Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm too damn young to feel this damn old.......

Jesus, I'm only 39, why is my body acting like a 70 year old. Oh well, 12 years old in the mind and 112 in the body. My years of living life like a rock star (without the paycheck) are beginning to catch up to me.

I told some of you folks there would be a big post here tonight , but rapidshare is going too slow and my body is saying night night. So forgive for this meager posting of a couple things that you might enjoy until I can get crackin' tomorrow. Great things coming I promise.

So for now here are a few boots I dug out of my crates and spun into rars.
No pics no covers (except the first one, but they are in a file I'll be posting tomorrow because in my usual fashion I rarer the albums and forget to drop the covers in.)

So first up is Patti Smith Live at WSAI studios in 1975. Nice quality and during her punkier phase. Great version of Gloria here!!

And another great show from my vast collection of one of my favorite geetar slingers, Mr. Rory Gallagher. This one is a 4-20-79 at London's Venue Club. Nice sound and Rory's in top form (as usual).

And finally for tonight, here is a snippet (11 minutes 45 seconds to be exact) of Moby Grape at the Monterey Pop Festival 6-17-67. I don't know about nowadays but back when this was given to me, it was all there was available of their performance. I watched the new DVD box set that's out and don't recall seeing them (I was too busy watching Janis do Ball & Chain over & over) so maybe it still stands. Maybe somebodyt out there knows, I sure don't

ANd lastly I posted this as a request and I thought I'd move the link here in case someone might want it. It's Elephant Memory's self titled LP (on Apple records) from 1972. John Lennon produced! It's a nice one!

That's it for now, I have one leg in the bed!! G'night!!!


Beowulf said...

Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif & the Longships (1975) @128
01. Ship Of Fools
02. Lay Of The Surfers
03. Voyaging To Vinland
04. Making Of Midgard
05. Brave New World
06. Magical Potion
07. Moonshine In The Mountains
08. Storm Chant Of The Skraelings
09. Volstead O Vodeo Do
10. Phase Locked Loop
11. Ragna Rock
Password = beowulf
. 36.55 MB

Robert Calvert - Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters (1974) @320
01. Aerospace Age Inferno
02. Aircraftsman (A Door In The Foot)
03. Widow Maker
04. Two Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter's Performance
05. Right Stuff
06. Board Meeting (Seen Through A Contact Lense)
07. Song Of The Gremlin
08. Ground Crew (Last Minute Reassembly Before Take Off)
09. Hero With A Wing
10. Ground Control To Pilot
11. Ejection
12. Song Of The Gremlin (1)
13. Bler Garten
14. Catch A Falling Starfighter
Password = beowulf
. 57.22 MB 32.32 MB

Time Traveller said...

I had a vinyl rip of Lucky Leif (now I don't have to rip it!!!!!!)but I haven't heard the Captan Lockheed. So thanks again, you are the man!!!

roggelstroe said...

big big thankful caress for patti smith...
have a good night, and don't forget the other leg......

knownstranger said...

Hi there, I first visit this blog a few days ago cause i was looking for "nektar rapidshare" on google.

i'm a 17-years-old boy from belgium and i'd like to say thanks to you to share all this music. I discovered some good old bands I had never heard about.

I love the 60s and 70s, i love psych rock (and i love listening to it when i take some shrooms or weed)

don't stop, it's so nice. thanks for all. cya

knownstranger said...

oh and i have a request. I'm looking for Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship albums (I already have all JA studios exept Bark, and I only have Red Octopus from JS, i can upload a few if you want).

I'd also like more of Camel :)

thanks a lot if you can.