Monday, May 22, 2006

Some old, some Neu.......

One of the harder to find Rare Bird albums (at least it was for me) from 1974. It's called Born Again and is pretty good stuff.

I posted this quite awhile ago somewhere else, I forgot to post it here to, so why not. It fits nicely here. It's Fairport Convention's 1st.

From 1971, another rare Vertigo album, Still Life's self titled LP.

Another one I posted a long time ago elsewhere and put the link here. The Incredible String Band's album the Big Huge.

And a cool early journey into the sounds of industrialism with members of Kraftwerk and other Krautrockers. Neu was released on Billingsgate records in the states in 1973. Weird, strange and lots of fun!!!!

Enjoy and sorry for the lack of annotation this evening. I'm really asleep as I'm typing this. I've been jamming to all the groovy new tunes I've gotten in the last few days and I am loving every minute of it, but it doesn't leave time for much else. But I wouldn't trade a second of it because I'm having more fun than a person should be allowed too!!!!


dtfloyd said...

thank you very much for the Neu! albums
and for still life, i'll listen it in the next day!

freyli said...

Hi bryons,

I sent you an e-mail with quite a few items of your list I can provide. I´m afraid something went wrong with that. If it didn´t reach you please drop me a short mail at

Btw - there are a lot more Eloy albums if you are interested...

Miss F said...

thanks for the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT post.(last May 11) ^^ I have heard this in Record Brother's blog and was amused with the song by Tiny Tim. (whose fantastic album may be downloaded at Lellebelle blog)

anyway I disc0vered your blog thru a link in "Nau Pyrata". your blog is very nice... so many weird unheard-of stuff (at least for me) to choose from. thanks a lot and greetings from the warm beaches of the Philippines~~~~