Saturday, April 29, 2006

Turntable's back!

Mine is the mono version. But, this album is absolutely fantastic. From 1967 it's the Easybeats Friday on my Mind LP. They do a great version of River Deep Mountain High, plus some great originals. Listening to this album today, I found it hard to believe this was a '67 LP. It sounds so advanced, especially the guitar. This band included Vanda & Young later in Flash & the Pan and producers of this Australian band called AC/DC that a few of you may have heard of. Speaking of AC/DC go over to my "live" place and grab a great show from '77.

A long time favorite, it's the Little Boy Blues and their In the Woodland of Weir LP. Released on Fontana records in 1968, these guys from Chicago play bluesy garage psych with an emphasis on FUZZZ. This is some of the most fuzzed out guitar I've had the pleasure of hearing. Amazing stuff from my vinyl archive.

You can almost see the picture of the next album I ripped today. Someone asked for this a loooooooong time ago and now I've finally got it done. This is Jeremy (Steig) and the Satyrs self titled Reprise album from '68. A pinch each of rock, jazz and blues make this an interesting slab of vinyl. Reminds me in places of Blodwyn Pig. Sorry bout the pic.


Over at within the hour:

Led Zep - Bonham Sessions

Van Halen - Demo Daze ('76 & '77 outtakes and live unreleased stuff)

Patti Smith with John Cale

AC/DC - She's Got Balls (live from '77 w/Bon Scott and a couple outtakes)



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for cool music. have been looking for little bouy blues. do you have any of the early neal merryweather lps ( space rangers ect} i have read about them but have never heard them only the mama lion stuff. thanks again bruce

Time Traveller said...

Hi Bruce

Yeah I have a couple Neil M. albums (I think Space Rangers is one, but not sure, and I think one is a double)but I'm not sure on the condition. My stack of vinyl to rip is rather large but I will dig em out and if they are in decent shape I'll add them to the list.


Stewart M. said...

nice prog sensibilities. enjoyed the post concerning italian prog. and, of course, the time travel.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Easybeats. What a sound, rockin' love it! - Sonico.

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Anonymous said...

any chance you could repost the files for the jeremy and the satyrs lp? when i try the link, i get an error message saying the link has expired due to inactivity.
thanks in advance