Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh God, here we go again!!!!!!!

Well my last posting was certainly as popular as a dog turd on white carpet, so hopefully I've chosen some better material for your dancing and dining pleasure today!!! Well they made one or two people happy so I guess it's okay. Well people I'm batting about .000 on those requests so I guess I'll have to go back to the archives today. The albums I promised I'd rip are coming along it's just hard to do anything else while I'm doing that (stand alone burner woes) so gimme a couple more days.

Here is a great album from Quicksilver Messenger Service, their follow up to Happy Trails entitled Shady Grove. A classy West Coast LP if there ever was one.

Triumvirat - Illusions on A Double Dimple. My second favorite LP from these proggers (Spartacus is my fave). The cover also asks that age old question: Which came first the mouse or the egg? I don't know the answer and I also wonder, what in the hell does it have to do with Illusions on a Double Dimple? What are Illusions on a Double Dimple? Aah forget it, just listen to the album and thrill to some great progressive gems.

For you guys and gals into something a bit heavier (just a bit, this ain't Slayer) here is my second favorite band that isn't the Allman Brothers on Capricorn records(my first is Capt. Beyond) White Witch with their second satanic looking LP "A Spiritual Greeting". It all sounds real innocent to me, in fact some of the songs start out almost bubllegummy and then progress to a harder rock sound. Love that southern sounding lead guitar on a few of the tracks but I don't really think this sounds southern at all otherwise (Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone reviewer at one time sez they are but he also thinks rap music is rock n roll's saving grace so whadafuk does he know). I just liked it the first time I heard it and even a couple times after the first too.

Overseas blues rock always seems to be heavier than anything the states produced. Livin' Blues, Ten Years After, Krokodil, Cream all blasted their blues with a shot of hard rock that I always found preferable to the guys who stuck closer to the original sounds.This band here is no exception and this 90's compilation of their early 70's stuff is fun stuff indeed. My tags on this say Junior's Waiting (cuz that's what I thought it was called for a long tiime) but Junior's Wailing fits it much better!!! Smokin' hot blues rock from the UK!

And last for today, a mellow yet great album from the mainmen of the Moodies, Justin Hayward & John Lodge. I've always loved this album's beautiful melodies and uplifting harmonies. Sweet sounds to wind down when you need to. I din't have covers fro this but if you want there is a link below to get some.


Thanks for checking out my site and my other site too (as always click that little box at the top of the other site, my family and I thank you for doing it). Over there I've recently posted Mahavishnu Orchestra, Plastic Ono Band, Journey (the proggy stuff), Fotheringay, Robin Trower and Slade.
It's the first link in my list o' links below.


John said...

Excellent site... I'm not sure if this is where we post requests, but I'd love to get more Hawkwind (In Search of Space in particular), or any space rock bands that sound like them from that period.

Time Traveller said...

Thanks John! Look for it tonight or tomorrow unless I find it posted elsewhere. If I do I'll let you know here.

BTW-Lotsa space rock bands out there, but none I know of sound like the mighty 'Wind. If you can give some specific names I may be able to help out, but my luck has been pretty crappy lately. :)


alank said...

stumbled onto your blog somehow ...
ezhevika or groovy fab or someone else. looks like you have alot of great posts. don't think we don't appreciate you if we don't comment...too busy trying to DL and listen to all the great music out here. Thanks for what you have put up ... i'll be back !

HDN said...
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dtfloyd said...

thank you very much for the Quicksilver's album
Triumvirat is a good german prog band, better than all the critics can say
they are more of only a Emerson,Lake and Palmer copy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the QMS, which was the first album I ever bought back in my high school days. Loved "Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tasteful selections. i appreciate your live blog also!

herr k. from *totally fuzzy*

Anonymous said...

I've just started downloading the Hayward / Lodge album. This was one of my favourite "moodies" LPs.



Anonymous said...

Thanx for White Witch man!

Aveek from India said...

Thanks a lot for the White Witch LP. Could you please please post their first self-tilted LP? I'm waiting for that one as I'll burn both the albums on a single CD!!!

And yes, I'd request Warm Dust & Rhinoceros too if you are not hard pressed with time. Thanks for your suppost.


Time Traveller said...

Sure I can do the 1st album from White Witch. I finished Warm Dust a few minutes ago and it will be up tonight. Still no luck on Rhinocerus, I may have been dreaming I had it, but I listened to brain is too fried!

And thanks everyone for your kind comments!

bloozer said...

Thanks for 'Blue Jays'. But can't seem to download the artwork. There are some good CD inlay scans here, though:

Anonymous said...

As usual a great selection. I've always like Triumvirat. Their "Old Loves Die Hard" is a great album too.
If you're searching through a bargain bin you might find "Mandrake Memorial", a Philadelphia band.The record execs thought they'd be oh so hip by naming the record label "Poppy." After you finish cringing, the album is really a good one.

mulungo said...

Tks for all great music
i´ll be waiting for Spartacus and Mediterranean Tales (Across the Water)