Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May!!!

Some requests from long ago as I am burning my albums in the order I piledthem up as I got requests. Hell, by now most have probably found them elsewhere but I promised so here are a couple more:

Rotary Connection - Aladdin (68 Cadet Concept 317). Not their best album but very represenative of the psych-soul stew this band brewed up for a few years in the late 60's. Vocals handled in part by Minnie Riperton who had a huge hit with Lovin' You in the late 70's. She has since passed away due to cancer. This rip is side one/side two so tracks are :
Life Could/Teach Me How To Fly/V.I.P/I Took A Ride (Caravan)/Let Them Talk//Aladdin/I Feel Sorry/Magical World/I Must Be There/Paper Castle

Next up is not a request, just one I wanted to stick here. This one is an album I've dug for many years, and the funny thing is, I have Cheech & Chong to blame. They covered the title track to this and when I found out it wasn't their original I had to dig it up. And pleasantly enough, the original was much better than the cover version and the rest of the album was great too. I have since found out (just now) that SAHB's wasn't the original either, so now I got something else I gotta look for. So here is the Sensational Alex Harvey Band's 1972 LP Framed. The band's first LP.
Tracklist (as this is one file from CD) :
1. Framed
2. Hammer Song
3. Midnight Moses
4. Isobel Goudie
5. Buffs Bar Blues
6. I Just Want To Make Love To You
7. Hole In Her Stocking
8. Theres No Lights N The Christmas Tree Mother Theyre Burning

Another vinyl rip this is Louie & the Lover's 1970 debut (and only as far as I know) LP entitled Rise. It was produced by Sir Doug and is pretty much a straight ahead rockin' affair with a touch of the tex-mex spirit which was due to Doug. It's always been an album I liked but truthfully not really something I play very often, but if you dig the Texas vibe post-psych, this will appeal to you. There is a CD available (at those wonderful import prices if you are in the US) with a few bonus tracks. But here's what you get in this little package:

1 Rise 3.592 I've Always Got You On My Mind 3.053 Sittin' By Your River 3.484 Driver Go Slow 3.105 I Know You Know 2.506 Royal Oakie2.457 I Don't Want To Be Seen With You 3.188 I Just Met You 2.049 Rock Me Baby 3.2010 If The Night 3.3011 It's The Morning 2.43

I am again opening up the request line if you have any. I will be finishing up my vinyl rips in a day or two and will be able to accomadate. The stuff that is in the pipeline for the next couple days is Warm Dust /Frut-Keep On Truckin'/Public Foot the Roman so if I've forgotten anything please let me know. And don't forget to come over to my live spot (the first link on my list) and check out new shows from the Allmans and Neil Young. And please click that little box at the top of the page over there to help me out. I promise you won't be disappointed if you do.


John Doe said...

Well, my wish list includes, maybe I get lucky with one of these..


Vangelis - Earth

Garfirld - first 2 albums (Canadian band playing southern/prog/west coast rock)

Ariel - The Jellabad Mutant was recorded around 1975 for EMI. The response the band got from EMI was that they would not release it as they had a cellar full of concept
albums at the time.

Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic aailma (1971) Finland

Glass - No Stranger To The Skies is a perfect example of what you're talking about. Recorded in the mid to late 70s. Shelved until 2002.
Excellent US Canterbury-tinged symphonic with loads of Mellotron and Rhodes

Anonymous said...

I wanted to rerequest that Rex debut lp that you said you have. thanks!!

Time Traveller said...

JD - tough ones and I don't think I can help you, but some of the people who come here might be able to--anyone?

Anon--yes, I do have the red album and I just went and stuck it on the pile. Expect to see it in a couple days! I didn't forget, just forgot to mention it. I am kinda anxious to hear it again!!

I am on the requested the Neil Merryweather too. I am still looking.

gocartmozart said...

Thanks for the Rotary Connection. I've been looking for this for a while.

The Enabler said...

Alex Harvey is great but gotta tell you.. the original of Framed is much much older that Alex's version. Try The Robins (1954!) or The Coasters (1959).

Time Traveller said...

Well you gotta remember I was about 12 years old when I found out about that song, and I went to a record store and asked and the 18 year old clerk told me SAHB were the original artists. So thanks for the info and I will try to dig up the REAL original, cuz now I'd like to hear it too to compare!

The Enabler said...

Great that you were turned on to Alex at 12 years old! Search for one of those originals, it's a nice contrast.

Anonymous said...

@john doe

Vangelis Earth is still available at:

no password

@ time traveller

Any chance for the

Book of Am - Dawn & Morning (1978)

An unforgetable album from Spain ... - pure Deya.

DannyT said...

Hi ... great posts! Don't suppose you have Ron Nagle's "Bad Rice"?

Anonymous said...

Hi TT,
Please email me your wants list at ....I've got some interesting stuff too......
Say any chance you can find
Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic aailma (1971) Finland

This would be cool...???
Or can anyone help ???

Anonymous said...

Would love to have anything by Bob Lind.


One Bite said...

Here are some lp`s,long out of print,so if you have any it would be great.
1.Don Agrati - Homegrown (Elektra,1973)
2. Your Gang - Your Gang (Mercury,1966)
3. Gordon Alexander - Gordon`s Buster (CBS,1968)
4. Song - Album (MGM,1970)

johnny said...

Would like to hear two albums by Parade members
Jerry Riopelle - Jerry Riopelle
Stuart Margolin - And The Angel Sings

Anonymous said...

Any chance of Nicky Hopkins - The Tin Man Was a Dreamer?

Been looking on p2p with no luck.


Time Traveller said...

Doesn't anyone want the simple things anymore?!?!? Just kidding, but jeezsus you guys are killing me with these obscurities (except for the Ron Nagle and Jerry Riopelle, both of those I had at one time or another, unfortunetly don't now). I wish I could help all of you but I can't! Keep tryin' though, you just never know.

Anonymous said...

@johnny: Stuart Margolin - And The Angel Sings

You gotta be kidding! The hustler "Angel Martin" from the Rockford Files tv series? Man that's gotta hurt to listen to! "Jimmy ya gotta help me, please Jimmy, you know I never ask you for nuthin..."

@John Doe: Maybe it's just a typo you have, but it's spelled Garfield (like the cat). The bandleader's name was Garfield French. Not my cup of tea, but I remember them from my youth. As I recall, they're more like early Genesis.

Anonymous said...

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Fantastic band - They were a great band that everyone should be familiar with. Wonderful on record, phenomenal live. Very much appreciated.
Deep River

Anonymous said...

i, like you, always like louie and the lovers - rise, but haven't played it that much. i look forward to hearing it on my ipod now. thanks, and for the rotary connection too!

adrian said...

Thanks for the Sfinx's Zalmoxe, but you have the wrong cover, it is from another Sfinx LP, this is the good one: