Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Warm Dust revisited

In the comments section for the Lothar/Ohio Express there are new links to Warm Dust from herr k. Thanks to him!! These are from CD. No passwords.

Warm Dust - Peace For Our Time (1971) / Warm-Dust -And it came to Pass(1972) (on 1 CD)






Time Traveller said...

I was getting a blank screen but this seems to have fixed it. Weird, strange, bizarre, uncanny.

dtfloyd said...

thank you for the post and thanks to the original poster!!!
the two albums are exellent!
your blog is exellent!

Aveek from India said...

Wow! This is a real gift for me. I now own all 3 Warm Dust LPs. Excellent. Thanks, Bryon! Do you have the album T2 - Fantasy (UK heavy prog-rock)? Could anyone please help me? I'm dying for this album.


Time Traveller said...

Sorry only have the Boomland album.I'd like to hear the Fantasy album too.

Aveek from India said...

Something from India - vintage heavy rock from one of the best bands of India called Indus Creed (earlier Rock Machine)who even did a few MTV videos. Very rare & saught-after. I've seen them live 5 times & they're awesome. This link contains all 3 albums in full. The link is:


Click on the title of each track & download them. All 3 albums are good, but the first one Rock 'N' Roll Renegade is the best. The title track & Top Of The Rock are real classics. Awesome!

Download & burn them on CD-Rs & enjoy. Let me know how you've liked them.


Time Traveller said...

Interesting stuff Aveek. Some of it was kind of on the pop side a bit, but for me that's not a problem. They remind me of early 80's hard rock Steel Breeze a bit, maybe a little bit of Journey and Toto too. Not bad and definetly worth hanging onto. I personally like the the 3rd album IC the best (especially track 5, can't remember the name but I kept replaying it, because it's a really great song.

Thanks for the enlightenment! Always great to check out unheard stuff.

Aveek from India said...

Thanks, Bryon. You can put up the links on your blog & spread the good music. These guys need an exposure. The 2nd album is a bit poppy, but he 1st album is rock solid & the 3rd one have a more eastern feel. Tracks like Top Of The Rock (a legendary song in India, we used to play it in concert at college days), Rock 'n' Roll Renegade, Chains & Black Leather, Rockin' In The USSR, Pretty Child, Cinderella, Turn It On, Die For Your Country (a bit heavy prog-rock), Trapped, Fly, Thrown It All Away are the highlights from the 3 albums. I'll email you the lyrics & customised CD covers (which I scanned & designed from their cassettes). Listen to the perfect use of tabla & drums on Pretty Child.

Boomland said...

I'd be happy to upload T2's Fantasy. Would you like them posted here or in email so you can post in your fine blog? Thank you for the great tunes!!


Aveek from India said...

Hello, bloomland! Please please upload the T2 - Fantasy album. And please give us the link. You can leave the link in the comment section or my email ID: aveek_chatty@rediffmail.com

Thanks a lot! I'm a die-hard fan of T2. Plese include the covers also in your link.


Boomland said...

Lots of great music for a trio. Enjoy!


Have a good weekend.

Carlos said...

Thanks for your post I was looking them for long long time.

Do you have the first from IF? Quintessence? Please if you need something and if can help it will a pleasure.

Fantatic blog, Bryon. Thanks!



Time Traveller said...

Hello all! I should check previous comments more often!! Thanks for the link to the Fantasy LP Greg, will add to my frontpage on today's update.

Carlos, I think the first If and Quintessence are on blogs already, but I'll check and see and if not, I think I have them somewhere (pretty sure about the Quint. not so sure about the first If) and I'll try and get them up. Nice blog BTW,I'll add you to my links.I had the SuperSession ready to add to my update tonight. So now I'll find something else to add instead.

Aveek from India said...

Thanks for T2 - Fantasy, Greg! It's awesome. You made my day!


Aniket said...

Great to see we still remember indus creed. They were great.
An update on indus creed:
The lead singer, uday benegal and the lead guitarist jayesh gandhi have formed a new band, called alms for shanti . Visit their site www.almsforshanti.com. They say they created this new band coz they wanted their sound to be more Indian. Which I think is, just listen to kashmakash/varanasi trail or superbowl. Samples are available on their site, and some full songs could be downloaded off coolgoose.com.

Time Traveller, your blog is great. Its so cool that I signed up for a blogger account. I never thought I would.