Thursday, April 13, 2006

God, it feels like forever!!!!!

Well after hitting one snag after another for a little over a week, I have travelled back to send more groovy tuneage to you all. The Happy the Man part two is here and a few more. A got a couple requests done and still trying to find my Rhinocerus rip (does anyone have this they'd be willing to share?) and for today I am sticking with the program of (mostly) progressive and psych. Tomorrow, I am going to be a bit self indulgent. I am going to do a post of some of my personal favorites, some old, some new, some borrowed and maybe a bit of blue, but probably not too much. I try to refrain from talking much about myself but I am a frustrated guitarist (meaning I can't play worth a shit but continue making feeble attempts from time to time). So I will be turning you on to some of my favorite guitarists you've probably never heard (or heard of). Most of this stuff is in a more hard rock/metal vein so that's either an invitation or a warning depending on your outlook on such things.

Enough of my psychoblabble, on to da tunes!!!!!!!

First up a request from Space Chief for the Caravan LP In the Land of the Grey and Pink. I think this album was a bit poppier at least until the last tune, but I still love it and listen to it quite a bit. By the way the covers for this are in a small file with a couple others as I forgot (as usual).

Here finally is the 2nd part of the Happy the Man I posted days ago. This to the left (pictured yesterday) is the only one I could find. (Apologies to Kwyet Daze blog for stealing the joke).

Freyli over at groovyfab forum has been kind enough to give me permission to post this Eloy LP from 1980 with the artwork included. Another great LP from these guys!!!!

For Microdot, here is the 2nd and last Cressida LP Asylum. Released in 1971 on Vertigo 6360025.
Let Them Come When They Will has one of the most brilliant keyboard breaks I've had the pleasure of hearing. It is also my favorite (and longest) song on this album. While the album as a whole is not as great as the 1st Lp (at least in my opinion) this album has plenty to like and sadly the band called it quits after it's release. Another of those Vertigo albums that sold nil at the time of release and is now quite scare today. This is from the CD reissue a few years back. The artwork for this is also in the download posted below.

This album turned up while I was hunting for other stuff, and it's such a great album I just had to plop it up here.
Ad Gloriam - the 1969 album by Le Orme is psyched out with hints of the prog to come soon! From the great cover to the Beatle inspired tunes within, it is a great trippy LP. Sung in Italian, but with the sweet melodies contained, you won't care as this is some beautiful music from Le Orme!!!

Here's another great one.
Cosmic Dealer - Crystallization
LP Negram NQ 20015 (1971)

As you read this great review I found, you will soon be able to tell I didn't write it. I couldn't remember where I got it (I had used it as text on the back cover for my personal copy of this as I haven't been able to find the real one), but today the author contacted me and gave me the link. Stop by and check out the site with even more great info on these guys!!! site:

Cosmic Dealer makes a psychedelic rock with a progressive edge and some west coast influences. This means some heavy distorted guitarwork, the flute (which is almost always present in Dutch progressive music) and vocal harmonies.
The albums opens with the simple rocker Daybreak. But al the distinctive elements are already present. The next is a slow west coast type of song, this song evolves into the next track which is one of the best of the album. It is a good, typical seventies hardrock song. The fourth reminds a lot of early Jethro Tull. A nice theme with a flute lead and a wah-wah drenched guitarsolo. Great track also. The track I had a friend sounds a lot like a Drama track. A nice melodic rock ballad. The title track is the most psychedelic track on the album. It starts slowly with a guitar, a flute, some spacey drumming and the band singing. After three and a half minutes the pace is changed and they start to play more heavy and faster. The next is again a heavy rocker with a heavy guitar solo that sounds a bit like an Akkerman solo in his Brainbox years. The fly is a nice little song. Then, as an intro, we hear a few seconds of an old Presley song, but soon they play another typical seventies hardrock song. Flying in the winter is a ballad in west coast style again. The next track is psychedelic rock again, including violins, flute and heavy guitar. The last track, Illusions, is a ballad for acoustic and electric guitar. A nice closing for the album.

And finally for today, another request this time for Camel's 1974 opus magnific Mirage. Couldn't decide which cover to post here, but I went with this one, which may cause cancer, low fetal birth weight, or according to Bill Hicks, throat polyps.
Artwork is again in the post which follows and I can't for the life of me remember which cover I included in it either. But there is one for it in the link, I promise.

Here's the three covers I didn't stick into the files (Caravan, Camel and Cressida).

Ta ta!!!


SPUDGUN said...

Thank you for the Cosmic Dealer. Your site rules!.

Anonymous said...

Hi "Time Traveller". I wrote the review to the Cosmic Dealer album. You can find it on my website (you probably did), which is:

And it is really a great album !!!

Microdot said...

Thanks man! Grabbing the Cressida now =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been looking for the first Le Orme album a long time, thank you!!!! Any chance you'll post the Felona e Sorona album?


Time Traveller said...

Hi anon, I will update the post and give you full credit on the post.When I burned my personal copy of the discc, I just grabbed the review and printed it on my back cover as, I couldn't find one anywhere.

Bjornee--I do believe I have that one and I will try to upload it tonight or tomorrow if I do.

Walknthabass said...

Thank you for Part 2 of Happy The Man!

Time Traveller said...

Bjornee -- I already posted it!! Shows how braindead I can be!! It was in my archives for February.

Here's the link to the music, if you want the only cover I have go to my archives for February and get it there.

Eddie Riff said...

Thanks for Le Orme! Glad to have you back in the land of the online living. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding Part 2 of HTM. By the way, the links in the comment section to the Roxy Music discs don't work. No complaint ... just letting you know.

Anonymous said...

greetings my friend, you have a great site with a lot of great music.
I 've been looking for something of COSMIC DEALER for a long time, and now I found it the file doesn't exist.
could you re-post it please ??
I hope you can pleaseeeeee!!!!
thanks and good bye...

Anonymous said...