Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just a couple for tonight and coming attractions.....

A request from over at the groovy fab forum that I thought fit here perfectly. A freaky noise-ladden first LP from Lothar and the Hand People called Presenting...... Looks like high school yearbook phots on the cover!!! These freaky guys do a wild version of Bye Bye Love by the Everlys, plus tons of originals. I think the vocals on Machines have a Beatlesque quality at times, but the real freakout song has gotta be Kids Are Little People which is Devo 10 years too early. Anyways this is a cool LP from a time when record companies would give damn near anything a shot (AKA:the GOOD old days) and this qualifies as anything, but I think there is some real talent in these grooves. Looking for their second album (hint hint) if anyone has it.

1 Machines
2 This Is It
3 This May Be Goodbye
4 That's Another Story
5 Kids Are Little People
6 Ha (Ho)
7 Sex and Violence
8 Bye Bye Love
9 Milkweed Love
10 You Won't Be Lonely
11 The Woody Woodpecker Song
12 It Comes on Anyhow
13 Paul, in Love
14 Have Mercy [*]
15 Let the Boy Pretend [*]
16 L-O-V-E (Ask for It by Name) [*]
17 Rose Colored Glasses [*]
18 Every Single Word [*]
19 Comic Strip [*]

[*] CD bonus tracks


Here's one I ripped from vinyl (and it was in pretty bad shape too). I came out alright if anyone wants it. Cool cross between bubblegum and garage rock. Beg Borrow & Steal by the Ohio Express released in 1968 on Cameo records.

1 Beg, Borrow and Steal
2 And It's True
3 Had to Be Me
4 Let Go
5 Soul Struttin'
6 Try It
7 I Know We'll Be Together
8 I Find I Think of You
9 Stop Take a Look Around
10 Hard Times
11 It's Too Groovy



I have finally dug out some of my older albums that have been boxed up for quite awhile and found some more requests I've had over time so coming tomorrow or the next day are the following: Neil Merryweather - Word of Mouth and Space Rangers, Rex - same (AKA the Red album), Gaa, Second Life, Happy the Man - Crafty Hands, the Wackers - Hot Wacks and more.


alank said...

thanks for lothar and his peeps. i had a chance to get this some time ago and didn't for some reason. i did notice that importing into itunes lists ohio express - bbs as the album title though.

Time Traveller said...

Yeah I had space left on my Lothar disk, so the tags are messed up, but i checked them. It's all the right music

Anonymous said...


i wanna thank you for the Warm Dust vinyl rip, cause i can´t rip mine. After that i decided to buy Warm Dust on CD.

Warm Dust - Peace For Our Time (1971) / Warm-Dust (1972) (on 1 CD)

Warm Dust - And It Came To pass (1970)

no pw - if you can´t unzip use stuffit expander (free).

you may post it in your blog or leave it here in the comments.


herr k.

MacMan said...

The Ohio Express LP is great! I only knew their wonderful Top 40 singles, but the LP is well worth listening to. Thanks!

Time Traveller said...

Glad you liked it macman!

chemicalmat said...

Hello, I'm french so I'm sorry for my english "language"

Could you re-upload the Lothar and the Hand People's album please ?
it's very important

You can just re-upload him and write the link in the article :)

please please!!

thank you

cheers !

napsmear said...

Man a repost of this would be great......i know its been a year but..


Anonymous said...

Lothar and The Hand People! Hehe. Awesome. Any chance of a reupload?