Saturday, May 06, 2006

the Other White Witch

Here's the 1st White Witch album by request.
Not much different than the other one, maybe a bit more sinister.

And a couple I posted other places--

Artful Dodger - Honor Among Thieves. Their 1976 Columbia LP at 320k. Basic no frills hard rock. LINK FIXED!!!!!!!

And Dire Straits first @320k.



Denis said...

Thanks you so much for that great discovery. The second Withe Witch is a forgotten masterpiece. A very original sound and really a certain "southern feel" in the guitar playing. Great stuff really.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you caught this or not, but you posted the White Witch twice--you accidentally posted it under the link for the Artful Dodger lp. Could you please fix that? I have been looking for Artful Dodger stuff forever! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

the link for Artful dodger is the same for white witch.

wojtek said...

Hey, thanx for the fantastic BB Blunder LP. Speaking of the post Blossom Toes bands - do you have any of the Stud albums? As far as I know they recorded 2 studio LPs and the live one. I have the first (but it is vinyl and in a very bad condition) for me it is one of the best progressive albums ever made! can you help with the other 2? (and the 1st one in better condition)
Best wishes,

Keith said...

Artful Dodger link is actually a copy of the White Witch link. Would love to have the Artful Dodger link posted (first album also if available) Thanks for the shares. They are really appreciated.

Aveek from India said...

Wow! Thanks for your quick response for the first White Witch LP. Downloaded it & enjoyed! Thanks so much, Bryon! Would love to see some Stud albums on your blog. Also, if you have the Haze album Hazecolour-Dia (German heavy psych-prog rock), please share that also.

Time Traveller said...

Link to Artful Dodger is fixed. Sorry about that!!

Wojtec and Aveek - Sorry no Stud albums. No Haze either.

KC said...

thanks for the artful dodger correction.

Jambo said...

Here is the link to the White Witch main web page as of 7-7-2007!
Lots of WW info past & current!'s champagne to you!!


Scion said...

Hi guys - quick correction here.

This is the FIRST White Witch album. Their second (and final) album is "A Spiritual Greeting."
I was lucky enough to see this band twice live in small clubs in South Carolina - one, "The Coachman" - in a very small town; the other was "Zorba's" by Francis Marion college - it subsequently burned down. :-(
They were great and very theatrical - lots of props a la Alice Cooper.
Ronn Goedert put out a solo lp called "Breaking All The Rules" - which I stupidly never bought at the time.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to reup the Artful Dodger. Diggin the White Witch!

Anonymous said...

Please remove the RapidShare link and file for your upload of Artful Dodger's "Honor Among Thieves" album.
Furthermore, please do not upload any of the band's other album releases (debut, "Honor Among Thieves", "Babes On Broadway" and "Rave On"), live material, or solo material. This material is still protected by active US and International copyrights held by SONY, SONG/BMG, and the individual band members (respectively).

Per Billy Paliselli (Artful Dodger Lead Vocals/Songwriter):

"I will aggressively use all legal means at my disposal to stop the unauthorized marketing and distribution of copyrighted material, belonging to me or Artful Dodger et al. It is theft...pure and simple it will not be tolerated and is never justifiable.

We have had numerous instances of people trying to sell copies of these files on EBAY, and while your posting of Artful Dodger's music may be an attempt to honor them, in the end, it ends up hurting them and their attempt to get their music reissued properly.

Thank you for your cooperation!