Friday, April 28, 2006

Even more fun stuff

Gong - Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible 2). The 1973 companion piece to the Flying Teapot (sorry don't have it at the moment) has some great spacey songs and strange psychy snipets from Allen, Hillage and co. A fun record to listen to and a challenge too.

Here is a strange record I posted as a request at groovy fab and thought it might be of interest here. It is the Commercial Album by the Residents. Released in 1980 it is 40 1 minute songs that can only be classified as bizarre. But there is a strange psych feel to a lot of the Residents stuff and I've always dug what they were doing.

The Beefheart stuff seems to be really well liked so today I tacked up another one. It's his 1970 follow up to Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby. Every bit as strange and disjointed as his previous slab o' wax, this one is more concise due to it's one LP versus two on the previous. But nothing else in the world sounds like the good Captain in his early days and this is strong stuff. Use with extreme caution.

When the Yardbirds split up, I'll bet no one in their right mind would've figured this is the direction Keith Relf would've taken. But he did, and was the beginning of a band with a long storied history. Although there a couple of mildly rocking cuts here (and even one cut rocks pretty hard for a section or two), most of the album is classically rooted piano ballads and Keith's wife Jane's soothing vocals. A long time favorite of mine, I'm really not a big fan of follow ups to this as the band changed line ups more than they changed undergarments and Keith left after this LP anyway. But this is a great album start to finish. Here is the self titled debut from 1969.

Every one seemed to enjoy Planets so much I dug up another Eloy to share with ya'll. This one is Ocean 2:the Answer. To me it seems awful close to new age type stuff and I really ain't into that at all, but a friend sent it to me and he raved about how great it was (which makes me wonder about his taste) so I'll again leave that verdict for you to decide.

And finally for today a great album from Blues Image from 1969. Ride Captain Ride is here and I love that song so much I just wanted everyone to have it. Far out patriotic hippies. The rest of the album ain't bad either.

Neil Young and Yes are going up over at my other place. C'mon over and say hi.


mr.A said...

Thank you dude!!! ...Lots of music i never heared of and still is great.

60&70 Rock !!!! said...

Hi dude !!!

Thanks for your sweet words and informations. Your blog is awesome.

I will set Blackwater Park to that link and rip another good album.


Friendlier said...

God, I saw Blues Image once. Right around when their hit Ride Captain Ride was on the radio. Quite a good band, actually.

Friendlier said...

Where is your "other place"? I want some Neil Young and Yes!

Time Traveller said...

My "other" place is the first link on my links link.

Time Traveller said...

Links list, I meant.

Aveek from India said...


The Poobah - US Rock is finally here at 60-70 Rock. The link is:
psw: 6070rock


Do you have T2 - Fantasy (unreleased 2n album)? Also any sign of Warm Dust & Rhinoceros???

Time Traveller said...

Hi Aveek,

Got a new needle, Warm Dust in the pile of stuff I've promised to rip. It will be a couple days. Still haven't found Rhino, but it will turn up (they always do). Thanks for the heads up on the Poobah.

Anonymous said...

flying teapot. thanks