Monday, April 17, 2006

Today is a new day........

El Shalom - Frost. Date of release varies from site to site on this one, but I think '75 turns up the most often so....let's go with that. But this one sounds more like 1969 and that's one of favorite things about it. Really cool psych/prog. Give it a try and see whatcha think.

Next up is one I promised a bit ago and almost forgot about (sorry) but I did add a little bonus (and I'll get Granicus up next). This is hard biker rock from the midwest (Columbus, Ohio USA to be specific) and although the production leaves a bit to be desired (they were on Neil Bogart's short lived Millenium label, which basically released the non-disco stuff from his stable) there are a few tasty nuggets to be found, especially the final track, Candy's Going Bad.

And here is the bonus, a 1995 reunion show that was released on the High Chief label (#1002) in the Ohio area. Very short lived in print and extremely hard to find these days, and the sound quality is excellent, in my opinion better than the above album, and has damn near everything in livelier versions.

Amon Duul (sorry no umlauts on my keys) began life as a communal group that released art-rock albums before splitting into 2 camps (hence Amon Duul II) and both going in a more prog direction. This is where it began for the original group with 1969's Psychedelic Underground, a fun and classy romp through the sounds that were a part of the German underground at this time. Over time I hope to add more of the obscure releases from both camps, figuring most fans have the more well known stuff from II, such as Wolf City and Tanz Der Lemmings but I figured that this was a good place to start with the Duul. Any requests?

I absolutely love this album. From the
first official reissue of this legendary Westcoast acid psych masterpiece. It was recorded 1969 in Hollywood and originally released on Chartmaker. Goldenrod is not just the backing band of Darius -- it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who all were involved into several major projects, playing with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, supporting The Doors, Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it all go-- just caring about their own passion with a magical sound in 4 long cuts: Descent of the cyclopeans/ Karmic Dream Sequence/ The Gator Society/ Standing Ovaluation -- those satisfy by its intense and emotional sound with ultimate guitarwork by Ben Benay. Ben was also one of the main culprits in one of many exploito psych LPs called Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar and did a couple solo albums for Capitol in the mid 60's including a blues harmonica album.


And from Bruce here are a few choice nuggets :

Iron Butterfly - Live 5-3-88 (128k) Reunion show from Boston @ Summerville Theater.

Crystal Circus - same (Strawberry Alarm Clock releated)

The personnel above are as credited on the Akarma LP but all may not be as it seems.... Supposedly a reissue of an untitled 1968 album, allocated a catalog # of All-American AA-5733-LPD (it sez), that only made it to the test-pressing stage. One copy surfaced in 2000 with a price-tag of $1500.
This group/project was in Bill Holmes' All-American stable of inter-twined groups from in and around the Santa Barbara, California area. Greg Munford had been with Thee Sixpence up to the point that they recorded the Incense And Pepermints (sic) 45 and became The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Crystal Circus would appear to have been his next venture. He was involved in other projects and a 45 released in '67 by The Shapes Of Sound - Lost Weekend / Twisted Conversation (All-American 343) - is a likely candidate, given that Twisted Conversation turns up on the Crystal Circus LP.

Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck

This outfit included Mick Hawksworth who'd previously played with Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People. Their organist Roy Sharland had previously been with Spice and Arthur Brown. Original copies of the album are expensive. Only 500 copies were originally pressed and they came with a free poster. The cover depicted an Afro-wearing duck. Musically it's in the heavy progressive genre. It does contain some pretty good organ-dominated instrumental passages and is worth investigation.

Thanks Bruce!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks bryons for the amon duul album
i just listen Fuzzy Duck took on others blog (prog not frog), it's an exellent groups!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. One of my most favourite blogs. Thank you.

Missing Password for Jeronimo ....

If possible it will be fine to find Wolf City from Amon Düül somewhere in the near future.

Beste Grüße aus Deutschland !!!

Microdot said...

I happen to have it uploaded right here

Amon Düül II - Wolf City (1973) @ 192 kbps

Hello Bryons!!!

Time Traveller said...

Thanks again Micro!!!

To anon--Jeronimo isn't mine. I think it's on the Music For the Nations blog.

Anonymous said...

nice stuff on your blog!!! i'm looking forward to the fuzzy duck

re: amon duul requests:

Paradieswärts Düül (1970)
Carnival In Babylon (1972)

these seem kind of hard to come by

Microdot said...

Amon Düül II - Carnival In Babylon (1972) @ 128 kbps

I have this uploaded as well.

Paradieswärts Düül (1970) is around somwhere in blogland. If I can't find it I'll upload it.

Microdot said...

It's in blogland because I put it there like a month ago. Just found my old link and it still works

Amon Düül - Para Dieswärts Düül (1970) @ 128 kbps

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my comment for the Jeronimo album, it was really downloaded from the Captain ...

1000 thx for Wolf City.

mayohumbert said...

Thanks for the Amon Duul, my copy of this is not the best quality, now I can sleep peacefully. The following are my AD/AD2 requests...
Collapsing/Singvögel Rückwärts & Co.
BBC in Concert Plus [live]
I also need Hijack and Made in Germany, but I have been under the impression that they are NOT essential, so I'll trust your judgement.
I have all the other pre-75 records if you need help filling requests.

mayohumbert said...

almost forgot...
I posted Tanz der Lemming on my blog awhile back
In My Pocket...
And 8 days in april just posted the '96 reunion Live in Tokyo...

Microdot said...

Amon Düül II - Hijack (1974) @ 320

I just uploaded this for you. It's not bad, Maybe not as good as Wolf City or Yeti, but still very good music. I'll keep an eye for those others

Time Traveller said...

Holy hell!! It's Amon Duul mania! I will add some cool stuff, and move the links to the blog page today.

dtfloyd said...

hello bryons!!
and hello everybody who post a comment.
just a question: amon duül split in two groups: amon duül II (for this band i'm sure!!)
and the Cosmic Jokers (with allen ginsberg meeting) is the secound band where artist of the community played?
thank you very much!

Time Traveller said...

Actually the band split leaving the original experimental guys in the first camp (Amon Duul 1) and the guys that wanted to go a bit more progressive in the later camp (Amon Duul 2). As far as I know the Cosmic Jokers were an offshoot band featuring members of both bands, but I may be wrong. Can anyone fill in the blanks on this one?

Anonymous said...

Hello Time Traveller
You do a true great job !
Love most of the stuff you're blogging.
Just one question : do you know where to find the tracklist for the Iron Butterfly 5-3-88 reunion show ? It seems impossible to find it on the Web...
Thanx a lot !

Anonymous said...

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