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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