Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Prog day - Canterbury and other

Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You. Their 2nd LP and the first of many cheekily named LPs for the Canterbury prog geniuses. A bit of British humour and songs that go from light to heavy in an instant (but mostly stay on the light side). Many prog fans favorite band and it's hard to argue while listening to this this brillant album from 1970. (192k)



Another album that rate highly on many prog sites is Eloy's Planets LP. This version here is from the 1982 Heavy Metal records UK release. If you wanna reads tons about this album google it. There is more info on this than I cared to rummage through. I'll just say, another great LP and leave the rest up to you. (192k)



Camel - Music Inspired By the Snow Goose. Another personal fave and since my eyes are growing weary I'm gonna lilt myself to sleep while listening to it. (192k). Back with more in a day or so. Thanks for stopping in.



Anonymous said...

some great post today!!
is eloy the german bands born in the seventies?
thank you

Time Traveller said...

Yes, I believe they are one in the same! Great album too, I think it was originally recorded earlier or re-released or something. I didn't do any research tonight casue I'm about half asleep.

These are all Microdot's requests so he's the one to thank for these being here.

microdot said...

Bryons, That 2nd Caravan I've had my eye on for years. Till my premium rapidshare kicks in, I'm just going to hang out between here & groovyfab till I get all these. I hope to pay you back for your kindness and big heart. It's like we've just brought sharing to a new level.
Than you so much!

Anonymous said...

it's the same group: they always wrote the band's name with this style
the first album was recorded on 1970 and the last recorded in 1998
another good prog group with long life!!

Anonymous said...

Great music, beautiful era.....

Eddie Riff said...

Great stuff, as always! Both Camel and Caravan were personal faves back in the day. I had most of the seventies Eloy stuff (still have a couple) but never heard Planets. Thanks for sharing these.