Friday, May 05, 2006

Paul Carrack & ex - Blossom Toes

An early turn by Paul Carrack as keyboardist (no lead vocals) on this very Canterbury sounding rarity that I have been promising for quite awhile now. It's ripped from vinyl at 256k and there are a few pops and cracks here and there but it sounds pretty nice. It's kinda jazzy, sometimes a bit bluesy, and sometimes a bit proggy. This is the first of 2 Warm Dust Lps (and I don't have the other) called And It Came To Pass.

A rare find a few days ago and I remember somebody somewhere requesting it a while back.
This is basically Blossom Toes (and if you could see the back cover the guys are standing near a pile of trash, inside one of the trash bags is the We Are Ever So Clean album by B.Toes) in a more hard rock guise (at least a few tracks). I haven't heard it enough to really pass judgment on it, but it was in decent shape so I just ripped it. The rip is side one/side two because all the tracks segued together. They are listed to the left on the cover in correct order. BB Blunder - Worker's Playtime.

Not much today but these vinyl rips take more time to do. I will be back tomorrow with the 1st White Witch and a few surprises.


dtfloyd said...

bryon you're great!!!
thanks for the warm dust, a group i want to listen since a long time!!

Aveek from India said...

Awsome, thanks Bryon! The vinyl sound is very nostalgic although I'm just 28 & so, not exactly from the vinyl era!!! You did a nice job in cleaning. Thanks a lot.


Time Traveller said...

You're both very welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories - their third album was on a german label "BASF records". the second one "Peace For Our Time" is the better in my opinion.

herr k. *totally fuzzy*

Papa Bear said...

!!!I've been looking for this. There were other Warm Dust albums as well.

Know who I'd love to see pop up? Eyes Of Blue, especially In Fields Of Ardath.

Thanks for this, though...!

Donno said...

I think it was me asking for BB Blunder a while back on GroovyFab, so an absolutely massive thankyou for posting it!! It's a great album if a little disjointed in style. It features Julie Driscoll on backing vocals and she is the brassy barmaid featured on the cover. Brian Godding and Kevin Westlake would join her in Tippetts massive Centipede venture. Westlake and Belshaw both played in Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance at different times and Westlake managed a single solo album, Belshaw briefly played with Blue Cheer before retiring from music and becoming a policeman. Godding joined Magma for a single album on guitar before concentrating on a carreer devoted to more jazzy outings including many years with Mike Westbrook.
Thanks again for a great share, it made my day!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Donno--thought it was you, but I wasn't absolutely sure and everytime I went over to groovy fab to check, I got involved downloading or in some conversation (short attention span) but glad I found it and made your day.