Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another batch.....

Another Budgie, Never Turn Your Back On A Friend. From 1973, released to little or no fanfare at the time but became a sought after early metal release after being brought to fame by a certain metal band that sold their souls to corporate greed (and hasn't been worth a damn since 1988 in my opinion). But this is excellent hard rock for it's time, maybe a bit too lite in production, but still with very strong songs including my personal fave "In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand" and that ditty about a money grubbing person (named Lars maybe?). Anyways, if you dig hearing the roots of metal, you'll like this one.

By request from a fellow blogger Carlos who has a cool blog I will add to my links ASAP. This is the first album by If. Jazz rock without being too over the top or laid back. Just nice listening. The drummer went on to be in Foreigner (just some worthless trivia I thought I'd throw in). Released on Capitol records in 1970.

Also by request here is Hustler's 1975 album Play Loud. Not an untrue sentiment, this is definitely one that goes to eleven without any problems and sounds quite good doing it. Once in a while it veers a bit too far into Bad Company's line of fire, but it's still a tight well produced slab of wax. If you like Badco, or Status Quo in the mid seventies this is well worth grabbing. This one was taken from vinyl and is one file. Tracks are:
Money Maker/You Had It Coming To You/Boogie Man/Break Of Day/Who D'yer Think Yer Foolin'//Goin' Home/Strange Love/Little People/Night Creeper

And before I forget, Greg from boomland has given me permission to post a fairly elusive album, at least for myself T2's 2nd LP Fantasy


And finally for tonight I ripped these to fill a request over at groovyfab, and decided they would fit good here too. I couldn't find any covers worth a damn so here is the music of Siloah, a communal band like Amon Duul and their first album bears lots of resemblance with it's anything goes attitude. Here's their self titled first album (also known as Savreadier)

Less spontaneous and more like Amon Duul 2 (early days) is the second LP called Sukram Gurk.


That's all for now. Coming up (I will finally have the Neil Merryweather done tomorrow I swear) Birth Control, Legs Diamond, (the Second Coming I promised before), some Trooper by request and much more.

OVER AT THE "Liveandotherwise" BLOG (very soon):

Deep Purple-Newcastle, Australia 03-14-2001
Jimi Hendrix - Sotheby Auction Tapes (Axis outtakes, etc)
Dio - 1983 KBFH
Rolling Stones - Beggar's Breakfast (outtakes, demos)
Van Halen - Dave Is Back:Rarest Covers & Demos
Grand Funk Railroad - Atlanta Pop Festival

C'mon over and check it out if you haven't already (and even if you have). It's the first link in my linklists.


Ed said...

congratulations for your very good work. You can find many kroutrock record covers
Take a look to my old web site about rare rock records:

kybill said...

Great work, thanks for the If link. Anyone have If2 and especially If3

Piledriver said...

Thanks for the fantastic Hustler-Play Loud album. Relly nice too hear this again. I wonder if you have any albums by another band of this era 'Strapps'? been tryin to find anything by these guys for ages. can you help?

Excellent Blog,

Time Traveller said...

There's a another blog I frequent where the guy is looking for these guys (Strapps). Must be some good shit. I don't have it, but I am on the lookout.

Anonymous said...

Strapps were very good. I had the first LP along time ago. "Suicide" and "Schoolgirl Funk" are two I remember. Anybody know which Budgie LP had "Turn To Stone" on. Used to have it on orange 7"! Bobbins.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's "I Turned to Stone" and is on the "Nightflight" album (1981).

Time Traveller said...

Never heard that one (Nightflight). Anyone willing to share?

PS said...

ta for the budgie album been after this one for yonks so underrated ....

freyli said...

I posted all the If albums a while ago in Dr. Jimmy´s forum. Here are the links for IF2 and IF3:

If anyone´s interested in more IF, just leave a message here

md said...

Howdy - major thanks for Hustler's High Street lp - I've been wanting to re-hear 'Get Outa Me Ouse' for decades. One weird thing re this track here - there's a buzzed out word during the spoken section - presumably an obscenity: I'm wondering if this really is on the vinyl itself, though I can't imagine you'd have done it. All the stranger, since the dodgy term [in England it used to be, anyway] 'bleeder' is used throughout the song, yet the buzzed out word sounds like an adjectival 'bleedin'' - weird. [Tangentally - the single version substituted 'geezer' for 'bleeder', as I recall.]

While I'm here I want to say thanks for all the great stuff you've assembled here - the info, covers and pics - so informative and interesting - just wonderful.
As the great man said - 'Long may you run'.