Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Saturday night(and I ain't got nobody).........

Here's a few interesting nuggets to enhance your Saturday night party (or your Sunday morning hangover, or both).
This is from a tape a friend sent me way back in the pre-CD burner ages and I decided to rip it while my turntable is seeking out a new stylus.

It's from an old cassette and there is a bit a hiss and a few glitches here and there. Below is a description I downloaded off the internet to add to my jewel case (thanks to whomever I got it from!!).

First the good news. Given the primitive conditions under which this album was recorded, the sound is surprisingly good. According to Ken Ervin's liner notes, 'This recording was made simply by laying down two microphones on the floor in front of the group. They just happened to be in the best location for the circumstances.' Now the bad news. Capturing the band at what was to be their final performance at Lake Pepin High School, "C.A. Quintet Live 1971" sounds like a band drawing its last creative gasps which was pretty much the situation. Original singer/bassist Jim Ervin had quit the band leaving brother Jim to switch over to bass. Drummer Rick Patton was also gone, leaving Donnie Chapin to step in.

Tracks here (this is the complete boot): Intro/Bayou Jam/Country Boy/Fresh Garbage Jam

Before the Eagles, there was Longbranch Pennywhistle. This is Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther's band that recorded this fairly rare slab of country rock for the Amos label back in 1969. Lots of cool guests including Ry Cooder, Jim Gordon , Larry Knechtal, James Burton and Buddy Emmons. Laid back stoner country is the best description I can give it.

This was taped from an old album back before the days of CD burners and it is one file. Tracks are :

Filling a request for dtfloyd, I hope this isn't too scratchy for you! It's the Flock's 1st album released on Columbia in 1969 (CS-9911). It was taken from an album I bought for .50 cents at a garage sale. It looked okay, but......... Anyways once the music starts it's really not that bad (gotta get a newer computer so I can use the clean-up software I bought!!)

Side 1
I Am The Tall Tree
Tired Of Waiting
Side 2:
Store Bought - Store Thought


Dark - Round the Edges . Released in 1972 on the private SIS label (#0102) and reissued on the Akarma label (which is where my copy comes from) with bonus tracks. This is great prog rock from the UK. FIle one is the original album, file 2 is made up of the bonus tracks from the Akarma CD reissue. It's three outtakes and different version of Maypole.

Tomorrow I will get those requests up. The Bedlam is posted over at ChrisGoesRock blog under March 17th so grab those over there.



Anonymous said...

wouoouou!! (in omer simpson style)
a very big thanks for the flock's album.
there's no problem for the scratch, i've got a lot of vinyl bought in garage sales who aren't in very good quality
thank you very much

Friendlier said...

The Flock album is one I've searched for a long time to buy, but there doesn't seem to be a CD available. I saw them once, touring for this first album. David LaFlamme was the violinist, doing a kind of Roger Daltrey meets Mark Farner naked-torso-hair-flopping thing while playing. Coooool.

Time Traveller said...

That's funny - LaFlamme always reminded me of Mark Farner too.

Hazy Dave said...

But, Jerry Goodman was the Flock's violinist, and later, Mahavishnu Orchestra. (LaFlamme founded It's A Beautiful Day.)

Anonymous said...

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PTrevT said...

Tank´s my friend... Dinosaur Swamps 1971, is another very good record from The Flock. I found right now the next link:


PTrevT said...

Tank´s my friend... Dinosaur Swamps 1971, is another very good record from The Flock. I found right now the next link:


Anonymous said...

The Longbranch Pennywhistle album was on Amos Records. That was Wally Amos before he started Famous Amos cookies.