Monday, May 29, 2006

What a weekend!!!

For the sake of my health they need to outlaw three day weekends. My family comes to town and they completely wipe me out. Eveytime I tried to get on the computer they turned into the world's most interested pains in the ass. "Whaddaya doin' there?" "Is that a blog ya got goin' there?" "Boy I sure would like to learn how to do that." "Is it hard?" "Well actually Uncle Bozo, it's not real hard unless you have TEN PEOPLE STANDING AROUND YOU ASKING YOU STUPID FUCKING QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!" But anyways I love my family and I don't get to see them that often so that outburst never actually happened (except in my mind once or twice). So hence the lack of updates for the last few days. So I guess I got work to do.

First we have one that is probably posted elsewhere but since I couldn't find it, here is the 1968 Zombie swan song. It was supposed to be the 30th anniversary edition (but alas, I got it from p2p a few years ago and never bothered finding out that the 30th Anniversary edition was supposed to be both the stereo and mono versions + some bonuses. This is only the stereo edition, I guess, but with an album this great, so what. It is a request from Dirt, who has really made my weekend with a ton of cool stuff, much of it I will share with you guys below.

Here are the first 2 LPs from Belguim band Recreation. The self titled from 1970 and Music or Not Music from 1972.
The prog archives calls it keyboard led instrumental prog somewhere between Canterbury and symphonic prog with JP Falaise as a superb leader. Who can argue with that?

Here's a great one from '75. Robert Wyatt's Ruth is Stranger Than Richard. Again, I'll let the archives speak for me as they are much more eloquent.

The former leader of both Soft Machine and Matching Mole is accompanied by a stellar team with some songs co-written by the Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, Soft Machine's Hugh Hopper and Henry Cow's Fred Frith, while Pink Floyd's Nick Mason produces one of the tracks and Brian Eno also guesting. The first two tracks are fun but not really what one expects from a prog artist. Soup Song is a nice progressive blues tune while Sonia is a jazz-inflected reggae instrumental originally written by Mongezi Feza, who plays trumpet on this album. A real highlight then follows in the brilliant Team Spirit, which is jazzy prog guaranteed to warm the cockles. It's followed by a cover of Charlie Haden' Song For Che which is a jazzy mournful march. The three segments of Muddy Mouse are a typical Soft Machine meets Henry Cow experience marrying Wyatt's high pitched vocals with Frith's complicated modern classical sensibilities. These songs frame three of the best pieces on the album. Solar Flares is a driving jazz-rock number, 5 Black Notes and 1 White Note is a melancholy, haunting affair that sees Wyatt expanding on classical composer Jacques Offenbach's Baccarole and Muddy Mouth is an intriguing piece ... although I'm not really a fan of Wyatt's attempt to give his vocals a wah-wah effect.

This is from the '99 Hannibal/Ryko reissue BTW.

Here's Burnin' Red Ivanhoe's self titled 3rd LP from 1971 (or '70 depending on who you believe, or if you care). Smokin' stuff here!!

Excellent Danish progressive with tinges of jazz, which was later even more evident when two of the members formed Secret Oyster. A variety of instruments are used, including violin, flute, trombone, and sax, in addition to the regular fare of guitars, keys, etc. For the most part, they sound like Denmark's answer to Wigwam and Soft Machine. Great interplay between all the instruments.

Analogy - same . German prog from 1972. Cool stuff.


And now some cool stuff from Dirt:

AEROSMITH - Get Your Wings (quad): (some of the songs have completely different mixes, a real interesting listen. TT-)

PETER GABRIEL - Peter Gabriel (melting face cover, german vocals):
(the third LP Games Without Frontiers, Biko, et al TT-)


PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon (vinyl, quad mix):

Two files, side one and side two.


THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper's...(vinyl, uk, mono):

Since it was a british pressing it has "The Nonsense" at the end
of side two...I let it run for 30 seconds or so.


Garage comp from the Pacific Northwest. Mid-60s killers.
Kingsmen, Don & the Goodtimes, Paul Revere & The Raiders,
LIVERPOOL FIVE - Arrive (mono, vinyl):
DAVE EDMUNDS - Rockpile (from CD):


PINK FLOYD - "Saucerful Of Secrets" (MONO MIX):

Unreleased on CD...should have gotten the same treatment
as the mono "Piper". Whoever did this one did a nice job
on the wasn't me.

Thanks Dirt for all the above, and he says more is coming so stay tuned.

And over at the "other" blog, some cool Stones shows and more Zappa, along with a few other surprises!!!


jessica said...


Liked the music a lot.

if you were to choose, you would rather be:
a. taxicab
b. anything
c. pinoy
d. a movie
e. a rumor

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Great blog you have !

Just some details about Burnin' Red Ivanhoe for those who care :
This 3rd LP is titled "6 elefantskovcikadeviser" (1971) and the present picture is from the s/t of 1970.

Greetings from France


musicgnome said...

LMAO! Thanks for the laugh...needed that.

Great Blog and thanks for everything.

moosedoggy said...

Fantastic blog- among the very best!

Speaking of MONO mixes- d'you have the Piper at the Gates of Dawn in MONO? Also, I've always wanted to hear the entire Beatles White Album in the mono mix- it's supposedly much different.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who requested Sniff n the tears and The Rockets. I also forgot to ask, do you have Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street? Have been looking for that for some time now. Thanks. keep up the good work.

Time Traveller said...

Hi -- I have the Sniffn and the Rockets queued and ready to rip, as I mentioned some things got outta control over the past couple weeks, I will get those up real soon. I think I just saw a best of Gerry Rafferty on a blog a couple days ago. If I can come up with it, I will give you the link.

Time Traveller said...

Here is is:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link. will get that right this minute.

dave said...

Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!
I used to listen to Burnin'Red Ivanhoe on John Peel's Saturday afternoon show on Radio 1 : such fond memories...I have the first elpee but I think they also released a double and I'm still trying to track that one down....thanks again.

KiDG said...

There's something wrong with track 10 off the Sgt Peppers mono. The file seems to be non-supported format although on the screen I can see it as an mp3 file. Can't play or rename it.

Anonymous said...

Umm..all the 'cool links' from Dirt has been removed. Man....I was looking forward to the mono & quad mixes. oh well...

Anonymous said...

unfortunately the Burnin Red Ivanhoe self titled album is deleted.
can you reupp?

ozzy_tom said...

Could you reupload: Recreation - "Recreation/Music Or Not Music"? Because the link is dead now:-(.