Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Grandaddies of Krautrock

They invented the term (or the term was invented for them). Starting as a mix of art rock and 60's progressive, mixed with the trippiest elements of psychedelia the Amon Duul collective basically started a new genre. In my previous post I included the 1st Amon Duul LP, which features members that split into two separate camps, the band using the original name stuck with more experiemental styles than the splinter group, the imaginatively named Amon Duul 2, taking on a more mainstream (at least compared to the original band) progressive rock direction. There were 3 albums by the original Duul, but all 3 were recorded at the same time and sound similar. This is the 1st LP by AD2, from 1970 Phallus Dei


Next up, Collapsing (AKA: Singvögel Rückwärts & Co.) the first Amon Duul LP released after the collective split. Note: this album was taken from an old LP and is not the greatest sound quality, but the album wasn't recorded very well to begin with.


Next up is the other LP released by 1 in 1970
Para Dieswärts Düül . Link was supplied by Microdot, who is an all around great guy, and he also supplied a few others here.
Make sure you drop him a big thanks for them.


And also from 1970 (busy years for all these cats!!) is the classic Amon Duul 2 LP Yeti.


We return now to AD1 and their 1971 LP Disaster. They begin to get more tuneful and to have a bit more in common with 2, but avant garde is not a title that completely eludes their music.


From 1972, AD2's Carnival In Babylon, a classic of the krautrock genre and one of my personal favorites. Again, thanks to Microdot for the link!!


1973's Wolf City. Another brilliant LP from AD2. Again, one from the mighty Microdot!!


Oops blogger screwed the pictures again, but there is even more Amon Duul, more I tell ya, more!!!!!!

Here is AD2's 1974 LP Hijack (Microdot link)


Also from '74, here 2's Live in London


And finally from 1975 here is the 2 LP version of AD2's Made in Germany.



And for even more go to the following:

http://hurricanefighterplane.blogspot.com/ (for Tanz Der Lemmings)


http://8daysinapril.blogspot.com/ (for the '96 reunion show)

That's all for today folks!!!


dtfloyd said...

thank you bryons for this Amon post!!
so i look on the web for the Cosmic Jokers, the band was form by two ash ra temple members, wallenstein group and klaus schulze

for amon duul (I), the band make only one album when the community split "paradieswart duul" (last studio session in 1970
"disaster" and "experiment" are albums with some works from different sessions
what do the members (if only have the answer)?
i have "psychedelic underground" for first amon duul album, but there's not a problem the year is the same (69)

Microdot said...

What a great way to pay tribute to Amon Düül. If someone never heard of them before and downloaded, listen and became a fan, then we have done our job. When was the last time you heard Amon Düül II on the radio...For me the answer is never. What better way to explore a band in having a collective pool together to have everyone benefit. I love it.

Loki said...

frankly awesome... you are doing the world a huge service, especially if someone gets around to remastering all these on new CDs a la the recent Can albums (which sound better than ever now)... excellent stuff indeed...

Time Traveller said...

dtfloyd - you are correct to some extent, the band did one session, but there was so much material, it became 3 albums, some of the material released after the split. There was a self titled (Amon Duul), Psychedelic Underground (some say it was released first, some say the self titled was, but they were recorded at the same time so...kinda moot) and Disaster (recorded before the split but released after (confusing ain't it?, I may have confused myself there). Anyways I will see if I can't find that Cosmic Jokers tape I have somewhere and try to rip it, I don't even remember what they sound like!

Microdot--the answer for me (on the radio ?? would be never also. Thanks again for your help on this!!!!

Loki--I agree that some of these albums could use a good remastering, in some cases rerecording (especially the early I stuff)!! Glad ya like it!!

dtfloyd said...

for the Cosmic Jokers i think 8daysinapril posted the Galactic Supermarket and the selftitled album.
i heard a song from "flowmotion" in special radio show that was some year but never after this (but i don't listen the radio since a long time)
for amon duül i think is difficult to give a perfect chronology (it's the same for many krautrock band who recorded long musical trip in some lsd nights)
but everybody is agree to say it's a great group!

Beowulf said...

I've got a pretty comprehensive colection of AD2 so thanks for filling in my gaps of AD1,
As a side note AD2's Live in London was one of the first albums I bought, and the first Live Album and is still one of my favourites

mayohumbert said...

we all should pat ourselves on the back for this one, eh?

Time Traveller said...

** pats and high fives **

insert a smiley here!!


moosedog said...

all i can say is pass that amon duul over here and thanks for not bogarting.

totally far out to finally have all of these together.

Anonymous said...

I heard this band 13 years ago and have been looking for them ever since. i began to think it was all a dream and now to find its a dream come true. Thank You

Bruce - Down Under said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bruce - Down Under said...

Hello Amon Düül and Amon Düül II Music Fans,

Thanks for keeping the spirit (and the music) of Amon Düül alive.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about release dates, so without being too anal, here is a complete list (excluding singles):

Amon Düül

1969 Psychedelic Underground
1969 Collapsing
1971 Paradieswarts Duul
1973 Disaster - Luud Noma (Out-takes)
1987 Airs On A Shoestring (Compilation)

Amon Düül II

1969 Phallus Dei
1970 Yeti
1971 Dance Of The Lemmings
1972 Carnival In Babylon
1972 Wolf City
1973 Live In London
1974 Vive La Trance
1975 Hijack
1975 Made In Germany
1975 Lemmingmania (Compilation)
1976 Pyragony X
1977 Almost Alive
1979 Only Human
1981 Vortex
1983 Hawk Meets Penguin
1985 Meeting With Men Machines
1987 Anthology (Compilation)
1989 Fool Moon
1989 Die Losung (with Robert Calvert)
1992 Live In Concert (BBC 1973)
1993 Surrounded By The Stars / Bars
1996 Nada Moonshine
1996 Live In Tokyo

Still reading? Does anyone have: Hawk Meets Penguin, Meeting With Men Machines, Fool Moon or Die Losung?

Bruce - Down Under

Anonymous said...

unfortunately "Collapsing" has been deleted.
Can anyone reup please?