Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hawkwind (and a few posted at other places)

Hawkwind's Ist LP begins right away showing the characteristics that would only get stranger as time wore on. Not my favorite but not the worst (my dislikes being the weird turn into ambient and trance like stuff in the 90's). Still a band getting on it's legs and without Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister's fuzzed bass and Robert Calvert's fuzzed mind, they hadn't yet hit that charming weirdness, except for Dik Mik's strange noodling on his devices. Ex - Pretty Things' guitarist Dick Taylor handles the productionAt this point(1969) they were still a hard blues rock band (but a warped one). Be Yourself and Seeing It As You Really Are (their first 10 minute plus jam are highlights.


This and the album that followed (Warrior On the Edge of Time - not posted yet) are my 2 favorite Hawkwind LPs. This one is Hall of the Mountain Grill from 1974. Rob Calvert was already gone (in more ways than one) doing his totally deranged Captain Lockheed and Lucky Leif albums (I have Lucky Leif if interested) and Lemmy was probably already plotting Motorhead. He would leave fairly soon after this. But whenever someone asks about Hawkwind this is the one to direct them to. Not a bad track among them (my favorite is Lost Johnny--the rocking guitars and Lemmy vocals do it for me) but the whole album is more of a rocker with the guitars blasting and a very cohesive band fires on all cylinders.


Covers for the above two albums, Caravan from yesterday and Kiss Alive 2 from below.



Check the comments for Space Ritual, beowulf just sent the links for it, it's one I don't have so get it while it's there!!!! Thanks beowulf!!!


Now here are some downloads I posted other places

Adrian Belew & the Bears 2002 show from Newport Kentucky



Psychodots - self titled from 1993 (Adrian Belew's Bears w/o Belew--great stuff!!!




Kiss - Alive II (128k)



Black Oak Arkansas - Raunch & Roll Live (128k)



Tygers of Pan Tang - Best of (cool southern influenced NWOBHM band)



Capt. Beefheart - Spotlight Kid



the Crazy World of Arthur Brown - same ('68 LP from really clean vinyl @256)



That's all folks!!!!!!


zab said...

Thanks for the Hawk links, much appreciated.

Beowulf said...

This is my favourite Hawkwind Album

Hawkwind - Space Ritual (1973) @vbr<320

01. Earth Calling
02. Born To Go
03. Down Through The Night
04. Awakening
05. Lord Of Light
06. Black Corridor
07. Space Is Deep
08. Electronic No 1
09. Orgone Accumulator
10. Upside Down
11. Ten Seconds Of Forever
12. Brainstorm
13. Seven By Seven
14. Sonic Attack
15. Time We Left This World Today
16. Master Of The Universe
17. Welcome To The Future
Bonus Tracks
18. You Shouldn't Do That
19. Masters Of The Universe
20. Born To Go
Password = beowulf
http://rapidshare.de/files/7357362/ritualise.part1.rar 38.15 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/7357368/ritualise.part2.rar 38.15 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/7357301/ritualise.part3.rar 38.15 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/7355773/ritualise.part4.rar 18.78 MB
http://rapidshare.de/files/7420075/ritualisebonus.rar 42.90 MB

Time Traveller said...

You're welcome zab, got more 'wind comin down the pike soon.

Thanks beowulf. I'm shocked to say I don't that one anymore, I thought I had almost everything except that crap they were doing in the early 90's for the Cleopatra label. I just can't get into that.

I will email you later, I've got a text file to send you!

Eddie Riff said...

There's nothing like that early Hawkwind to get your blood flowing in the morning! Many thanks to Beowulf and you for the treasures!

Microdot said...

MMmmmm!!! The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. I can now delete some of those single tracks now.

Thanks Again man!


hipster said...

Don`t remember hearing any Southern influences in the Tygers Of Pantang????

zab said...

Southern Whiteley Bay I think :)

When I saw this band in 1979/80? the support were a little known band from Sheffield, Def Leppard.

Time Traveller said...

Actually the songs with the most southern rock (and I mean hard southern rock, not the Eagles or Poco, but Molly Hatchet and Point Blank type riffing) aren't even on this comp. I think Euthanasia off of Wildcat would fit in nicely as "hard" southern rock. It's there in a few songs. But mainly they are NWOBHM.

Time Traveller said...

First time I saw the Leps was around '81 in support of ZZTop. See there's that southern rock connection again!!!

Anonymous said...

can i do another request?
i ask here cos i think is nicer to see the links whith the writing on your blog
so two request "world record" by VDGG and if you have an album from Happy the Man
of course take your time, it's not important to see them in the next days or hours (you had already post a lot for me and i hope what i ask interset some other people!!)
thank you

Anonymous said...

Lucky Leif and the Longships by Bob Calvert???? I haven;t heard that in years! Oh yes, please!!!!

Aveek from India said...


I was just going through some comments on the blogsite chriswentrock. There I found one of your comments about Warhorse LPs. Could you please let me know the site or the links where I can download the unreleased 3rd album of Warhorse? I've got the first 2 CDs & I'm excited to download the unreleased one. Do you have it.


Beowulf said...

I've got Lucky Leif & Capt Lockheed, I'll put them up by tomorrow

Time Traveller said...

Sweet beowulf that'll save me an upload!!!

Aveek, I will seek out that Warhorse, I'm sure I did download,but since I've d/led about 100 gigs in the last 30 days things are getting blurry nd the newer stuff is hard for me to find, still looking for Rhinocerus.

dtfloyd - Happy the Man (the only one I have and VDGG-World Record have just been added to my list. May see them as early as tonight! Check back.

and to everyone else-thanks for coming by my humble little blog leaving a comment and brightening up my day!!

and to Baz, Eddie, Micro, thanks for coming by and me making glad I'm doing this stuff!!!

Time Traveller said...

Those last two paragraphs should be switched! But I'm not retyping that all over again.

Anonymous said...

yeah, nothing southern rock at all about the cats from pang tang! A Limey rocking sound all the way.

Slobodan Burgher said...

i love hawkwind

jack the ripper said...

hi there. you seem to be the only blogger in the whole net interested in hawkwind... thats odd, becouse it is such a great band.
could you please repost "Hall of the Mountain Gril" album??

kind regards

ian said...

Re - Mountain Grill original vinyl copy.
i`m a collector, i`ve had this lp a few times but shipped just the same as i thought the production was iffy. Over the years seen myriads of copies of it (usual matt sleeve) (usual UAG label).
anyways, `bout a year ago i came accross this copy in a record store.
Clarifoil sleeve front and back (usual inner)inner label a deeper yellow than normal !
plays fantastic !! Crisp, no muddiness !!!
view the pictures, but only the label shot is significant, but there are little differences over the usual cover design ie. lettering, three pink stars at upper left etc.