Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm baaaaaacccckkkkk.......

Well kinda....I got my cable turned on and I was oh so happy, and then after getting some stuff ready to upload here, I find out my rapidshare account expired. Dammit, from one snag to another!!! The ol' bank account is bone dry until tomorrow at the earliest, so I wait some more. There is so much great stuff I want to download and a bunch I want to upload too. Oh well, guess I've got one more day to clear more off the harddrive.

But on the brightside, some friends have sent a few links for everyone here and some look to be quite interesting--

From Bruce we have a rare Human Beinz CD released only in Japan called Live in 1968. There are studio tracks on this also.


And here's some more cool stuff from Beowulf:

Roxy Music - Roxy Music (1972) @vbr<320
01. Re-make/Re-model 02. Ladytron 03. If There Is Something 04. Virginia Plain 05. 2 H.B. 06. Bob (Medley), The 07. Chance Meeting 08. Would You Believe? 09. Sea Breezes 10. Bitter's End .Pyjamarama.

Password = beowulf.

http://rapidshare.de/files/17377361/roxymfirst.rar 64.96 MB .

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure (1973) @320
01. Do The Strand02. Beauty Queen03. Strictly Confidential04. Editions Of You05. In Every Dream Home A Heartache06. Bogus Man07. Grey Lagoons08. For Your Pleasure.

Password = beowulf.

http://rapidshare.de/files/17380124/roxymsecond.rar 93.73 MB


I have been saddened to see a number of really great blogs go down lately and none stung more than the passing of Hans' blog. Hans was not only an inspiration for myself and countless others to give this sharing thing a try, but also just one hell of a guy who bent over backwards to make a lot of people happy. His blog was more than a bunch of links, he had a passion for the music that was matched by few. He didn't want you to steal the music, he wanted you to feel the music. To share the joy it brings and enjoy it the way he does. I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing but I've really grown to love it and luckily haven't been a target yet to any degree, but I find it disheartening that anyone would would want to attack a person with so many great stories to tell and has enjoyed a lifetime of music and wanted nothing more than to share his love of music with us all. It's really sad that some people just love to ruin things for everyone else. What a miserable life they must lead.
I will say you may have killed his blog, but you can't kill his passion for the music.


Puffin Randy said...

Amen about Hans! What a cool guy. I'm gonna miss his blog. His downloads were the best and his stories and music knowledge even better. At least we can still find him, and that's Fab!

Beowulf said...

Sorry it appears that these two Roxy posts have been killed, I'll repost them and put the links in here exclusively for the time being

Nils said...

Very true about missing Hans, a sad loss and a victim to the troll element on the net.

The problem is or was, Hans put up too much personal imformation on his blog. When he was attacked by the troll, he should have ignored it , not put up every word of the trolls threats on his blog. He showed it was hurting him, so the troll just carried on turning on the pressure.
BIG lesson, anyone who has a blog , IGNORE threats from trolls , they are a part of being on the net.

Thank you for your blog, some nice music

Time Traveller said...

You know it Randy!!!

Thanks Beowulf, I'll fix the links when you send them.

Nils, I agree Hans may have taken the trolls a bit too personally, but my point was how sad it that anyone would attack an all around nice guy like Hans.And I wholeheartedly agree with your advice, which is basically the same as I gave a guy who was considering starting a blog up, and that is develop thick skin if you haven't already got it!!

Darin Skoglund said...

I agree completely. To force someone off of the internet that has such a love of all of his music is really sad. Hans is that guy you'd love to run into while browsing records. The stories that he could surely tell. Hopefully we may still here a few.

Anonymous said...


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Time Traveller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Time Traveller said...

Wow business must not be good if you are trolling internet blogs for customers. I'm going to help you out by asking that all who read my blog give you a call, collect of course, to see what more we can do to help you.

Dial away, faithfull readers!!!

Beowulf said...

I've put the two Roxy Albums into one archive and split it into two parts which are here
Password = beowulf
http://rapidshare.de/files/17833451/roxyoneandtwo1.rar 81.06 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/17837027/roxyoneandtwo2.rar 77.62 MB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music ... and hope you're feeling better (have been recovering from pneumonia, so I can relate).

The links above for Roxy didn't work either, FYI ... and do you happen to have a Pt. 2 for Happy the Man Live? Thanks.

Time Traveller said...

Hi anon,

If you look right above your post you'll find the new links Beowulf just sent us. As soon as I renew my rapidshare account, I will get part two of the HTMan uploaded. It was uploading when a storm hit and knocked my internet out.


Aveek from India said...

Hi TT,

Sad to know about Hans' blog. Some people are really upto good people to ruin the things.

Btw, any sign of Rhinoceros, Warm Dust & Bedlam - Live In London? Of course, if your internet thing got fixed...


Aveek from India said...

And yes, I request you to put up the Warhose's unreleased live album? I'm dying for that! They're such a fab band!


Time Traveller said...

Hi Aveek,

I am still waiting on a stylus for my turntable. I ordered one a week or so ago and it hasn't come in yet. I can't get Warm Dust ripped until I get it.

Turns out the only Bedlam I have is the one at ChrisGoesRock and I will get Rhino up here as soon as I can find it.

About the Warhorse, the album I have is the one going around bit torrent as the unreleased 3rd album by the Deep Purple and it turned out to be an album by a new band that is doom/stoner metal. When I listened to it, I knew there was no way it could be the same band. So I was wrong about that one and I'm sorry I misled on that one, but I was misled too.


Loopy C said...


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your great blog. Congrats for such good taste! Well I'm an out of work layabout with no money who can just about afford internet access (as long as I don't eat for 2 or 3 days a week), so I am grateful to people like you.

The reposted links for the Roxy Music albums are still live, which is great as I can't wait to relive some old memories. Thanks!