Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blasting off with some new old music................

A few requests going up tonight as well as another semi-legit release I've been trying to get up here for a few days.

The is Octopus' Restless Night LP from 1970 with one of the coolest covers ever. This was the best photo I could find, most of the one's I found have that damn Japan obi strip because that seems to be the only place this one is still in print. The music is above average UK (thanx for the correction Paul) hard prog with a few psych moves thrown in to keep it interesting. The LP was originally released on the Penny Farthing label (#508) in the UK June of 1970.

Dschinn was posted at 8 Days in April but the link is now dead ( I've been told) so here is the 1st album . I really don't know much about this album and if I wasn't such a lazy ass I probably could have dug up a few facts or even good lies about it, but I didn't so just take my word for it--it's a damn good LP full of hard rock and worth having if you don't already. This rip is from vinyl but it wasn't my rip and the guy I got it from did a superb clean up job on it. You may hear a tiny pop if your ears are better than mine but it was pretty crystal sounding to me.

This tiny cover represents the album my rip came from of the Flamin' Groovies Buckett Full of Brains which is the original Voxx release (my cover sez '83 but the Voxx-Bomp site sez 8/85 and who am I to argue with the dude who released it). The sound is average bootleg quality and is presented exactly the way it is on the album, coming in somewhere in the middle of Can't Explain and ending after Walking the Dog. I have also included a set of cool covers from the Norton release of the same tapes which includes 2 songs further than the Voxx LP ( I know nothing about improvements or lack of improvements on the sound but the Beatles 2nd Album parody was just too cool not to include here! If you are extremely picky about sound, this may not be for you, but if you can get into the bands energy (and the Groovies had buckets full of that too) this is definetly worth diggin' into. It's one of my faves. Garage rock at it's finest from the Fillmore West on June 30, 1971.


Anonymous said...

This is all great stuff. Octopus were, however English!! Paul and his brother Nigel Griggs were the mainstays. Paul went on to join Guys and Dolls and Nigel to join New Zealands Split Enz who are reforming for a tour in Australia in June.


Time Traveller said...

Thaks for the info. I always thought they were German. I will update the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,cheers for the great music!
I looked for the Octopus lp for years,I once met someone who claimed to have played in the band!
thanks a lot