Friday, May 12, 2006

More goodies......

Moonrakers - Together With Him. Released in 1969 on Shamely a subsidiary of Uni records.
Tracks are listed in comments thanks to a helpful person, and please read the comment I wrote right after that post.) This is an album I ripped to CD a few years back and I cannot find the paper I wrote the song titles down on. And this album ranks highly on list of favorites. A musical link between Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf, if you can believe that (at least those are the 2 bands I hear comparisons to). Also a heavy Christian theme throughout.But at least there's some claims to fame from this album-some of these guys went on to form Sugarloaf.

Here's a cool link for more info (but no damn songtitles): (also cool links to info about related bands and some cool radio spots.

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I found this album at a flea market in a fifty cent bin. Of course my brain was filled with Kiss and Deep Purple at the time so when I gave this a spin I couldn't really grab the vibe (although my friend and I used to put on the song "Kissy Face" and laugh our asses off). So I took this to the record store and traded it, probably for more Kiss or Peter Frampton stuff (God, I wish I had kept it!!!!!!). Years later, I knew I had to have it again and found it on CD with bonus tracks (the bonus tracks are just alternative mixes, but .....) . Now that I can appreciate this material, I just have to say this is one fabulous album. Great late 60's U.S. psych at it's best--the Maze Armageddom.

Minotaurus - Fly Away. 1977. More nice progressive stuff from Germany. Not really a fave but I figured some of you might enjoy this.

Electric Sandwich - 1972 self titled prog jazz from Germany. Great cover too!!!

Demon Thor - Written In the Sky 1974. Yet more prog jazz from Germany. Nice lenghty tracks and great musicians.

And finally back to the U.S. for 1971's Tripsichord Music Box. Their lone album is a little late in the game for this kind music, which is West Coast vibe stuff kinda like the Dead and (especially) Jefferson Airplane and a little Quicksilver thrown in for good measure. Fairly rare LP but I guess since it's time had passed before it got released it must have just slipped into the void. Nice psych well worth checking into, in my opinion.


I am still working on vinyl and will get the stuff I promised ASAP, except for the Space Rangers by Neil Merryweather which was just way too beat. I spent way too much on my new stylus to attempt anything really beat, but the rest is coming very soon.

Have fun and as always, enjoy!!!!!!


Giamba said...

Here is the tracklist I have for the MOONRAKERS record:

Talk To The Soldier's Son
He Knows Why
Not Hidin' Anymore
He's A Comin' My Lord
The Pot Starts To Boil
No Number To Call
Look Outside At The Sun
Take A Friend
Love Train
Find Me
Together With Him

Hope it's correct, bye!


Time Traveller said...


For those of you that want to tag the LP, you'll note there are only 10 tracks. For some reason track 4 is He's A Comin' My Lord and the Pot Starts to Boil. The track needs split. I must have had to walk away for the stereo and missed the song change or something.

And thanks tjani for that info!!!!

bruce said...

moonrakers is a good lp i had it a long time ago. good to hear it again. tnx, Bruce

Anonymous said...

heres a few requests if you have any, it would be great.
asterix--same (1970)
Birth Control--any
Electric Food--same, Flash
Flying Squad--same
Hard Stuff-bullet proof
Legs Diamond--any
Hustler--high street, play loud

thanks. what a great blog!!

Time Traveller said...

I think I can help ya---

For sure I have:a few Birth Control albums, Hustler - Play Loud,and 1 or 2 Legs Diamond Lps.

I think I have Asterix, Electric Food - same,I will check on those two.

Keep checking back as I have a few other requests I am bit behind on, so it may be a few days but I'll get em up here!

dtfloyd said...

great post today bryons!!
just a question: why the informations for armaggedon say Chocolate Watchband "the inner mystic"
thank you

Time Traveller said...

Hi dtfloyd,

I had burned a CD that had the Maze and Chocolate Watchband both on it. When I ripped the CD I had a folder created for the Chocolate Watchband also, and when my ripper rips files to a folder it tags them with that folder name. Chocoreve has the Watchband album posted already so I ended up deleted that file. But you will see that from time to time when I rip mp3s from a CD with 2 or more different band's LPs on them.

I hope that made sense.


dtfloyd said...

hello bryons!
thanks for the answer
i listen the armageddon's album, it's exellent particulary the bonus track version of whispering shadows and dejected soul
thank you very much

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

The Asterix album is already posted in Btw, what are the sources of the albums you post on your blog? LPs or CDs?

Anyway, in the comment section of your earlier post 'Warm Dust Revisited', I requested for the
T2- Fantasy album & one of the guys have generously uploaded the album. The link is:



Time Traveller said...

Hi Aveek,

Thanks for the heads up on that T2 I'm going to move to the frontpage in today's post. I really should go back and check the previous posts comments sometimes!!

My sources for my stuff varies, I try to do CD as much as possible, but I'm not able to buy those limited CDs too often at 20 bucks+ a pop so a lot of my stuff ends up being of the vinyl variety. A CD store in my city went out of business a few years ago and I got a lot of the prog stuff on discs for a real good deal, but those deals don't happen too often. But I grew up listening to vinyl so a few pops and cracks here and there don't bother me at all, as long as I can enjoy the music over them!


One Bite said...

Do you have LP from the band called Euphoria.Not Capitol Euphoria but Heritage Corp. That one where Tom Pacheco had played?

neil said...

A particular thanks for the Moonrakers & the Maze : I've been searching for these ones for long, now I can hear them thanks to you.