Sunday, May 21, 2006

Some requests filled and posts from friends

I cannot say thanks enough to everyone who helped out. I got more than I ever expected and please let me know if I can repay these great favors. Some of those albums on my list I have wanted to hear for several years or were albums that I had at one time and for whatever reason were lost or stolen (I've probably told the story a hundred times about when I moved into the house I am at, over 1000 of my CDs turned up missing). So anyways, thanks again and again. I will try my best to get some really great updates up this week for everyone here and at the other place too. Tonight's update isn't the greatest, but it's really not my fault. I found all these great albums and I've kinda been kickin' back and listening!!!!!!


By request from '67 is Bonzo Dog Band's Urban Spaceman.

I promised to get some Wackers up a long time ago and here finally is a vinyl rip of their '72 LP Hot Wacks. This one is kinda mellow but still has some fairly heavy moments. I am going to rip my personal fave, Shredder next. This one is in side long files so here is the track list: We Can Be/
Oh My Love /Wait And See/Do You Know The Reason/Breathe Easy/
Time Will Carry On /Maybe Tomorrow/Hot Wacks/Anytime , Anyday/
Find Your Own Way/Time Will Carry On ( Won't it)

I know next to nothing about this so here's some info from the prog archives. It is a four star album there! By request (again) and I hope this one came out okay!
(Studio Album, 1978)
Track listing
1. Ursitoarele (Fortune Tellers) (5:30)
2. Blana de urs (Bear's Fur) (4:00)
3. Mierea (The Honey) (4:28)
4. Pestera (The Cave) (4:10)
5. Epifania (Epiphany) (4:11)
6. Furtuna cu trup de balour (Dragon Shaped Storm) (4:53)
7. Cãlãtorul prin nori (Cloud Traveller) (6:26)
8. Kogaion (5:28)
9. Epilog (Epilogue) (3:00)
Bonus tracks:
10. Din nou acasã (Home Again) (4:37)
11. Scufita Rosie (Little Red Riding Hood) (3:01)
12. Fetele albine (Bee-Girls) (2:51)
13. Zmeul (The Kite) (2:43)
Total Time: 55:18
- Dan Andrei Aldea / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Corneliu Bibi Ionescu / bass
- Nicolae Enache / keyboards
- Mihai Cernea / drums
Releases information
LP Electrecord ELCD 135 (1978)

And yet another request, Rare Earth's LP Ecology from 1970.

Another zany one by request is Keith Moon's 1975 LP Two Sides of the Moon. Some covers are included and you only get the topside of the Loon in them. To many that is a blessing.


Some links from friends: From Bruce:

above is japanese psych band the jacks. it contains both their lps "another world" and "super sessions" plus a couple bonus. these are Wma.

Above is the 1970 German band. mp3.

Above is Aunt Mary's LP Loaded. mp3.

Genesis - 1992 - Live The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)
from eriktheviking:

The above is the good Genesis stuff!


RYP said...

bonzos spaceman is a reissue of the original "tadpoles"

Time Traveller said...

Good to know. I didn't have either!

Thanks for the info!

Time Traveller said...

Until I got this one, I meant!

Anonymous said...

the cover of Sfinx is not from Zalmoxe but from The Blue Album

dirt sleeze said...

I can hook you up with some more Rare Earth if you want...

rocknrollsteve at gmail dot com


Bruce said...

thanks for the rare earth and others, bruce

Time Traveller said...

Hey dirt - Tried to email you, it bounced back. I would love a few Rare Earth's. I have In Concert, Ma, Ecology (obviously), Very Best of ('98 Motown release) and the Millenium Collection from 2001. Any others would be real nice!


Papa Bear said...

The Wackers! Ye gods, I used to have one of their lighter albums -- some excellent music. I did at some point get hold of Hot Wacks but have no idea what the devil I did with it....

Anonymous said...

Hallo my Friend!
I hardly miss this fine Record from Rare Earth - Ecology. Could you reupload it again,please? Many Thanks!