Thursday, May 11, 2006

Learning as I go along....

First off, with my apologies for taking so long, here is the missing track from the Hawkwind album along with some covers I've found for it. I've been ripping vinyl like a mad dog and haven't had time for much else. Give me a turntable and I'm a happy guy.

And from a weird little movie made in 1968 by Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul & Mary we have the acid dripping soundtrack which contains the strangest track you'll ever hear Paul Butterfield sing on, the moog and keyboard stylings of John Simon, Tiny Tim backed by the Band on covers of Ronettes and Sonny & Cher tunes, and the freakout song from Mike Bloomfield & the Electric Flag. Interesting stuff. CD is long outta print (and why was it released on CD in the first place, what did the LP sell, like 25 copies?).

1. Teenage Fair
John Simon
2.Moments of Soft Persuasion
Peter Yarrow
3.Silly Girl
Peter Yarrow
4.Desert Moog Music
John Simon
5.Be My Baby
Tiny Tim w/the Hawks (the Band)
6.the Family Dog
John Herold
7.the Nude Dance
El Din
8.My Name Is Jack
John Simon
9.I Got You Babe
Tiny Tim & the Hawks (the Band)
10.You Are What You Eat
Paul Butterfield
11.Beach Music
John Simon
John Simon/Peter Yarrow
13.Don't Remind Me Now of Time
John Simon/Peter Yarrow
14.Painting for Freakout
John Simon
John Simon & The Electric Flag

Soundtrack Album - You Are What You Eat - 1968 - Columbia OS-3240


And finally, a request filled for a patient soul of the group Rex's 1st album, Rex. It was released in 1976 and is amazingly good. Midwest hard rock as solid as anything else put out around this time, I think it could stand up to Montrose, Nugent or any of those nameless hard rock bands in '76. If you liked the Silverhead albums ChrisGoesRock posted, try this, I doubt it will disappoint, just try to forget the guy singing 3 years later put out that teenybopper tear jerker "You Take My Breath Away" and then starred in the Pirates of Pensance (sp?).

Over at the other place very soon:

Zappa (w/Belew), ZZ Top and Leon Russell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Rex. I remember Rex Smith starring in the tv-show "Streethawk" which was quite fun at the time.

Koen said...

Thanx for the YAWYE album, haven't listened to it yet, but it looks..., well, WEIRD!

Time Traveller said...

Looks do not deceive on this one!

Anonymous said...


Found your site today and I think it will be one I come back to often. I can't see how to send you emails other than commenting on an album, so I picked the T-Rex comment.
I downloaded the "You are what you eat" album today because this is indeed a rarity and sounds like it might be the sort of stuff I like. Can I just ask a question please. Were these files created from a vinyl burn or a CD ?

Anthony Harland
Neath, UK