Monday, December 11, 2006

Apparently I just need to slow down and pay attention

And of course I couldn't just make a post with another track I forgot so here are a couple new things and Bigfoot Kit sent some albums that have been on my wish list for awhile to replace my beat to death originals.

First up here is missing track 6 from the Group Therapy album. Sorry again!

Here is an old 45 I was absolutely blown away by. If you like the hard Strawberry Alarm Clock stuff give this a try, these guys kinda sound like 'em but have some moves of their own. This pic over here is just something I found, it probably has nothing to do with this band. If you search around on the net there isn't a whole lot about them (they do have a page or two), but this single is circa 1967-8 and is great heavy psych and rarity in the fact that both sides are excellent.

And the other day when I was babbling on about songs I listened to as a kid and didn't really know what they were about, I casually mentioned these guys and I got an email asking if I had the album, which I do. So here in all of it's cannibalistic glory is Timothy plus all the other stuff they recorded (it's the Collectables CD). I read a great essay about how the song came to be by it's creator Rupert Holmes (yeah the Pina Colada song guy). The original goal was basically to get a song past the censors. And Timothy turned out to be the result. I still love it but since I know the story it's a bit creepy. Maybe it's even more intriguing because of it.

And from Kit, here's the aforementioned Crack the Sky LPs. I love these guys!!!

Crack The Sky - same (1st)

Crack The Sky - Animal Notes (1976)

Crack The Sky - Safety In Numbers (1978)

Full cd artwork & txt files in each rar. Thanks Kit, I am havin' a ball listening to these!!!!


Krautlover said...

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Time Traveller said...

I'll get you added to my links next update!!

coolanddeadly said...

The WCNG 45 is just great! Thank you.

ogmonster said...

TT...Thank you & Kit for the Crack the Sky. All I have is Live Sky '78 & Live '76. Can't wait to hear these LPs. \m/

Bigfoot Kit said...

Ogmonster, glad to be of assistance to you with the Crack The Sky stuff, you'll be glad to hear that there are some more CTS albums coming soon.
I haven't got Live Sky, i was wondering if there was any chance you could upload it for me?

Time Traveller said...

I believe I may have Live Sky (the one from '78 I think. If ogmonster can provide one I'm sure it would be a better rip but if not, I may try to work on my crummmy vinyl. I got all my CTS albums at one time at a thrift store and they looked (and sounded)like hell.

Time Traveller said...

By the way Kit, did you ever download the Arc album I have posted. It's heavily CTS related in that John Palumbo wrote or co-wrote most of the material and I think produced the album. It has a CTS vibe but sounds kind of like CTS throwaways. Still worthwhile if you are a fan.

Bigfoot Kit said...

Hi TT,
no, i didn't bother d/ling the Arc album, your comments actually put me off.
You're too honest to be a salesman my friend!

ogmonster said...

I never did this before. I thought it would be 2 parts and sorry for the size.

Crack The Sky - Live Sky '78
1) Hold On
2) Maybe I Can Fool Everybody
3) Lighten Up McCraw
4) She's A Dancer
5) Ice
6) Surf City
7) I Am The Walrus

track #1
track #2
track #3
track #4
track #5
track #6
track #7

Time Traveller said...

Thanks for the Live '78 Og!!

Kit, maybe I should try to find a job talking people out of buying things. Always looking for that niche that needs to be filled, ya know!!

I also found a later period CTS album I didn't know I had called From the Greenhouse, I may rip and post it in the near future. I only listened to it a couple times but if memory serves correctly (which is a 50/50 crapshoot at best) it wasn't too bad. I've pulled it out and plan on giving it a spin in the next day or so.

zab said...

Thanks for Safety In Numbers, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Crack The Sky among many other (weirder) bands due to having an older brother. I will always have fond memories of Animal Notes; I love that whole album.

bruce said...

if you go to the crack the sky homepage they have a bootlegg section full of great downloads

Bob Haldeman said...

*gasp* I've been wanting a copy of the Buoys album for a long time. Thanks

Walknthabass said...

Thanks Kit for the Crack The Sky!!

Got all these on vinyl but have not listened to them in years! Nice to hear them again!

Nicodemus Predominant said...

Wow, I was looking for Hawkwind's "Warrior on the Edge of Time", but I found a cache of classic Crack the Sky instead! When I started college in Baltimore in '82, my love of Crack the Sky is what led me to the group of friends I would hang out with for years to come. I had the albums long ago, and now I can have them again. Thanks! Oh, by the way, will you be putting up "Warrior on the Edge of Time"? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the interwebs. So many great blogs (krautlover, I'll be checking you out, I love krautrock, too!)

Time Traveller said...

Hey Nicko,

I might be able to help on that Hawkwind album. Lemmme check. Update comin' tonight or early tomorrow.


Bigfoot Kit said...

Ogmonster, many many thanks for upping "Live Sky", it's very much appreciated.
There'll be a couple more Crack The Sky albums up soon for your listening pleasure!

njjoe said...


Thanks for sharing Crack The Sky. I used to listen to those guys all the time. Excellent tunes!

Thanx again.


Nicodemus Predominant said...

Thanks a lot, Time Traveller! You do have impeccable, if somewhat obscure (or maybe it's impeccable BECAUSE it's so obscure) taste that I find very impressive. A few months ago I was looking online for Camel's "Snow Goose", and I only found it a week or so ago...on your blog. Now Crack the Sky AND Hawkwind's "Warrior on the Edge of Time"? It's an embarrassment of riches, my friend. You rock, and rock HARD. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it. And I only have dial up....

Bigfoot Kit said...

Re:Live Sky
Anyone got any idea how to turn aif files into wav or mp3 for the purpose of burning?
Winamp'll play the tracks in that format but Nero won't recognize aif's for burning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Crack the Sky stuff. I haven't heard some of them before. Very nice! Incidentally I used to be a big Hawkwind fan as a schoolboy (not so much now). In 1976 on the 'Astounding' tour they were supported by a band called Tiger featuring super-session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan (who also used to appear on 'Magpie' (U.K. kids TV magazine show). They made a few albums. I had one called 'Goin' Down Laughing' and it was excellent. Has anyone got it? All the best for 2007. - Titus Luxor

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

safety in numbers is a wonderful piece of art. i played the album to death after i bought it.

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