Saturday, December 09, 2006

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I've posted these cats b-4, and gotten a good response, so here is my personal fave, Shredder. Cool hard rockin' mixed with the usual introspective hippy type ballads and it makes for a first rate mish mash of good ol' rock and roll.

Kinda psychy, kinda poppy and these guys do a few too many covers (not so much as on their first LP) but they do have a bit of originality and it shows as the covers aren't always your by the numbers ripoffs. I have the first but beat is a kind word to describe the condition so until the right one comes along enjoy this great period piece from Group Therapy. It's somewhere around 37 minutes long.

I was ripping this little gem the other day and I'll be damned if someone didn't request something by these biker-rock types. Crude and rude and 50 different different kinds of fun. Boogie hard rock from Simon Stokes who is still kicking around (at least last time I checked anyway, I recently got a CD of the man dueting with none other than Timothy Leary and one of him solo, and he was only gotten cruder with age). If you like no frills hard biker rock from the mid 70's give it a shot.

Here's the back, if it's readable your eyes are better than mine.

I'm not totallysure but I think I posted it before, but this is a much nicer rip at 256 and still my favorite Bloodrock LP. I remember listening to D.O.A. on my aunt's stereo back when that gruesome song was actually a hit and not realising what it was all about (did the same with Timothy by the Buoys). Hell, I was 5 folks. Cannabalism and plane crashes never even crossed my mind. All I ever thought was they were just cool songs and I still laugh when I think about asking what a mawhasue was when I first heard Bennie and the Jets. Ah, to be young again!

Got a request for some Demon and some Tygers of Pan Tang so here is the '87 LP from Demon (yeah late in the game but it's still a fantastic LP).

And here is the album nicknamed by many sell out from the those Tygers of Pan Tang. Great cover though. I personally like this album but it didn't happen overnight and when it came out I damn near threw it like a frizbee. I was already upset with Def Leppard for Pyromania after the brilliance that was High N Dry (Pete Willis was 20 times the guitarist Phil Collen ever was, but maybe , in hindsight, he did the right thing getting out when he did, Lep was cursed) and then TOPT comes out with what sounded at the time like a clone. But on further investigation and again, the years passing by, this one ain't so bad after all. Really the only clunker to my ears these days is that opening track that sounds like a record company ploy to make some moola. Just skip that one and you have a fairly rockin' affair here. Let's just say it's much better than Hysteria.

And now more brillant stuff from Big Foot Kit, another Strapps and several more NWOBHM singles including another Urchin.

STRAPPS - Secret Damage (1977)

with txt files and full custom cd artwork.

URCHIN - Black Leather Fantasy (1977)

more Iron Maiden related tomfoolery.

PARALEX - White Lightning EP (1980)

A rifftastic classic.

DEALER - Better Things To Do (1983)

As always thanks Kit!!!

And thanks to all have been visiting my other blog and clicking those ads. It really helps and my family and myself out.


Rob said...

Thanks a lot -been looking for that Simon Stokes lp for years!
Love the NWOBHM stuff too -never thought I'd get to hear so many of those rare singles!Great stuff!

Microdot said...

The Incredible Simon Stokes & the Black Whip Thrill Band

01. The Black Whip Thrill Band
02. The Devil Just Called My Name
03. Ride On Angel
04. The Wolf Pack Rides The Night
05. The Boa Constrictor Ate My Wife Last Night
06. Waltz For Jaded Lovers
07. If I Wanted To <-?(not 100% sure)****
08. Should Have Married Peggy Sue
09. She’s Got The Voodoo
10. Hot Summer’s Night In The City
11. Ballad Of Lennie And George


ogmonster said...

I gotta THANK YOU for all the great NWOBHM. I'm with Rob & I thought I would have a chance to hear this coooooool music.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! I have got that Paralex on white vinyl 12"! Think it's still at my parents' house tho. Criminal to not have it my own place but the wife would kill me! Bobbins.

Time Traveller said...

Thanks Microdot, I forgot to rename them!! My mind is gone these days. I need to give up drugs but my damn doctor keeps prescribing them for me!

Anonymous said...

Very fhanx for the "Group Therapy - 37 Minutes of Group Therapy " but it seems lost the track 6 "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby"...Could you kindly post this track .pre-thanx! I owned this album too but it damaged seriously to spin, and your post arouse me to remaind it. Please!

Time Traveller said...

Good lord. Maybe I better stop for awhile! I am fucking up way too much. I'll get the missing up later today, sorry all!!!


Time Traveller said...

Oh yeah, and Bobbins, your parents address is........?

Just kiddin'!

6070Rock !!!! said...

Heya TT, you are blowing up my mind, breakin all the rulz !!!


Anonymous said...

Goodness Cosmic Time Traveller! Very thanx for the pist of Group Therapy - 37 Minutes of Group Therapy's track 6 "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby"...

james from TAIWAN

Anonymous said...

Goodness Cosmic Time Traveller! Very thanx for the pOst of Group Therapy - 37 Minutes of Group Therapy's track 6 "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby"...

james from TAIWAN

Bigfoot Kit said...

The Simon Stokes album is GREAT!
Had never heard of him until now, must do my homework & find some more of his stuff.
That's another good 'un you pointed me at TT, one of many, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the Hard Water LP. I really enjoyed.
Happy new year!!!!!

BTW: Any chance you have Lost & Found "Everybody's Here"?