Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sinners and Angels all in one tiny post!

First the angels, by request: Glass Harp Live! At Carnegie Hall. Recorded in 1971, these guys were an underrated power trio. The only comparison I can think of would be the James Gang due to the fact both bands would go from quiet to loud and from ballads to hard rock in the blink of an eye and both bands have (had) a guitar genius in their ranks (both were from Ohio too). But the comparisons end there and Glass Harp are christian based rock with psych leanings. They liked to jam also and the last track (Can You See Me) clocks in at nearly 30 minutes. Jethro Tull fans can rejoice at the flute solo and guitar affiecianodos like my self can groove the teenaged Phil Keaggy who shows off his ample licks within these 6 great tunes. The other two members were Dan Pecchio (bass, bg vox and that aforementioned flute) and John Sferra, Keaggy's friend since childhood and the skinsman of the group. Although Keaggy has pretty much remained a solo act since he left the group in 1972, the band still reunites and tours from time to time. There is even a rumor that they will get together again very soon with not only a tour but some new music as well. This album was released in 1997 on Phil's label. (no passwords tonight)

For more Phil Keaggy/Glass Harp info go here:

Next up, the Sinners. Les Sinners to be exact. This is their 1968 LP Vox Populi and it's a fun and often strange album from this French speaking Canadian band. Great cover too. The title track runs through the whole album between tracks and although I can't understand a word, I listen to this quite a bit. It's folky in spots, but with a definite psych vibe running through it. These guys made several albums but this is the only one I've ever found. They have a song called Marie Jeanne and when I hit the translater to try to get info on these guys (every site in French) it translated to marijuana. Could it be? Hell if I know. Just give this a listen, it makes me feel high. The album isn't tagged so song titles are listed below. Every other track is a snipet (5 to 20 seconds long) of the title track and they are listed as VP.

1.Vox Populi 2.FouDu Roi 3.VP 4.Tard, Il Se Fait Tard 5. VP 6. Avjourd Hui Et Demian 7.VP
8.Kid Sentiment 9.VP 10.Devoir Partir 11.VP (side Two begins here) 12. VP 13. Je Ne Sais Pas 14. VP 15.Depuis Longtemps Deja 16.VP 17.Monsieur Ding Ding 18.VP 19.Marie Jeanne 20.VP 21.Pourquoi Croire/Qublier Le Temps 22. VP

Haymarket Square - Magic Lantern. 1969 Chaperrel album. Do I really need to say anything about this album? West coast style psychedelia at it's finest and long a holy grail to collectors of the genre. 6 long tracks of groovy music for your next trip (anywhere you wanna go). I ain't wastin' keystrokes here, if you love psych and haven't heard this, get it!!!!! As Frank Zappa would've said---You'll love it!!!


Anonymous said...

I have heard many good opinions about the first GH album and after listening to it I must say Iam not dissapointed. WONDERFUL music!!! Many many thanx mate!

Anonymous said...

SAW THEM WHEN THEY WERE 1ST PERFORMING HERE IN OHIO. Liked 1st album , but haven't heard tis one thanx so much

Anonymous said...

I was you happen to have or have access to the two lps by Rex--mid 70s? This was the hard rock/metal band led by Rex Smith before he turned to pop music. Enjoy the site!

Time Traveller said...

Yes, I do have the 1st one, it's commonly refered to as the Red album due to the background. Got it on album and I should have my stylus back today, so I will see what I can do for you in the next few days.

Also to the person who asked about the other Dopo Jam LP, I think I have it also, but it may take a day or two to dig it up.

Anonymous said...

you're right, dude, "marie jeanne" can be a girl first name and it can also re(e)fer to weed!! Now that's something, isn't it! I think the Sinners also did the songs of Vox Populi in English. It is on some old cd, maybe hard to find.

Time Traveller said...

I'd love to hear the album in english! But this is one rare find here in the states, never seen it before, probably never will again.

electricknight said...

Thanks a lot for Glass Harp.Phil
Keaggy is great:Mephistopheles gave
him the skills and God the lyrics!
Last track is full of killer licks!Excellent!Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

sorry but the link is down, like many other too.